My Idea of Entertainment

…never seems to work out.

Here’s what happens when I attempt to catch up on watching old TV. In this case, CSI. As I noted elsewhere, I saw the “fireless smoke” trick utilizing some mixture of chemicals in a truck’s tailpipe on 23 December 2009 mere hours after someone burnt down the Conway’s condo building and attempted to frame a CBP guard’s family members for it as part of the intrigue surrounding Squidgate.This trick appeared in an episode of Burn Notice, which I only saw some months after it aired from having DVRed it. This was episode 312, “Noble Causes,” which originally aired on 4 February 2010:

A good diversion draws people’s attention. But doesn’t make them run for their lives. If you’re using a parked vehicle, that means you want smoke and fire without the risk of an explosion. Olive oil starts to smoke at 375 degrees. Mix it in the right amount of cheap motor oil with a low flash point. Apply it to the inside of the exhaust pipe, and you should have enough time to walk away before the fun starts.

Onward… Note that I am only recently watching these episodes.

CSI season 2, episode 1, 2-24, “Burked.” Mention of something referred to as “gink work,” where speed freaks have been known to write excessively in order to, one assumes, channel the extra brain output. This is remarkably similar to the behavior of the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival intern, 2nd actress of 3, who seemed to develop sudden mental illness. She filled several composition books with graffiti, license plate numbers, quotes, things people said, etc. I had similar urges after I was surreptitiously drugged by the US government in late 2009, early 2010, which is what I now believe happened to the three actresses at the Festival in 1988-90, part of the domestic beefing up of COINTELPRO mixed with MKULTRA activities for various domestic political and personal financial gain purposes. Subsequent web searches for “gink work” have turned up little.

CSI, season 8, episode 16, 8-16, “Two and a Half Deaths.” It is discussed how easy it is to buy and reprogram an EPROM chip in order to control a car. Also, that drag racers do this all the time in order to gain an edge. Michael Hastings. ‘Nuff said.

CSI, season 9, episode 2, “The Happy Place.” Similar to what I suggested over here in this short story, the “trick” to circumventing moral code where hypnosis is concerned is to fool the target into thinking the variables are different. In the episode, the hypnotist explains that “liberate the money” and “rob the bank” have profoundly different effects on the unconscious.

Recall again the following:

1) DoD and CIA did extensive research on hypnosis at least as early as the early 1950s.

2) Voice-to-skull has a subliminal mode in which messages can be sent to the recipient without the recipient being aware it even happened. Similarly, the Russians developed acoustic psycho-correction for much the same purpose and CIA was aware of that at least by 1983 or so and FBI by 1993.

3) By drugging and harassing the target and filling their head with ideas that they think they arrived at on their own and/or making already existing ideas more extreme by utilizing surveillance and snooping of private communication, etc., it is possible to alter behavior.

This is happening, has been happening, for some time. As you can imagine, it poses a much bigger threat than mere surveillance could ever hope to. You can short-circuit democracy and any number of pieces of the system we have come to rely on for justice, peace, harmony, stability, etc.

The big impediment to ending these illegal practices involves, as already noted, believing those this has been done to.  This is not easy because some suffer from mental illness, likely because they are being used for target practice and–this is a new idea to the blog–they tend to muddy the waters where non-mentally ill targets are concerned. If Person A claims government harassment that is true but also grey alien conspiracy and has been on medication for two decades, it is easy to dismiss Person B who only says the first part and has not been prescribed anti-psychotics as being likewise mentally ill. This is part of the coverup. And it’s rather diabolical, isn’t it?

That’s all for now. Can’t even watch TV without having the screen slimed by the Deep State’s greedy tentacles.


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