The End is Why

(Like a mother’s eye…)

NASA has apparently jumped on the end of days bandwagon in a big way.

DailyKos, “NASA: Civilization Headed Toward Collapse,” Don Mikulecky, 17 March 2014:

This, like the propaganda and innuendo surrounding Russia, presents a problem. Is it accurate? At all? If so, then does it adequately explain the bizarre and paranoid behavior of the US and other governments?

I lean toward no. Here’s why.

1} Seems clear to me that CIA shills and organizations like ALEC have their little stony hearts set on societal breakdown. They perpetuate conspiracy theories and law enactments that encourage and perpetuate neighbor vs. neighbor distrust. This serves several uses. First, as the chaos increases then the excuses for draconian surveillance and all around suspension of homo sapien personhood do as well. The increase of corporate personhood, however, belies any hidden benevolence: they are without a doubt intending to increase agitation of people and confuse them as to the cause–and therefore the remedy–for the source of the unrest. This is not a new idea, and there’s a useful quote about the revolution eating itself. Many do. Then there’s the fact that this is just old CIA and COINTELPRO style tactics used on a larger scale. Shouldn’t there instead be a primary focus on singular national identity if the purpose is to pull together to overcome some future hardships? One could argue, I suppose, that fascism and that kind of cohesion is better done around being a heterosexual WASP, but that it would simultaneously benefit some powerful business interests calls sincerity into question. That’s the bottom line with the military industrial complex and Deep State, isn’t it? Are we better off as a whole with them or without them? I think there’s a good case to be made for without, and only a case for with if, as we see again, there’s just such a pressing need to be the global bastards that we’ve become. Overall, it seems like every other excuse we’ve seen for excesses: Red Scare, War on Drugs, Islamophobia, etc. But that may be the larger point I’ll get to below.

2} As I’ve noted before, there was a DoD doomsday report leaked in 2004 or so that indicated all sorts of horrific happenings just around the corner. It gave a nice self-contained excuse for action: that we could already be years into “the end” and not even realize it. Detractors of conspiracy theorists generally consider that kind of statement to be part of the self-contained latticework of a set of delusional beliefs. That is, the lack of evidence that the end is nigh does not indicate that it isn’t. Note that Denmark has yet to sink underwater. That was one item the report suggested. I suggest it was a conservative think tank looking for new “value added” services to provide by scaring us.

3} Similarly, there was the 2001 National Intelligence Estimate that stated that the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and not radical Islam, was the largest threat to US security. The report came out in November of 2001 and as you can imagine, that notion wasn’t getting much attention at that point in time. Instead, we got the unmanageable growth of Top Secret America, the Deep State. We have so many spies. Almost 1 million people have Secret clearances and one-quarter have Top Secret in the private sector alone. That neither Washington in terms of budget nor Wall Street in terms of stock value want to ever accept the perhaps natural occurrence of decreases again argues for deception, not a hidden agenda that takes into account the future of the average citizen.

4} As I’ve also mentioned before, referred to as sociological judo, the idea of taking something like climate change and turning it into an excuse for fascism, cruelty, the end of democracy as we know it, is right up the alley of cheap labor enthusiasts. Maybe the discrepancy isn’t about having “earned” it; maybe a lot of people are just underpaid. See? It doesn’t have to have Communism as a solution, does it? Just pay more commensurate with a healthy economy that requires cash flow. But that’s what they call any effort to fix that because it works.

In the final analysis, when you deceive, betray, spy on, abuse, etc. your own population, you decrease–not increase–your reverent power. Once you’ve lied to the American people in the face about surveillance, why should we believe you on global threats, especially when there’s such a great Wall Street incentive where scaring everyone is concerned? Why should we believe in some secret good intentions when reporters are murdered and jailed because they got us to the truth where top-ranking military and public/private intel industry is concerned? Why should we believe the ends justify the means, when the ends appear to involve bankrupting and destroying the Middle Class? If you can’t be believed and trusted, how can you pursuade people into your way of thinking?

How the f— does this stuff justify what was done/is being done to me and others? It just doesn’t add up unless at least part of it is a lie.

Is climate change real and does it pose a threat to mankind? I think so. But then why are we only preparing for war and not that in meaningful ways? Yes, food shortage could be construed as a step towards preparing, and therefore the wholesale pardoning, of Monsanto. But there’s the profit motive again, and wouldn’t it have made more sense to have provided incentives toward creating more private farms, so that a} you don’t have all eggs in one basket and, b} you don’t encourage monopolistic manipulation of the food sector? Especially if there’s an upcoming shortage?

I have to lean toward there being something to a looming major issue, but at the same time a self-dealing distortion of it, a possible exaggeration for “personal”/corporate gain. This is one major problem and failure of the CIA and the intel community as a whole. Fixing intel around business interests instead of the cold, hard, analytical truth means that we can’t see clearly. We don’t know what kinds of actual threats there are because we’ve been exaggerating and manufacturing them. The torture program is a prime example. You don’t think you’d confess to whatever they asked you to with your hand in boiling liquid? That was the whole point of doing it, to create faulty intel that served the Deep State. They cannot now be taken at their word because they’ve already deceivied us so much, so often.

Fear is the post-9/11 commercial motivator. It works too well for it to be laid aside by those who use it as a tool and those who benefit most don’t live in caves in Afghanistan. Are they goosestepping us all towards a self-fulfilling prophecy? Perhaps most telling is how they’re all collecting greenbacks instead of building bomb shelters and hoarding food.



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