Hands Across the Water

As I noted previously, there were a few items on the GCHQ slide {here} that seemed familiar. Though it is entirely possible that it is British intelligence performing some of these tasks on US soil in order to get around US law preventing CIA from doing it, that’s not what I’m implying here. I’m just using JTRIG’s slide to show some spy science. That said, the inference made a nice title for this blog post.

Though the general theme in the slideshow seems to be about internet operations, this particular slide deception in general, some of these phrases may relate to the kinds of things I’ve experienced and described here. I should note that I may be taking some of them far out of context. Without the associated soundtrack or speech, we are left with guessing to an extent what these phrases mean exactly.


“Exploit prior beliefs”

Indicates that some kind of psychological profile and/or intelligence has been created/acquired on the target, however rudimentary.

In my case, one of the first things I did after the strangeness began after Squidgate was to send an email off to a pair of agencies asking if perhaps there wasn’t some foreign operation going on for purposes of embarrassing the Obama administration or similar. Though what happened on the bridge seemed unto itself to be a relatively common police-civilian dust up, the crazy activity in NYC on my end indicated otherwise. Though the idea that it was a Russian op seems silly in hindsight, it seems even more outrageous that it turned out to be an American one.

This email was followed by a few attempts at confusion including a “doppelganger” photo online implying Watts was a former Russian soldier {see Wicked Game} as well as my pickpocketed phone winding up in the hands of someone who spoke Farsi and the default language of my iTunes account was also switched to that same language.

Note that three of those four events involved the internet. Also, the phone, after the meatspace theft, could easily have been spoofed.

“Present story fragments”

This is perhaps my favorite. There was a internet squabble involving Watts and Beaudry–cyberspace!–followed by a fire–meatspace!–that claimed the home of my friend and her father. This in turn was followed by a trio of spooks intending to impersonate Beaudry’s father and two brothers in a truck spewing large quantities of white smoke. These last took place in meatspace but were built upon, enhanced, by what happened previously on the internet.

These are three story fragments:

Smoke trick truck

Seemed logical to put them together, though there were some logical flaws and in any case did not do what was intended, did not cause me to make a scene or become violent in the courthouse. You would think this would be cause for celebration and reward, not further harassment and ruin. Welcome to the US of A where no good deed goes unpunished.

“Repetition creates expectancies”

This can relate to things like simply foiling job interviews until the target gives up. Really, these people have been at this a long time and have their tricks suitable to tasks like this.

On the more advanced psych side, it’s akin to learned helplessness, a common side-effect of captivity-style torture and conditioning. It is also achievable via the hands-off means I’ve described on this blog. It attempts to make the target dependent on the torturer in order to be able to function normally at all. This allows for easier foiling of any endeavor that the target wishes to engage in.


“Create Cognitive Stress”

Also known as churning. Why is this happening? Who is doing it? What actually happened? What do they want? These are all questions that targets, unless of course they actually are terrorists, ask themselves. The repeated and consistent harassment ensures that they don’t stop and become exhausted as a result. Further, utilizing electronics like voice-to-skull, they can ensure that the target relives the traumatic experiences over and over again. They can also be reminded while attempting to perform some normal, every day task what was taken from them. Reminded over and over, the target becomes desperate to end this psychological torture and behaves erratically, further undermining their own credibility as a witness to the abuse.

The United States engages in these activities illegally, including on American soil, on Americans and most certainly on people from most anywhere who are not terrorists, not even drug smugglers, hackers, or criminals at all. As I’ve noted, sometimes it’s because they are being used for live training, sometimes because they are witnesses, potential whistleblowers, activists, etc. This country can only lay claim to moral superiority by lying about its own behavior.

“Create Physiological Stress”

That’s curious for JTRIG. How does one create physiological stress online? Certainly there have been physical harassment techniques employed in my case. Clumps of hair falling out just before the Squidgate sentencing hearing {see again the story fragment ploy above; the final piece, linking the three men to the fire would come at the hearing}. The very painful lump in throat that lasted several weeks due to eating something or other. Then there is the physical stress due to sleep deprivation that can be inflicted numerous ways. See the noise section of the Barrett Brown in Brooklyn post below for one example.

“Create Affective Stress (+/-)”

This was the most obvious part of the early harassment and even still occasionally is employed. It consists of intentionally causing mood swings. There was a time I envisioned this as picking me up and dropping me over and over in an attempt to break me. Seeming good news followed by bad news. Typically this would consist of attempting to convince me that someone had my back {see again Obama/Democrat comment in previous post} to find later that they did not. This is clearly part of attempting to direct my ire in a particular direction, though I note there were also conservatives on that list {take, for example, the fire taking place on Bill Kirstol’s birthday and that being pointed out to me}.


“Time-shift perceived behaviour”

This was one I’ve talked about extensively. Doesn’t do much but confuse, but that’s at least part of the point. Magic tricks, especially some card tricks, rely on a different perception of the order of events than they actually occurred. And the science of deception is closely related to stage magic.

Thats most of it. There’s the part about cues in the PERCEPTION section, which sounds astonishingly similar to what targeted individuals in organized stalking refer to as triggers, but I may be taking that out of context. In essence, it’s the presence of some symbol, sound, color, etc. that the target has, through weeks of conditioning, come to associate with some emotion, usually fear and dread.

How did the US become a place where nightmares are dispensed with psychopathic glee? A lawless–yes, Mr. President, lawless–nation run on blatant lies?

Because we handed the reins of power over to the selfish and unscrupulous because we were afraid. We put the wrong people in charge and gave them the ability to operate in the shadows without accountability. We allow them daily to engage in lies of influence, to point overseas, lie some more, and pretend that these wolves in sheep’s clothing aren’t the biggest threat we have.

Like a Dog That’s Been Beat Too Much

Gonna take yet another stab at simplifying the “Manchurian candidate” stuff. Reminder again, this is not leisurely daydreaming conspiracy hobby for me. This is part of what I’ve experienced and I know the people responsible are American.

It’s simple, isn’t it? The factors are:


In some cases, people are chosen because they are already exhibiting anger management issues. In mine, it stemmed from being harassed and ruined by most likely both government agencies and their private counterparts. There were many points of weakness exploited, not the least among them, having trusted Obama and the Democrats. I would say that I regret that, but if I genuinely had not done so, I would not know for certain that they were untrustworthy where I’m concerned. Additionally, as I’ve noted before, the intentional destruction of my longterm relationship followed by the obliteration–forget burning–of the bridge. The night he came home from work at his job with Deep State partner Google in an unnaturally bad depression was one chip. There were many others. Suffice to say that even if I knew then what I know now, I don’t think I’d have been able to achieve much more than delay the inevitable. Having your head pounded with ideas not your own coupled with dealing with the same being done to those around you and knowing that that is what is happening will only get you so far. We are accustomed to acting upon what’s in our heads. Having that interfered with takes a toll even if you know it’s possible and it definitely is.


This is really for two purposes. First, it obscures what is actually happening. This plays a role in misdirecting the RAGE toward a specific target or, in some cases, any target other than the one actually responsible. You can have a look again at GCHQ’s “Gambits for Deception” at top. I’ve added it to the reference links.

The other point of confusing the target is so they cannot hope to cope with the psychological harassment coming their way. Let’s take a look at the Marks book CIA quote on that again:

It was planned destructiveness. First, you’d check to see if you could destroy a man’s marriage. If you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the individual, to break him down. Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him. Harass him constantly. Bump his car in traffic. A lot of it is ridiculous, but it may have a cumulative effect.

That’s basically all that is necessary. Most of us are under the impression that in order to turn someone into an angry, violent weapon requires having them in custody for a time and physical torture. Most likely that was true at one time. It’s not unlike training for attack/fighting dogs in that respect. Teach a dog or a human that there is no kindness in the world, alter their perception of life into one that resembles a living hell, and you alter the behavior. It’s not about a remote control with a button labeled “KILL.” It’s about conditioning. And that conditioning can now be done from a distance. The national security state can pore over your records and find any possibility that you owe money, for example. Then make sure that those you owe find you. They can lure away your spouse, get you fired, ruin your friendships, start rumor campaigns, spread rumors to law enforcement that get you harassed by them, all under the veil of secrecy. As was recently noted about Canadian surveillance, it’s not a lie if you believe it. That’s how it operates. RUMINT gets spread about political enemies, protestors, potential and actual whistleblowers, and the machine automatically takes care of the rest if for no other reason than those carrying it out have only to do one small seemingly insignificant swipe; the next one taken by the next operative. The effect is cumulative with the guilt spread around through multiple organizations and individuals.

Overall, it would qualify for being called torture by anyone actually experiencing under common usage of the word. Yes, I am stating unequivocally that the US not only tortures, it tortures its own citizens, albeit typically in a non-traditional manner.

The legal definition of torture, however, requires:

Intent – which can be obscured any number of ways. Audits, for example, said to be looking for terror ties get used to harass and ruin. Only the boss may know that the real intent is to set someone on a rampage and will likely use RUMINT, frameups, poison pen, to hide this true goal.

Custody – the addition of psychological harassment techniques, as described in the quote above, all happen “in the street,” dodging the letter of the law while actually being a strictly controlled covert operation environment.

Physical Damage – most of the damage is emotional and psychological. Once the individual does an act of violence and is arrested or killed, their past is trotted out to explain it. What is not explained is the cause of the long run of exceedingly bad luck. This is what makes nonlethal weapons such an important tool in the proxy war arsenal: many of them don’t leave obvious physical traces. Think of a battered spouse without the bruises as physical evidence.

RAGE + CONFUSION. Works on animals. Works on humans. Just a different set of tactics in order to hide that it is being done.

The primary problems for determining whether or not this is actually happening seem to be:

1} They wouldn’t do this.

That there is some inherent goodness or benevolence within government and corporations that prevents this from happening. This is, sadly, ludicrous and the product of political party mantra and worn out trickle down economic theory.

2} They couldn’t do this.

Also, that the law stands in the way. The law operates, especially when operating in secret, on a different basis than law applied in the open. We see this principle all the time where NSA is concerned. All I’m attempting to do here is to apply that same principle to the entire Deep State system and bring it out of the virtual and into the physical, or at least psychological, world. As you look through the GCHQ/JTRIG slides, you’ll see that that is what they were mostly attempting to do anyway: effect online discourse and opinion in order to effect the real world. A chain of effect. What I’m describing is similar, but encompasses the “bumped in traffic” type targeting described in the quote.

This is also why it is so important to understand the excesses of the past. There is some strange notion that we learned from our past mistakes, that we are more restrained in our less savory actions, that we have somehow progressed beyond it. This is utter nonsense. Though these practices predate 9/11, the momentum the event caused has brought us to an anything goes policy. Whatever you can get away with. And, according to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, the President can do anything in war time. Does it appear that war time is in any danger of ending any time soon?

Though it is of little consequence to me on a personal level, the system is designed to have checks and balances upon it, that our three branches of government, and with the aid of the news media, are supposed to be opponents. This is why understanding Mike Lofgren’s “Anatomy of the Deep State” is so important. It shows how, why, and who has shortcircuited the system and many of the effects it is having. It is dangerous to the country and the world beyond description.

Regarding the media, see again the post below on George Lardner and consider also things like Jeff Bezos owning the Post and having large CIA cloud contracts at the same time. Though I won’t say that the Post is never, won’t ever be critical of the intelligence community, it can and will affect the larger, more important problems such as the one I’m describing here.

3} That there is no insider blowing the whistle on these less cyberspace-related, more meatspace-related covert operations. Surely if this is true, some would think, there’d be someone doing just that. And that’s an excellent point. It’s one I’ve attempted to answer in various ways in the past.

First and foremost, I expect that those involved are themselves carefully selected, conditioned and, and fed no end of propaganda to justify the ends. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what some of those are. “Colonel Flagg” and his ilk are not likely to ask questions and seek the truth.

Additionally, you can see some almost legitimate operational value to keeping these means and methods secret. This is in fact the primary tension between those who support Edward Snowden and those who do not, at least on the surface. It is and never was my desire to see the effectiveness of my own country’s war machine and associated intelligence apparatuses reduced. It is that these same means and methods are being used on American soil, on Americans, first and foremost, that irks me. I question very, very strongly the wisdom, the intent, the goals, etc. of doing similar on foreign nationals, but when it is being used for purposes of domestic policy, for silencing whistleblowers, critics, investigative journalists, etc. and for the purposes of profit gained from the intentional disruption of domestic tranquility, those considerations go out the window. A successful foreign policy requires a cooperative public, or at least it should. Hiding domestic corruption behind vague fears of foreign threats appears to be the conscious act of the guilty.

Also, we have seen some reporting on this, albeit in only very general terms. Barrett Brown’s writing on government contractors planned targeting of protestors and others comes close but generally lacks specifics. “Get them,”  and sometimes they mention general methods, but not the precise planning and execution which obviously is not going to be found in emails.

4} Lack of evidence.

Though I think I can easily provide enough evidence as to the existence of some kind of targeting having been aimed at myself, there is little to describe precisely who is responsible and why. The presence of Booz Allen Hamilton employees, former Navyman Anthony Gipe, winding up a Brooklyn contemporary of Jeremy Scahill and Barrett Brown, all indicative of something, but not in itself conclusive.

We want incontrovertible proof. That’s understandable. I wish I had it. But that’s the point where deception and covert ops are concerned: to be able to do this and not leave breadcrumbs leading back to the doorstep of those responsible and sometimes leave ones that lead to the wrong address altogether.

Taming the Media: George Lardner

You’re mostly on your own.

Washington Post investigative reporter George Lardner, Jr. at Investigating Power:


George Lardner Jr. worked as an investigative reporter at The Washington Post for more than 40 years, where he covered beats from Congress and the White House, the FBI and the CIA, to Mafia trials, political assassinations and civil rights.

He also covered a lot of Department of Defense stories, such as DIA’s top secret news network, mistakes like allowing arms shipments to slip through to North Korea in early 1992, JFK, the grassy knoll shot{s}, and more.

Government Technology, “Blind Justice: The Murder of Kristin Lardner,” Wayne Hanson, 29 February 1996:


George Lardner Jr., an investigative reporter for the Washington Post — working in his office on a Saturday — was about to be dragged into the pit of a parent’s worst nightmare. “I was getting some things together for a trip,” he said. “The phone rang, I picked it up and all I heard was sobbing. It was my daughter Helen. She shouted at me, ‘Dad come home right away.’ I could hear my wife Rosemary crying in the background. I said ‘What’s wrong?’ Helen finally said, ‘It’s Kristin, she’s been shot and killed.’

On May 30, 1992, shortly after Kristin [Lardner] obtained a permanent restraining order, Cartier accosted her near her workplace and asked her to go out with him. She refused, and as she walked away, he shot her in the head. She fell to the sidewalk. Cartier ran away, but returned a short time later and shot her twice more, then went to his apartment and killed himself.

Lardner, grieving and stunned by the murder of his daughter, began to investigate Cartier’s past. What he found was a man with a three-page arrest record. A man who — even though convicted of multiple offenses and four felonies, who repeatedly beat women, violated restraining orders and conditions of probation — had somehow managed to avoid all but a few months in jail.

Okay, I’ll help.

Lardner went on to win a Pulitzer over his investigation of the failures of the justice system and largely about the lack of communication between various law enforcement entities. His defense and intelligence work was derailed for some time as a result of this change in focus, including authoring a book on the subject.

Again, MKULTRA subproject 119, authorized in 1960, after substantial hypnosis research in the 1950s, and–at the very least–tracking of the Soviet version of “telecontrol” since the early 1980s. And let’s not forget the additional MKULTRA revelations coming out of the human radiation experiments hearings.

It’s situations like these that make you sometimes excuse some in the mainstream media. Like the FBI spokesman said regarding leaving law enforcement behind, “Good things happen when we focus on terrorism instead of law enforcement” or whatever the quote was.

The flip side being…?

Fear is the Money Maker

Sometimes I’m just thinking too small. Mostly, this post is about getting my thoughts down, and therefore I’m going to be lazy and am not going hotlink the world. Suffice it to say:

1} The Obama administration, including Obama himself, have completely divorced themselves from the truth. By way of example, Obama recently claimed that the invasion of Iraq was “vigorously debated.” If you want truth out of that statement, you’d have to assume he meant the decade+ after the invasion took place. Additionally, lies around NSA’s programs continue up to and including that there is no intention of “militarizing” the Internet and the rest of the electronic communication systems. Every indicator is that that is exactly what’s happening. Note again how well this works to create more contracts and business opportunities for the Deep State and to simultaneously silence critics via net censorship.

2} Defenders of the Deep State are getting rewarded for spouting ludicrous lies such as Snowden being a Russian operative. Michigan’s Mike Rogers, for example, is resigning from the Intelligence Committee in order to get a radio show, where he will undoubtedly continue to spread propaganda. This will be primarily designed to increase ignorance of the grand shell game designed to get people to volunteer to go into harm’s way so the people backing him can continue vacuuming up all those tax dollars that could otherwise be spent on actual immediate threats rather than the ones the Deep State and military industrial complex keep manufacturing for us. Reminder: US and allies very likely put neo-nazis in power in Ukraine in order to provoke Putin.

Which is what I meant up top. Starting WWIII or whatever this will turn out to be was beyond what I expected. Granted the {suddenly slowed, halted, or otherwise mysteriously reduced in frequency} mass shooting false-flag stuff wasn’t really working to shut people up about NSA and other counter-productive activities like backing the drug cartels south of the border. Mostly because the results were clear: mass surveillance isn’t helping to curb anything. Neither is the US’ highest imprisonment rate in the world. Nor the 4th highest number of executions in the world, #28 in 2007 per capita. Have a look at the list.


So they needed something bigger. Obama, like most Democtatic presidents, will eventually cave to pressure. This historically has consisted of war hawks calling the POTUS the equivalent of a pussy, to which the Democrat will knee-jerk react with all the maturity of a fourth grader: “Am not.” Voila! We’re all “united” cuz warfare.

Our various snowballs, and there are many, are all now too big to stop. Not to fail, because rest assured they will fail because they are designed first and foremost to benefit the few powerful individuals who benefit from the chaos and destruction. It’s not about winning or achieving the goals that ever-wrong pundits like Thomas Friedman and Charles Krauthammer will continue to trot out. It’s about reassuring people that there is some purpose other than simply serving the needs of the well-established and will-stop-at-nothing criminal class. And we fall for it every time. It’ll succeed in it’s primary purpose largely because failing in the others actually increases the profit. Fighting unwinnable wars provides unlimited, openended profits.

3} We are again at the point where journalists opposed to the illegal and self-serving acts of the Deep State attempt to point out the harm that said acts do. This is met by a group of people who just don’t care. If there is one thing that caught me completely off guard (as opposed to one person who did), it’s that.

Recently I’ve been rerunning a few of the early Squidgate occurrences, from the period in Brooklyn and later in Minneapolis, and that was what was most striking. There were people of all ages–and the ones I mean were public and private spooks–not talking about the civilians who were used or there by chance–were performing clearly illegal acts and doing so not hesitantly but with vigor. They enjoyed it.

Had a recent conversation with someone who was in prison in recent years. He said that a guard or few told him that, were martial law declared, the guards would have to kill all the prisoners. The former convict asked for clarification. Would that really happen? Would they want someone in for failure to pay child support shot? Would the guard do it? The guard replied, and I gather from the second-hand tone, in some twisted sense of sad self-tragedy, that it would be his job to do so. Forgetting for a moment whether or not that has any basis in fact or if it would actually happen, it’s more about the mindset.

Spooks, soldiers, cops, all being trained, psychologically prepped, to harm, kill, harass, torture, etc. their fellow countrymen is the point. Authoritarianism is the point. Complete social disintegration is the point. This place is being divvied up into servants of the Deep State and those who will be or are already victims of it. It’s this GCHQ diagram, based on COINTELPRO principles, on a large scale:


I like this one as well. Shows where the Deep State’s mind is, what it sits around thinking about. Some of those are almost exactly what I’ve described on this blog for years:


There was a recent email from a Wall Streeter that made the Twitter-rounds in which he stated how happy he was that the Ukrainian crisis had occurred. He was sick of being labeled the bad guy. Yeah, nothing wrong with the destruction of the Middle Class, air and water, and perpetual war. I’m thinking there hasn’t been such joy since Gary Condit and the neocons celebrated 9/11.

Obama also said there won’t be a new Cold War with Russia. That’s likely because there already is one, though like all power moguls, they deal with each other, actually aid each other, in parallel to getting their people all riled up and facing off. It’s just a game with the rest of us as the pieces on that level. Witness Obama defending the Bush administration even when its more conservative defenders attack and ravage his own agenda. It’s not only the American voter who works against his own stated self-interests. Even countries do it when it benefits a few powerful people.

And to listen to John McCain, it isn’t so much cold that the war hawks have in mind anyway. That’s one way to escape legal scrutiny: create post-justifications for what you’ve already done. Break the law and then start a war to make sure there’s no reason to put a stop to it.

‘Cause, hey, it’s us against them. And we’ve always been at war with Russia. And ourselves apparently. Plus ants or something.


UC Irvine: Scientists to Study Synthetic Telepathy (UCI News 13/8/08)

“Researchers get grant to develop communication system based on thoughts, not speech”

ce399 | research archive: (electronic) mind control

Press Releases & Media Advisories Archives > Press Release

Scientists to study synthetic telepathy

Researchers get grant to develop communication system based on thoughts, not speech

Irvine, Calif., August 13, 2008

A team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy.

The research could lead to a communication system that would benefit soldiers on the battlefield and paralysis and stroke patients, according to lead researcher Michael D’Zmura, chair of the UCI Department of Cognitive Sciences.

“Thanks to this generous grant we can work with experts in automatic speech recognition and in brain imaging at other universities to research a brain-computer interface with applications in military, medical and commercial settings,” D’Zmura says.

The brain-computer interface would use a noninvasive brain imaging technology like electroencephalography to let people communicate thoughts to each other…

View original post 290 more words

Barrett Brown in Brooklyn [Added Letter]

First, a funny discovery. Barrett Brown, besides the similarity where private spook contractors are concerned, as well as the unhealthy interest in ugly US history and occasional {read: almost always} use of humor, sarcasm, and parody as part of discussing dark matters and other stupid stuff, lived in Brooklyn for a time that overlapped with my own time there. In fact, Brown wrote for a website catering to locals in Bushwick. You can click on his name at one of the links below, click back two pages at bottom, and read them all chronologically.

You’ll get a whole range of stuff. It begins with a funny restaurant review. Which–spoilers!–you’ll learn in a later post lead to the proprietor lowering prices on a few items.

Then there’s pointing out that the pundits that we give the most serious consideration to when they explain the most serious events and how they are going to turn out are so often wrong as to call into question why we listen to them at all. Thomas Friedman and Charles Krauthammer are the focus there and the former was where the title of Brown’s new book comes from, Keep Rootin’ for Putin. Yes, Friedman said that because, according to Friedman, Putin was a great guy looking to clean up Russian corruption before it became obvious he was a phony or gave up. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? One of only two times I can think of where Russia went there before the US did.

There’s some other good stuff, like Brown calling out some neonazis masquerading as conservatives and the fallout from that. Then random strangeness and humor in Bushwick.

But for this post, I’m focusing on just two items that seem oddly familiar. They both relate to disruption. When it comes to covert action against individuals and organizations, the typical strategies are disrupt, distract, and discredit. As is usual for me simply bringing this up at all tends to do that last, but as we see day after day, the Deep State is becoming more and more obvious not only in its interference in all our lives, but also in terms of its sheer size. The question of “Why would they bother with lil ol’ me?” is quickly becoming moot because NSA has made it clear it is bothering with everyone.

Now recall again the very common tactic of pitting two parties against each other as being a notable portion of COINTELPRO. FBI would use covert action to frame one activist group as having offended another and each would waste time and effort fighting the other and losing sight of the real criminals who would hide behind national security and siphon as many tax dollars as possible while using what money that was not taken to figure out how to make labor cheaper and Americans more ignorant.

Recall also that separating people from their jobs was another, similar tactic as was destroying relationships including marriages. You can even recall that both happened to me, if you like. It’s a very common occurrence for people targeted by the government. Mark from NSA subcontractor Technodyne, for example, also found himself in such a situation over reporting an overbilling “mistake” to his superiors.

Recall also, if you read that far back, the various disturbances caused by sound within apartment buildings and elsewhere. I certainly experienced it, beginning in December 2010 in my Brooklyn condo after ‘Anthony’ and his roommate moved in as a sublet while their perhaps supervisor ‘Balding’ was darkening the sidewalks of Park Slope. In fact, December 2009 until about March 2010, the whole neighborhood crawled with strangers and was rife with cloak-and-dagger nonsense.

Then noise issues again in Port Huron for the Squidgate trial at my hotel in March. I noted at some point in 2010 that author, BoingBoing chief, and all-around net freedom champion Cory Doctorow mentioned having some serious issues with noise at his home on Twitter. It appears to be a common harassment tactic and my later noise issue in Minneapolis in 2011 was so odd and disturbing that I brought it up at one of my failed attempts to get FBI to get whoever or whatever it was off my back. At the time I was obviously still of the silly notion that there was law in the United States and that we had a federal law enforcement agency. We have neither, merely powerful opportunists who profit from chaos and fear and the thugs who happily cater to their needs. Just like it was during the original COINTELPRO.

In the Minneapolis case, while being driven half mad by the noise coming from above me, I suddenly found a note under my door from the guy who lived below accusing me of making all sorts of noise that disturbed him at all hours, disrupted his sleep, etc. Most worrisome, he mentioned hearing power tools and there were none. I guarantee you, if something had been blown up, FBI would have been all over that letter as proof that I’d built what would likely have been their bomb. And yet the agent I spoke with seemed entirely nonplussed about that. He should meet and talk to some of his more shadowy co-workers.


Yeah, I think it’s that easy to frame someone. What had the guy actually heard? Don’t know. Maybe “hypersonic sound.” Check it out. It exists:


At any rate, catch the end of Brown’s tale and how the bizarre behavior of the neighbors living under him left him scratching his head regarding a water leak:

Bushwick BK, “Everyone must know of my various inconsequential feuds,” Barrett Brown, 13 October 2009:


Before we continue, please recall the “The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron.” * The juror who stood up for Peter Watts later found herself in legal jeopardy when police caught a schoolmate of her sons who robbed a check cashing store. The kid seemed convinced that she had told him to do it. He glued fur to his face that he stole from her home as a disguise. The fur was from a coyote.

By the way, if you haven’t picked up Watts’ latest book, Beyond the Rift, comprised mostly of several short stories, you should. The book ends with an essay on the police statehood of North America. He mentions the police hounding the juror in the essay.

Reminder again: named this blog many, many months before that dude glued coyote fur to his face and was in Minneapolis when it happened.

Note that the police actually seemed to believe the nonsense they were spouting, also that eye witness testimony and video surveillance footage that clearly indicated a male perpetrator was actually a woman. They really seemed to believe it.

Also, I’ll just remind rather than link: I lost my first iPhone from being pickpocketed in Manhattan just days before the Squidgate trial. Also lost both my second one {used as an iPod} and data storage unit as well as my active Android smartphone in Chicago just days before the Hammond sentencing hearing due to being mugged.

Now read Barrett Brown’s account of attempting to locate his stolen laptop with Brooklyn PD and how they were convinced, despite the eye witness stating otherwise, that they had the right guy. Note also how Brown decided to walk away from his laptop so that it could be stolen. Note how similar this might be {all parties exhibiting plausible and yet oh-so-convenient behavior when seeking a particular outcome} to the events during the Squidgate bridge incident and dozens of other bizarro events I’ve detailed here and in Wicked Game. Finally, note how Brown was convinced that they genuinely believed they had the right perp. This does not seem to be a case of Fusion Center CIA-NYPD collusion to steal Brown’s work on private spy corporations. Rather, it looks more like what I’ve been describing for years now.

Bushwick BK, “In which the Universe conspires to steal my laptop at the worst time possible,” Barrett Brown, 26 May 2010:


The worst time possible… The start of Project PM, a crowd-sourced effort to allow Americans to know that there are private spy corporations operating on US soil and that they have strong connections to the government.

Like the former problem, it came on the heels of some larger move. In the previous case, just as there was an organization being formed to deal with what we now call “stop and frisk” combined with racial profiling in Bushwick.

Let me add that I had no idea that Brown had lived in Brooklyn, much less that we overlapped there. Let me also mention again the crazy level of spy activity. It was crazy. It still is crazy.

It’s also illegal. And anti-American.

* If you’re a real glutton for punishment, you can not only read details of the robbery and police harassment, but also see how whichever entity or entities the Obama administration unleashed on me also read my emails, checked on my library checkout choices in order to further harass me by checking the link at the link. How recursive.


US jazz musicians were drafted into the CIA’s MKULTRA

A good summary of Dr. Harris Isbell’s MKULTRA drug research in Lexington, Kentucky by Jon Rappaport.