Fear is the Money Maker

Sometimes I’m just thinking too small. Mostly, this post is about getting my thoughts down, and therefore I’m going to be lazy and am not going hotlink the world. Suffice it to say:

1} The Obama administration, including Obama himself, have completely divorced themselves from the truth. By way of example, Obama recently claimed that the invasion of Iraq was “vigorously debated.” If you want truth out of that statement, you’d have to assume he meant the decade+ after the invasion took place. Additionally, lies around NSA’s programs continue up to and including that there is no intention of “militarizing” the Internet and the rest of the electronic communication systems. Every indicator is that that is exactly what’s happening. Note again how well this works to create more contracts and business opportunities for the Deep State and to simultaneously silence critics via net censorship.

2} Defenders of the Deep State are getting rewarded for spouting ludicrous lies such as Snowden being a Russian operative. Michigan’s Mike Rogers, for example, is resigning from the Intelligence Committee in order to get a radio show, where he will undoubtedly continue to spread propaganda. This will be primarily designed to increase ignorance of the grand shell game designed to get people to volunteer to go into harm’s way so the people backing him can continue vacuuming up all those tax dollars that could otherwise be spent on actual immediate threats rather than the ones the Deep State and military industrial complex keep manufacturing for us. Reminder: US and allies very likely put neo-nazis in power in Ukraine in order to provoke Putin.

Which is what I meant up top. Starting WWIII or whatever this will turn out to be was beyond what I expected. Granted the {suddenly slowed, halted, or otherwise mysteriously reduced in frequency} mass shooting false-flag stuff wasn’t really working to shut people up about NSA and other counter-productive activities like backing the drug cartels south of the border. Mostly because the results were clear: mass surveillance isn’t helping to curb anything. Neither is the US’ highest imprisonment rate in the world. Nor the 4th highest number of executions in the world, #28 in 2007 per capita. Have a look at the list.


So they needed something bigger. Obama, like most Democtatic presidents, will eventually cave to pressure. This historically has consisted of war hawks calling the POTUS the equivalent of a pussy, to which the Democrat will knee-jerk react with all the maturity of a fourth grader: “Am not.” Voila! We’re all “united” cuz warfare.

Our various snowballs, and there are many, are all now too big to stop. Not to fail, because rest assured they will fail because they are designed first and foremost to benefit the few powerful individuals who benefit from the chaos and destruction. It’s not about winning or achieving the goals that ever-wrong pundits like Thomas Friedman and Charles Krauthammer will continue to trot out. It’s about reassuring people that there is some purpose other than simply serving the needs of the well-established and will-stop-at-nothing criminal class. And we fall for it every time. It’ll succeed in it’s primary purpose largely because failing in the others actually increases the profit. Fighting unwinnable wars provides unlimited, openended profits.

3} We are again at the point where journalists opposed to the illegal and self-serving acts of the Deep State attempt to point out the harm that said acts do. This is met by a group of people who just don’t care. If there is one thing that caught me completely off guard (as opposed to one person who did), it’s that.

Recently I’ve been rerunning a few of the early Squidgate occurrences, from the period in Brooklyn and later in Minneapolis, and that was what was most striking. There were people of all ages–and the ones I mean were public and private spooks–not talking about the civilians who were used or there by chance–were performing clearly illegal acts and doing so not hesitantly but with vigor. They enjoyed it.

Had a recent conversation with someone who was in prison in recent years. He said that a guard or few told him that, were martial law declared, the guards would have to kill all the prisoners. The former convict asked for clarification. Would that really happen? Would they want someone in for failure to pay child support shot? Would the guard do it? The guard replied, and I gather from the second-hand tone, in some twisted sense of sad self-tragedy, that it would be his job to do so. Forgetting for a moment whether or not that has any basis in fact or if it would actually happen, it’s more about the mindset.

Spooks, soldiers, cops, all being trained, psychologically prepped, to harm, kill, harass, torture, etc. their fellow countrymen is the point. Authoritarianism is the point. Complete social disintegration is the point. This place is being divvied up into servants of the Deep State and those who will be or are already victims of it. It’s this GCHQ diagram, based on COINTELPRO principles, on a large scale:


I like this one as well. Shows where the Deep State’s mind is, what it sits around thinking about. Some of those are almost exactly what I’ve described on this blog for years:


There was a recent email from a Wall Streeter that made the Twitter-rounds in which he stated how happy he was that the Ukrainian crisis had occurred. He was sick of being labeled the bad guy. Yeah, nothing wrong with the destruction of the Middle Class, air and water, and perpetual war. I’m thinking there hasn’t been such joy since Gary Condit and the neocons celebrated 9/11.

Obama also said there won’t be a new Cold War with Russia. That’s likely because there already is one, though like all power moguls, they deal with each other, actually aid each other, in parallel to getting their people all riled up and facing off. It’s just a game with the rest of us as the pieces on that level. Witness Obama defending the Bush administration even when its more conservative defenders attack and ravage his own agenda. It’s not only the American voter who works against his own stated self-interests. Even countries do it when it benefits a few powerful people.

And to listen to John McCain, it isn’t so much cold that the war hawks have in mind anyway. That’s one way to escape legal scrutiny: create post-justifications for what you’ve already done. Break the law and then start a war to make sure there’s no reason to put a stop to it.

‘Cause, hey, it’s us against them. And we’ve always been at war with Russia. And ourselves apparently. Plus ants or something.



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