Barrett Brown in Brooklyn [Added Letter]

First, a funny discovery. Barrett Brown, besides the similarity where private spook contractors are concerned, as well as the unhealthy interest in ugly US history and occasional {read: almost always} use of humor, sarcasm, and parody as part of discussing dark matters and other stupid stuff, lived in Brooklyn for a time that overlapped with my own time there. In fact, Brown wrote for a website catering to locals in Bushwick. You can click on his name at one of the links below, click back two pages at bottom, and read them all chronologically.

You’ll get a whole range of stuff. It begins with a funny restaurant review. Which–spoilers!–you’ll learn in a later post lead to the proprietor lowering prices on a few items.

Then there’s pointing out that the pundits that we give the most serious consideration to when they explain the most serious events and how they are going to turn out are so often wrong as to call into question why we listen to them at all. Thomas Friedman and Charles Krauthammer are the focus there and the former was where the title of Brown’s new book comes from, Keep Rootin’ for Putin. Yes, Friedman said that because, according to Friedman, Putin was a great guy looking to clean up Russian corruption before it became obvious he was a phony or gave up. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? One of only two times I can think of where Russia went there before the US did.

There’s some other good stuff, like Brown calling out some neonazis masquerading as conservatives and the fallout from that. Then random strangeness and humor in Bushwick.

But for this post, I’m focusing on just two items that seem oddly familiar. They both relate to disruption. When it comes to covert action against individuals and organizations, the typical strategies are disrupt, distract, and discredit. As is usual for me simply bringing this up at all tends to do that last, but as we see day after day, the Deep State is becoming more and more obvious not only in its interference in all our lives, but also in terms of its sheer size. The question of “Why would they bother with lil ol’ me?” is quickly becoming moot because NSA has made it clear it is bothering with everyone.

Now recall again the very common tactic of pitting two parties against each other as being a notable portion of COINTELPRO. FBI would use covert action to frame one activist group as having offended another and each would waste time and effort fighting the other and losing sight of the real criminals who would hide behind national security and siphon as many tax dollars as possible while using what money that was not taken to figure out how to make labor cheaper and Americans more ignorant.

Recall also that separating people from their jobs was another, similar tactic as was destroying relationships including marriages. You can even recall that both happened to me, if you like. It’s a very common occurrence for people targeted by the government. Mark from NSA subcontractor Technodyne, for example, also found himself in such a situation over reporting an overbilling “mistake” to his superiors.

Recall also, if you read that far back, the various disturbances caused by sound within apartment buildings and elsewhere. I certainly experienced it, beginning in December 2010 in my Brooklyn condo after ‘Anthony’ and his roommate moved in as a sublet while their perhaps supervisor ‘Balding’ was darkening the sidewalks of Park Slope. In fact, December 2009 until about March 2010, the whole neighborhood crawled with strangers and was rife with cloak-and-dagger nonsense.

Then noise issues again in Port Huron for the Squidgate trial at my hotel in March. I noted at some point in 2010 that author, BoingBoing chief, and all-around net freedom champion Cory Doctorow mentioned having some serious issues with noise at his home on Twitter. It appears to be a common harassment tactic and my later noise issue in Minneapolis in 2011 was so odd and disturbing that I brought it up at one of my failed attempts to get FBI to get whoever or whatever it was off my back. At the time I was obviously still of the silly notion that there was law in the United States and that we had a federal law enforcement agency. We have neither, merely powerful opportunists who profit from chaos and fear and the thugs who happily cater to their needs. Just like it was during the original COINTELPRO.

In the Minneapolis case, while being driven half mad by the noise coming from above me, I suddenly found a note under my door from the guy who lived below accusing me of making all sorts of noise that disturbed him at all hours, disrupted his sleep, etc. Most worrisome, he mentioned hearing power tools and there were none. I guarantee you, if something had been blown up, FBI would have been all over that letter as proof that I’d built what would likely have been their bomb. And yet the agent I spoke with seemed entirely nonplussed about that. He should meet and talk to some of his more shadowy co-workers.


Yeah, I think it’s that easy to frame someone. What had the guy actually heard? Don’t know. Maybe “hypersonic sound.” Check it out. It exists:

At any rate, catch the end of Brown’s tale and how the bizarre behavior of the neighbors living under him left him scratching his head regarding a water leak:

Bushwick BK, “Everyone must know of my various inconsequential feuds,” Barrett Brown, 13 October 2009:

Before we continue, please recall the “The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron.” * The juror who stood up for Peter Watts later found herself in legal jeopardy when police caught a schoolmate of her sons who robbed a check cashing store. The kid seemed convinced that she had told him to do it. He glued fur to his face that he stole from her home as a disguise. The fur was from a coyote.

By the way, if you haven’t picked up Watts’ latest book, Beyond the Rift, comprised mostly of several short stories, you should. The book ends with an essay on the police statehood of North America. He mentions the police hounding the juror in the essay.

Reminder again: named this blog many, many months before that dude glued coyote fur to his face and was in Minneapolis when it happened.

Note that the police actually seemed to believe the nonsense they were spouting, also that eye witness testimony and video surveillance footage that clearly indicated a male perpetrator was actually a woman. They really seemed to believe it.

Also, I’ll just remind rather than link: I lost my first iPhone from being pickpocketed in Manhattan just days before the Squidgate trial. Also lost both my second one {used as an iPod} and data storage unit as well as my active Android smartphone in Chicago just days before the Hammond sentencing hearing due to being mugged.

Now read Barrett Brown’s account of attempting to locate his stolen laptop with Brooklyn PD and how they were convinced, despite the eye witness stating otherwise, that they had the right guy. Note also how Brown decided to walk away from his laptop so that it could be stolen. Note how similar this might be {all parties exhibiting plausible and yet oh-so-convenient behavior when seeking a particular outcome} to the events during the Squidgate bridge incident and dozens of other bizarro events I’ve detailed here and in Wicked Game. Finally, note how Brown was convinced that they genuinely believed they had the right perp. This does not seem to be a case of Fusion Center CIA-NYPD collusion to steal Brown’s work on private spy corporations. Rather, it looks more like what I’ve been describing for years now.

Bushwick BK, “In which the Universe conspires to steal my laptop at the worst time possible,” Barrett Brown, 26 May 2010:

The worst time possible… The start of Project PM, a crowd-sourced effort to allow Americans to know that there are private spy corporations operating on US soil and that they have strong connections to the government.

Like the former problem, it came on the heels of some larger move. In the previous case, just as there was an organization being formed to deal with what we now call “stop and frisk” combined with racial profiling in Bushwick.

Let me add that I had no idea that Brown had lived in Brooklyn, much less that we overlapped there. Let me also mention again the crazy level of spy activity. It was crazy. It still is crazy.

It’s also illegal. And anti-American.

* If you’re a real glutton for punishment, you can not only read details of the robbery and police harassment, but also see how whichever entity or entities the Obama administration unleashed on me also read my emails, checked on my library checkout choices in order to further harass me by checking the link at the link. How recursive.


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