Hanging Together Part 2



The screening was followed by a panel moderated by Barton Gellman, the well known NATSEC reporter for WaPo. By the way, spoke to him after to make sure he knew COINTELPRO is continuing. He said he knew there were many stories still untold.

The first question was a two-parter. The lady asking it didn’t speak loud enough I think to get the second part heard but she was standing behind me, a few rows back, so I heard it. She asked Mr. Drake if he thought CIA suicides were actual suicides. This may have been in part due to John Kiriakou stating that early on he thought about throwing himself in front of a subway train.

Let me again take a stab at answering that. Perhaps it is best in a way that it gets answered here.

No, probably not an actual suicide in the sense that we are used to thinking about it. If you’ve read this blog or the draft of Wicked Game, then you know my thoughts on it. The existence of voice-to-skull, its ability to be used subliminally, that CIA most likely had ahold of the Russian’s similar acoustic psycho-correction by 1983 or so, that the subproject to MKULTRA, #119, was dedicated to this and there is almost no documentation and no testimony on it, is in part why I say: no. Also, it’s been reported that CIA has the highest suicide rate in the US government. They have tried to explain this by saying these were disenfranchised romantics. I don’t care if you’re a cynic. Obviously there are compartments that will make you wonder WTF it is we’re actually trying to accomplish. Helping people is 90%+ propaganda. Obviously.

Also there are drugs that can cause depression–on top of the social pressures brought to bear on a whistleblower–coupled with drugs that affect judgment that could also be used.

Then there’s just the pressure brought to bear: financial, professional, personal, emotional and mental.

At the very best, we’re talking surreptitious assisted suicide. I’m more inclined to call it assassination, regardless how many Langley weasel lawyers classify it otherwise.

But then I have the advantage of knowing. I can’t prove it beyond circumstantial evidence, but there is a lot of that.

You can decide. Am I, as CourtTV states Kazcynski was, schizophrenic? Or, does the circumstantial evidence coupled with other, already exposed, governmental wrongdoing persuade?

In any case, people should be aware of the possibility that thoughts and feelings may not be their own, that this is technologically possible, and that there is no shortage of people perverse enough to carry it out. Just like Sidney Gottlieb, Dr. Luther Wilson Greene {especially men like Greene} and George Hunter White. Just like J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO thugs. Just like the East German Stasi and the similarly dreaded Nazi German SS.

“It doesn’t appear to be happening to me, therefore it can’t be happening at all,” is not a logical argument. It is an illogical denial strategy. And I cannot blame others for wanting to deny it. It’s frightening, disturbing, and the mainstream media and government say it isn’t happening, so it must not be, right?

Some of the things I’ve mentioned are things Thomas Drake mentioned. The East German Stasi, for example. His previous job at NSA was listening to them. Their motto he said: “Collect it all.” Not quite as ambitious as:


…but then their Wall fell so maybe they weren’t ambitious enough.

Maybe our wall fell too, and we’re too damned arrogant and self-dealing to admit it.

My panel question, in the middle of which despite having rehearsed it a few times in my head brought on deer-in-the-headlights freeze for a few seconds in the middle was, “The average American, probably not strong on the Civics…says to himself, ‘What do I care if NSA watches me play Farmville on Facebook?'”

I expected to hear Franklin on safety and freedom quoted, but was glad I didn’t because I think we hear it all the time and it’s not getting through. Drake’s reply was better, more poignant:

“First of all, that quote, ‘If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear,’ is often attributed to Joseph Goebbels.”

I confess to clinging to that, rolling that around in my head so strongly that I didn’t retain what followed even though I heard it. However, that answer not being the one I expected, spoke further. It’s not just that we’ve forgotten who we were, the importance of what the Founders said…it’s that we’ve also taken on a different persona, one that does not value truth and justice but rather lies and injustice. Cruelty replaced kindness. Love of money replaced love for each other. Power replaced humility.

Another question, posed to director James Spione, was whether or not there had been any attempt to include the government’s point of view. He said no, he made that decision early on, that you could turn on your tv any day of the week to get that.

That was when I started the applause that drowned out some of what else he said.


This eventually adjourned outside on the sidewalk. I have no idea how late Thomas and Kevin were for the after premiere party, but Mr. Drake was very gracious to stick around and answer questions of several audience members for quite some time.

There was a great deal I learned as well as discovering a great deal in common. The Nuremberg trials came up, for example. As for learning new stuff, in his view, Brennan is Obama’s “Cheney.” Power is addictive, he said, and Obama appears to have succumbed to it.

In a very similar way, he mentioned that studies of interrogators found that they had to be switched out frequently. Similar to how undercover cops can internalize too much of their cover and sort of forget who they are, interrogators can easily become addicted to sadism, cruelty, even torture. It does something to their heads and they want more and more. It’s a kind of power.


This was a missing puzzle piece for me. I knew that the people who are carrying out COINTELPRO 2.0, NKINTRA, organized stalking, whatever term you prefer, were sadistic. I’ve often referred to them as psychopathic in fact. What I had assumed was that they had been chosen because of that…not that the job itself had changed them.

Which I guess brings me to my final point.

(Please, ‘J.’


Before it’s too late. You know who I am. We both know it wasn’t the dog, anyway. As a long lost friend used to quote: “There are no accidents.” At least not for people like us. You must know that. And it’s sometimes a comforting thought.

The first thing I learned from Scahill about dealings with the Dark at St. Ann’s Warehouse: exposure is protection. The more public you are, the more difficult it becomes to silence you.

Besides, why would someone whose forbear either had a career as a paid audience shill, as a spreader of V.D., more possibly both, do this?

FAS secrecy blog, “[Clapper] Bars Unauthorized Contacts with News Media,” Steven Aftergood, 21 April 2014:


It is sufficient to be “any person… engaged in the collection, production, or dissemination to the public of information in any form related to topics of national security….”

After trying to say so many legitimate people aren’t reporters, now they want to make even bloggers like me “news media” as well. Why?

Because they know. We can stop this. But I can’t do it without you.)

Upcoming event in Boston I wish I could attend:



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