Excerpt from Barrett Brown’s New Book (Updated)

Update in bold below.

Lately, there’s been so much going on that it’s been difficult to decide what to cover.

CIA caught spying on the Senate intel committee over a report finished 15 months ago on CIA’s rendition and torture program. The director was recently forced to admit that the CFAA also covered the CIA when used against the computers of other federal entities. Get that? Implied is only when it involves the computers of other federal agencies. And then only if not under orders to do so.

The situation in the Ukraine where it is rumored that the CIA backed neo-nazis into power and primarily neocons call for US military intervention after Ukraine’s government called Russia for help who in turn has been exaggerating the case for Russia invading the place. This last of course leaving Putin scratching his head, “But US said this was how to do it now…” More than anything, we should be watching all non-Ukraine news very, very closely because it’s times like these when you wake up and find some further indignity is being visited upon your citizenhood while you were distracted by rabid puppets of the military industrial complex like McCain and Lindsey, the latter of whom says Benghazi is to blame for the invasion of Ukraine:


Ah, Republicans and their nicely compartmentalized brain cavities.

Bumblewhore and Slithering

Then there’s the homefront Black Boot Diaries stuff. Most of it re-runs and therefore not worth mentioning. However, one cryptic note: chat in NY mentions method of editing book, then-bam!-brain aneurysm two weeks ago kind of puts a monkey in that wrench. Don’t know for certain of course, but curious timing as always and it fits the money-first psych profile. Someone out there knows what I mean.

And to some of those someones, allow me to reiterate: many ways this could have been settled peaceably that were not optioned. I’m afraid at this point we just can’t ever be friends. Remember that, that this was your choice, “Nancy,” or whatever it is I’m calling you this week.

On with the main event. In his new book, Keep Rootin’ for Putin, Barrett Brown rips the War on Drugs book of former US “drug czar” William Bennett apart, as well as to illustrate some of the many failures of the War on Drugs and Prohibition overall, from the costs in terms of taxes {as it was from 1920 to 1933 with prohibition} to having the opposite of the desired effect, all of which Bennett poo-poos and calls myth.

To add/reiterate/preempt some points to this, the exports of Afghan heroin have increased from 189 tons per year in 2001 to 3,900 or almost 6,000 tons per year today depending on who you ask. Here’s a more recent article than the ones I usually mention:

The Week, “Why is Heroin So Cheap?,” Peter Weber, 4 February 2014:


Similarly, as noted in a post below, we are supporting, not actually hindering, the drug cartels in Honduras. The country now sports the highest murder rate in the world, farmers are being murdered in order for others to take their land, a 200 year old agreement much like those the US gave and later ignored where Native Americans are concerned, is likewise being ignored in Honduras and their land is being stolen. Because of this intentional instability, poor Hondurans, especially mosquites, are forced to run drugs in order to survive and not be targets of the cartels. This in turn gets used as propaganda painting the poor of Honduras as the “bad guys,” while Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Canadian, and US corporate investors interests are protected and furthered at the expense of Hondurans. This turn of events happened not under George W. Bush, but under Barack Obama. When a coup overthrew the previous president, the US sided with the illegal new president rather than standing by democracy because he was more friendly to adding more military bases.

This is another reason why, when journalists like Jeremy Scahill say that there is almost no difference between the foreign policy of our two parties, they are correct. This is what they mean. Bush used torture to garner false intelligence to keep the War on Terror going for the foreseeable future. Obama instead has focused on the use of drones, which similarly kill more innocents than terrorists and will also keep the War on Terror going forever. These “wars” on nouns, on concepts, on an emotion, are the most clever shell game in modern history. We focus on the “fires” as our leaders and corporate pundits remind us incessantly on TV, and throw more “gasoline” on those fires as a result, then are surprised when the results are the opposite of what was intended. Meanwhile, the elites involved make out like bandits through hiding the true motives for being in places like Afghanistan and Honduras: multinational banks make fortunes from laundering drug money and conflicts; private armies and corporate spy corporations get contracts and fail to achieve the stated goals resulting in more contracts; Congress knows where to put their money because they are briefed while simultaneously telling all of us something different; and the 99% continues to pay the price for the 1, who also avoids paying any taxes at all when it can get away with it, resulting in yet more cash to buy our politicians with.


Like the Athenian mob, Bennett is also opposed to the corruption of the youth by way of such things as marijuana and favors the death penalty for those found guilty of it. At one point in the book, he recalls an appearance on Larry King Live when a caller suggested that drug dealers be beheaded. The moral clarity of the proposal seems to have excited Bennett. “What the caller suggests is morally plausible. Legally, it’s difficult… morally, I don’t have any problem with it.” But the moral plausibility of this was, as usual, lost on the nation’s intellectuals while being perfectly understood by the common folk, who like the Russian serfs before them are in eternal adoration of their drug czar (and it is also understood by the totalitarian Chinese, who have been executing drug dealers for quite a while, no doubt due to the inherent moral clarity of its communist dictatorship).

That’s not the whole excerpt, more at the link. It goes on to mention an alternate and just as believable theory for drug use in contrast to Bennett’s “Satan makes ’em do it.”

Also: several counts were dropped, mostly to do with linking to the Stratfor data haul. Brown reportedly faces “only” up to 70 years now instead of 105. This occurred just as the EFF was about to join in on the case over that topic.

VICE, “Here’s an Excerpt From Barrett Brown’s New Book”:


Additional links on Brown and Russia, Putin, and US media:


TrueSlant, “Vladimir Putin,” Barrett Brown, 23 March 2010:



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