CIA Brainwashing Document

Added a link under History at right to the PDF of CIA’s {old dead link} {new link}1956 psychological view of Communist brainwashing. It’s in must-read territory for a whole bunch of reasons.

First and foremost, CIA called it what it is: torture. This is the document that John Marks, who gathered many MKULTRA documents via FOIA and subsequently wrote The Search for the Manchurian Candidate referred to when he said several CIA men got angry when the doc was done. They had hoped to convince gatekeepers that there was some “ancient Chinese secret” to it all. One imagines this was so they could milk the federal cash cow, just as so many NSA contractors do today, based on manufactured boogeymen. Sort of like The Men Who Stare at Goats ESP nonsense.

You’ll also find that I previously blogged about the bizarre similarity between what Chelsea Manning’s attorney said happened at Quantico prison and the treatment she received there. Brainwashing, no doubt about it. But why? The original purpose: false confessions, convincing the subject to state something as true that they know not to be.

Beyond that, the United States government has almost perfectly replicated this regimen without actually needing to have the target in a cell. It requires, I’m sure, more than a few field operatives working together in order to create what are very similar circumstances. You appear to be “free” but they’ve destroyed your career, relationships, your ability to think clearly, and you’ve no choice, your mind tells you, but to wait out the pain and suffering in the tiny apartment you worry periodically if you’ll be able to continue to afford, or will they take the wrecking ball to this new lonely life as well?

The difference of course, is it isn’t a false confession they were looking for from me. No. It was ultimately violence.

Which is how I know that the Boston Marathon bombing was arranged the same way. 9/11. Arizona movie house shooting. Navy Yard Shooting. The list goes on.

There is no bottom to the lows that the Deep State, and by extension our politicians and bureaucrats, will go to to make a buck. Destroying the Middle Class, as was warned in the 2001 National Intelligence Estimate as being the biggest threat to security for the foreseeable future, is coming to pass. And they clearly don’t care. They’ve adjusted to serving Oligarchs instead of the American people. In essence, there has been a silent coup d’etat. Already happened.

Anyway, from the psychological and emotional perspective, much of what happened to me, happens to others who are victims of the new COINTELPRO, of organized stalking, is in there. The use of surprise, sleep deprivation, confusion, disorientation, good cop/bad cop, presumption of guilt with sentence to be carried out surreptitiously, it’s all there.

Was this also added as part of NATSEC repertoire, as reverse-engineering the SERE program was? Again, pre-9/11, 1989-1990, saw some of it being done to others.

What’s still missing: why Obama doesn’t care he will go down in history as the most reviled President. This began under Bush (when whatsyourname stole my garbage, right?), but he inherited it and it’s blossoming under the direction of people who work for him.


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