Hanging Together Part 1

Soooo many things to cover. This is going to be long, I think. Will try to organize into subsections.


Other bits will have to wait. For example occurred to me recently that they may not in fact have murdered my grandmother but rather employed some sleight-of-hand to make it seem that they did. Which would mean that they still did make my dog deathly ill. Perhaps they did that after discovering my grandmother’s illness but before her death in order to make it seem like the timing was reversed. Combine this principle of stage magic and card magic tricks with the terrorist organization’s penchant for taking credit for things they didn’t do. Well, terrorists or psychos. Like Charles Manson taking credit for making the DA’s watch stop during his trial. This is the psychology of the psychopathic Deep State. See also again GCHQ/JTRIG’s Gambits for Deception up top about playing with perceived order of events. Apparently standard scumbaggery in any dialect of Merkan.


Ok, guess that didn’t have to wait after all. Neither does why they would do such a thing. I’ve had to update an old 2011 post here:


Note that, yes, I contact reporters all the time and though I don’t deny having had from time to time issues between the ears, it is the cause of that that I dispute. Recall again items 1 and 5 of the draft ’55 MKULTRA memo. Old tactic, one G. Gordon Liddy talked about having discussed and planned using on investigative reporter Jack Anderson and a member of Congress during his CREEP years for Nixon. Pervert and fake psychology like they do news and starts of wars and they lay the groundwork for the narrative that begins, “He was a quiet man…”

In point of fact I am not a quiet man. Just look at this blog.

Or ask folks outside the movie Saturday evening. More on that later.



But this is about my trip to NYC. Just got back. Was there on a one-week temp job. Contract was only signed a week ago Thursday.

Which is so funny because the job turned out to be the same week as the Tribeca Film Festival. I discovered this from the Twitter and that a pair of films that would interest me were playing there.

The first, I didn’t get to see. It was 1971, based on the break-in in a Pennsylvania FBI office that lead to exposing COINTELPRO. We are fond of laying all that on Hoover, but let’s recall that agents took part and none blew the whistle. It took a crime to expose just one illegal program. We still don’t know how many similar ones there may have been nor do most of us know it continues today or is back, depending on which narrative you buy into.

You can read about a new book on the subject here:

FDL, “FDL Book Salon Welcomes Betty Medsger, The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI,” Kevin Gosztola, 29 March 2014:


One of the film’s producers is Laura Poitras, a multi-award-winning journalist, WaPo and Guardian, worked with Glenn Greenwald, Jacob Appelbaum, and others, and has written about the NSA and other intrusive Orwellian offenses. Laura joined First Look Media and now works along side Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and others.

It was my plan to make that film but I got caught up in several other things at once including options on a Good Friday worship and possible sexual encounter. To be clear, these were not in fact the one-in-the-same offer.

Deciding neither inducement of oxytocinal bliss would be the best use of my time {there it is: turning down sex and Jesus; must be insane}, I attempted to see if I could make it in time to the after-screening Q&A. I didn’t, but I did ambush Kevin Gosztola as he exited the theater. A big surprise, he had two whistleblowers in tow: former DoJ consultant Jesselyn Radack and former senior NSA officer Thomas Drake.

It turned out these two were 2/3s subject of the other film, Silenced. The remaining 3rd is John Kiriakou, who is in prison. He’s the only person in prison with connection to the CIA’s torture program and he didn’t torture.


Speaking of torture, forget what I wrote about ending in 2006 below. Forget 2009, too. Significant portions of the so-called Enhanced Interrogation Techniques program are still in place. Jeff Kaye has more, including my senior Senator being just fine-and-dandy with it:

FDL, “DoD Directive Used Duplicity to Hide Current Use of SERE Torture Techniques in Interrogations,” Jeffrey Kaye, 20 April 2014:


To the uninitiated, this means that the reverse-engineering of SERE, a program designed to help American soldiers and spies resist the evil acts of North Korea, Cuba, etc., should they be captured, was turned on its head into a North Korea style torture program. Jeff Kaye is reporting on how DoD used weasel-words to finesse this continuance.

There’s also more elsewhere from former UK diplomat Craig Murray and the British media’s resistance to reporting on the horrors he witnessed at Black Sites, but back to Silenced.


Silenced you can read more about here:


See it if you can! I wound up seeing the world premiere on Saturday.

In summary:

Jesselyn dealt with a coverup at the Dept. of Justice over the illegally acquired confession of “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh. Ashcroft knew it was illegal and looked the media in the eye and lied about it. So much for the morality of someone in the we-know-where-he-was-Friday-night/Sunday-morning category. Think it says, “He who knoweth right and doeth wrong…” And he clearly kneweth.

Then Thomas Drake. He found that a legal and less expensive software program {THINTHREAD} had been passed over for a more expensive one {TRAILBLAZER} that did not have the FISA rules built into it. Naturally, attempting to save taxpayer money and avoid unlawful acts results in being attacked.

Then Kiriakou, who talked publicly about the CIA torture program after it had already been in the news. He admitted to also making a slip also when asked about a colleague. He’s in prison for this unintentional, technicality while Cheney and Scooter Libby are not for their intentional one. Cue Nixon, “It’s not illegal when…”

In all three cases, there were personal costs attached that are all too familiar. Though in my case it was accomplished almost purely through  black ops–psychology, pharmacology, and other science instead of legal tricks–the result was the same: financial ruin, loss of personal relationships, isolation, insult, intimidation, stigma, and loss of career.

It was painful to watch these people suffer but we need to see what is being done in our name, We the People. It was in some ways reruns and in others realizing that I’m not alone and remembering that it is a corrupt system that we stuggle against.


For anyone new to the blog, simply put: legal system directly aimed at me as related to what it is really related to–an illegal government program–would confirm the existence of the program. These methods, techniques, etc. that I witnessed in action in 1988-1990 and after are being used today on American citizens, on American soil. This for domestic political reasons and personal gain motives. It is merely under the guise of, or in tandem with, actual, legitimate, reasonable reasons related to national security. It is important that they be revealed. Our government is once again dissembling, taking advantage of the public trust, using fear of “others” and terrorism to rob us for the benefit of some special business interests. That’s it. They spin and accuse anyone who points this out of aiding the enemy.

Shorter version: witnessed covert “fix-it” training ops and now that they’re operational and making a play for total control, they don’t much want me around spoiling their “fun.” What I witnessed includes seeing means and methods in action, more often the results of same, that can be used to destroy whistleblowers and others.


Don’t want to give too much away about the film but there were several familiar statements that stuck out. Kiriakou says, “They told the interrogators what they thought they wanted to hear to make the torture stop.” Drake said that much of the government’s efforts against whistleblowers is to destroy them. Jesselyn found herself in a Twilight Zone type nightmare when she found that the Lindh file had been purged of everything but two innocuous emails after having been an inch thick. She likewise found emails missing and managed to recover only 15 of perhaps hundreds.

The most troubling part is how so little comes from these revelations. Mainstream media and indy pundits tow the government’s line as if they are all MOCKINGBIRDs. Congress acts as if it’s all normal and tends to legalize whatever wrongdoing is discovered unless it is safe to do otherwise in which case they pretend to scold. Recent example, the torture report again. Pre-Boston Marathon bombing reporting mentions senior Bush officials approving this program. The summary “leaked” to McClatchy now says CIA misled everyone. They may have, but the long delay in release implies edits for political expediency.

Drake also noted that 9/11, his first day of work on his new NSA job, was referred to as a gift by his supervisor. NSA would get all the money it sought and more due to having failed.

The main point of the film, though: here are people holding their own government accountable to the law, protecting freedoms of their fellow citizens, and upholding their oaths to protect the Constitution, and there’s a huge machine that knows without saying it that there is no intent from top to bottom to do the same. And that machine, that Deep State, ate them alive.

And yet there’s hope in the form of a surprise towards the end of the film. Not telling.

{To Be Cont.}


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