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Let me quickly review a list of coincidences. Most of these can be found in Wicked Game. {}

1989-1990: Ford Foundation
1990s: Bain Capital.
2000s: Many other clients and tenants: international banks, law firms, hedge funds, etc. Scahill.
2009-: Squidgate, Wikileaks, Booz Allen Hamilton, INSCOM, Bachmann, James Whosiewhatsit Holmes, and Koch.

To name a few…

Now on to recent news:

Plumes of thick smoke engulfed the area like fog around the building at 116th Street and Park Avenue after residents reported hearing a loud explosion around 9:30 a.m. …

Among the casualties, two FBI agents in the area on unrelated business sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the blast, authorities said. Both were hospitalized and later released. An off-duty NYPD officer who lives nearby was also hurt and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The FBI was on the scene, but there is no indication of terror or crime, authorities said.

ABC, “Death Toll Rises in NYC Building Explosion,” LIZ FIELDS (@lianzifields) , AARON KATERSKY (@aaronkatersky) and JOSH MARGOLIN (@JoshMargolin), 12 March 2014:

Now, you might think nothing of this. Heck, even I nearly thought nothing of it. Rationality, ever friend to the terminally corrupt, leapt to my rescue despite the fact that an old friend, who by the way witnessed just a couple of many the bizarre happenings in 1989 at the sometimes-CIA-front Ford Foundation-backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, lives three to five blocks from where this happened. Or that he was the one who arranged my housing for my recent trip to NYC. No, that’s just not enough despite all the BS I’ve seen, experienced, read about, heard about. Despite the fact that I know without question that this stuff goes on on American soil with alarming frequency, my brain is still, after over four years of this cloak-and-dagger clown show attempting to rationalize away the possibility that this was a 3D chess move to knock the torture report and associated spying out of the news via yet another false-flag terror attack that instead became a “nothing to see here, move along” because two FBI agents were among the wounded. Not to mention the original news about the terror report came out just before the Boston Marathon bombing and associated Keystone cops action of chasing one of the Tsarnaev brothers through a Connecticut neighborhood and that sparked a “everyone should arm themselves” discussion on conservative radio and TV. This reminds one of ALEC’s stand your ground laws that they peddled in various states, hoping to spark a fullblown civil war, maybe a race war, just so we’d all be tearing up each other instead of asking questions about things like bank bailouts and how that affected us all regardless of race among the 99%.

No. None of that was enough for me to say more than, “hm.”

But then yesterday I happened to stop over at Michigander Ron’s place because, you know, the guy just survived his third stint in the hospital in several months and has been mostly home alone all week. I happened to be in the neighborhood on other business that sprang up, so, why not?

Breakfast with him this morning revealed that mere moments after I left his place after stopping in, he got a call from his pal who is peripherally tied in with emergency services and law enforcement. The man said that Ron might have to evacuate his home, might have to have his windows boarded up.

Due to what, you ask? Natural gas leak, of course.

What would you think in my place?

I haven’t found any news coverage of that yet. Will post it when/if I do. No explosion, no evacuation occurred.

As you can possibly tell, I’ve become reluctant to post these kinds of things any more. Unless someone dies or is in threat of dying, or it happens to be funny, or not something I’ve already covered several times, I slip it into the background noise file and attempt to ignore it.

Speaking of which, let me now explain what I noted cryptically a few posts below. I met up with a local writers’ group. Initial intentions were to just maybe finish up some unfinished fiction, maybe write some more short stories, get some feedback of that which is already done.

While in NYC I discussed with another friend the possibility of getting instead Wicked Game edited and finished. At some point {a week?} after this, the mother of the man who hosts the writers’ group had a brain aneurysm and died. This postponed our next meeting and possibly the one after that, haven’t heard.

She was two months, two days shy of 77, so it’s plausible that it was a natural occurrence, in so far as brain aneurysms are natural to begin with. Possible.

But as I’ve noted before, I’ve seen two other strange deaths. The first, my grandmother who died of similar symptoms to that which caused my ex and I to put our dog to sleep just a couple months before Squidgate began. A strange anemia, her white blood cells started attacking her red ones. A vet when this was happening to the dog suggested a bad vaccine might be the cause. I suggest a bad intelligence community and the politicians who manage and control them might be the cause. The vaccine conspiracy theory stuff–not entirely devoid of merit since mercury has on occasion been found in vaccines–would be just the kind of thing the Deep State would love to get someone like me side-tracked with, obsessed over.

Then more recently Mike ‘Tank’ Carbone, who worked as a low-level whatever in the military industrial complex including on Abrams tanks–hence the nickname–died of mysterious causes. So far as I know, this is still unsolved. I suggested that the point was trying to paint me as a radical former spook or what-have-you who would be that stupid.

I am not that stupid. Because, you see, first, I blame leadership, not the grunts. Second, the spooks who murdered Mike clearly don’t understand me. I don’t want to murder a few people. I want the whole damn thing overhauled. I want seven+ figure a year motherf*****s in prison. I want it all dragged out into the sunlight so I can watch some of them maybe explode due to allergic reaction to having the greatest rip off in human history exposed to sunlight, or if they just quietly turn to dust and blow away. I want it all. Dents mean nothing. And I actually liked Mike, so far as I even knew the guy.

But the point here is, clearly there is nothing going to be done. I’ve been up the chain, IGs, news, representatives, law enforcement, civil rights organizations, etc. So what’s the point of even discussing it? Anyone who thinks any of this will see the light of day without a} first dealing with Subproject 119 and b} based solely on what I write and a few others who have also been ignored/dismissed for as long or longer, well they’re the ones need their heads examined. People don’t want to believe the truth if the truth is unpleasant and the crooks who inhabit the Deep State are in no shortage of lies, liars, and unpleasantness. One day, sure, fifty years from now when it doesn’t matter any more. Everyone waiting for someone else to do something.

Guess I’ve adapted after all.



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