BBD – The Myth of Under the Radar

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Right. Finances. Won’t go into details because they’re irrelevant. I’ll just note that there have been large as compared to income bills appear as related to myself, the Squidgate juror’s husband, and–while I was drafting a letter earlier today–senior citizen Michigander Ron. This last came in the form of an ominous “unavailable” incoming cellphone call. They were giving him until 1700 EST today or else. There is a law against harassing senior citizens in this state, but of course there is, when it suits the powerful and corrupt, no law to speak of in this country, so that hardly matters. That the Squidgate juror’s husband is being screwed simultaneously by a Republican state government and a  Democratic federal one at the same time, well welcome to the wonderful world of choices.

What does matter is how things have gotten to this point. Let me explain by way of illustrative example. Imagine you are standing neck deep in a hole filled with feces. The only offer for stopping you from complaining about being in this hole is the threat of fresh feces being dumped into the hole.

That’s the way it’s been from the start and continues so. Not just for me, but for other people I’ve met and talked to. This is how our out of control intelligence sector operates. What can we glean from this?

Before I answer that, let me elaborate. There have been many attempts on my part to settle this nonsense some other way than exposing it. I’m no hero, no fool. This is, after all, why it continues like this. When someone moderately influential steps over the line, they get slapped back into it. Witness Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the mainstream progressive movement. Republicans seem to have an instinct where this is concerned and therefore trip over each other to see who can come up with the most horrific, hateful and/or money-siphoning ideas possible and find themselves rewarded for these acts of pure un-Christian evil {using the ignored portions of their own book as gauge}. The other side just cuts their losses and chooses fights that either aren’t real fights, are a tiny pimple on the overall problem, or is one that becomes a social cause to fret over but see no real permanent solutions employed. In other words, they are functionally almost identical as long as they aren’t personally adversely affected.

Jumping back, I can name at least a dozen instances when it seemed as though I might once again experience what I used to think of as normal life. There was the independent TV job in Minneapolis, for example. The comic and fiction writing. The entertainment contacts. The potential relationships. Heck, even settling in Chicago looked like it might happen, but then imploded at light speed for reasons that still make little sense to me. Make it normal enough and I would of course have dropped my grievances in favor of getting on with living. Because what I’ve been doing for the past four years barely qualifies.

But what can I glean? That they don’t want peace. I suppose that should go without saying where people who only prove useful when there’s conflict, and then typically only in making someone else a buck at the blood and money expense of others.

But my larger point is to highlight that this is not about “shut up.” They don’t want compliance. They want war. This was not a conflict of my choosing. This was foisted on me and continues to be so.

There is no flying under the radar, no playing nice with people and organizations like this. And they clearly know it. Why do that?

As I pointed out recently, both people like CIA/Stratfor operative Alex Jones and groups like ALEC seem to be after the erosion of societal cohesion. They want internal strife. I don’t think it’s a far toss to attempting to foment rebellion, and I have to add that FOX News has been accused of that as well.

Why do that? Tighter corporate control of the population will be the result. There can be no question. This is the ultimate goal.

Keep quiet, and the likes of NSA will continue to monitor pretty much everyone in order to learn how to better scare and manipulate them. Expose it and that alarms people which marches toward the same result.

These are features, not bugs. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So says the Deep State. Manure or more manure? As is true of everything from political parties to with-or-against in pretty much every framed question our lousy MSM presents us, you only get those two choices.

Let my people out of the poop-pit.



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