Back in December or so, I started looking into the cryptocurrency fad. Mostly, this consisted of checking out the most popular one, Bitcoin.

There were a few things immediately bothersome. For one, it suffered from the appearance of “everyone’s doing it,” including some folks who self-describe as Anons. Next, it was roundly condemned by the FBI as a method of laundering drug money, etc. Those two things together meant trouble somewhere, somehow.

Additionally, there was just something about money not even pretend-backed by gold, etc. that reminded me of mortgage-backed securities. We all recall, I’m sure, how that turned out.


Brief tangent, book plug

I have long regarded mortgage-backed securities–and some of the other items I collectively call “financial shenanigans”–a tool employed to intentionally rob the middle class. As I noted where the Bill Moyers interview linked in the previous post is concerned, it sure is starting to look like that might have been the case and included the full support of Washington, DC and the public and private intelligence community. And that is moving ever so closer to what I suggested my main role as an unwitting CIA {and possibly NSA} asset was: to be a patsy, a scapegoat, in the event that their spying on my clients and tenants was discovered. I believe that they were engaging in illegal activities such as insider trading using advanced surveillance technology and in the event that was discovered, they would go with a phony narrative painting me as a more mundane sort of spy. That would explain a great deal of why they went to so much trouble to destroy my life, my livelihood, my relationships, my future, and why they went to so much trouble to make it seem as though it was about something else, like Squidgate. They would, of course, share the financial information with select members of Congress and the Senate and individuals within the various administrations in order to avoid being investigated, discovered, etc.

End tangent, back to Bitcoin

Finally, I started asking a few questions about it on Twitter. I didn’t get any replies at all, except a new Twitter account designed to specifically address concerns actually sent a tweet to me {as I’m sure it did many people who had tweets with the word ‘bitcoin’ or the hashtag in it}. I asked that one as well and got no reply. Nor could I find the answers in the various FAQs and messageboards.

But almost daily for a while, I saw tweets saying how much it was worth and how that worth was increasing, how if you’d bought some only a few months prior you’d have done quite well today, etc.

That sewed it up for me. When a film star I follow on my non-political twitter account * asked his followers what Bitcoin was, I suggested it was a bit like Monopoly money and getting out sooner than later might be wise.

News plus this week…

CNNMoney, “Mt.Gox site disappears, Bitcoin future in doubt,” Jose Palieri, 25 February 2014:

TIME, “A Huge Bitcoin Exchange Just Disappeared Into Thin Air,” Nate Rawlings, 25 February 2014:

and the plus:

The Daily Show, “What Bitcoin Can Learn About Corruption,” 27 February 2014:—a-fox-and-a-drox-in-a-box

Now I’m just about certain. This was either a CIA operation, an FBI operation, or a joint operation. The only question I have is, did I really figure that out as I described above, or was that just my conscious mind coming up with rationales for what my unconscious mind already somehow knew?

Don’t know. But it’s pretty funny either way.


* Yeah, I have one. Was supposed to be the “normal” account.


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