Das Reichsturm Perfekt

As would be obvious to anyone who has read this blog for some time, there is a connection between post WWII Cold War with the Soviet Union and China and things like human experimentation. Some of the Nazi scientists who got brought in to work for CIA and the Army wound up at Fort Detrick and worked on programs like MKULTRA with Frank Olson, for example.

Another long one.

Lately, there has also been articles and new FOIA docs detailing connections between the torture programs and this same kind of trend. Besides PAPERCLIP, there’s BLOODSTONE which operated similarly:

Occupy, “Hidden History: What Nazi-Tied Roots to U.S. International Media Reveals About Ukraine Crisis,” Steve Horn, 21 April 2014:


The truth is simple, though likely hard — nay, nearly impossible — for most U.S. citizens to fathom living in the self-proclaimed “city upon a Hill.” Birthed during World War II and at the beginning of the Cold War, respectively, VOA and RFE/RL have Nazi-tied historical roots.

Then there’s the newly discovered HARVARD, a project to turn defectors into informants, the PDF file URL wonderfully filled with spaces.
CIA.gov FOIA Room, PROJECT HARVARD budget renewal documents for fiscal year 1964:


Then there’s this roundup of documents showing a longtime US love affair with torture, if outsourced to some degree. Old manuals had notes on things very, very much against the Geneva Convention, the US being a signator of same, having lead the charge on the Nuremberg trials where “I was just following orders” was not found to be sufficient excuse. This grouping is especially bizarre because 1990s Dick Cheney was apparently in agreement that this stuff was bad, whereas Cyborg 2000s Dick Cheney thinks a walk on the Dark Side was necessary.

The National Security Archive, “PRISONER ABUSE: PATTERNS FROM THE PAST,” Thomas Blanton and Peter Kornbluh:


The report to Cheney found that the “offensive and objectionable material in the manuals” contradicted the Southern Command’s priority of teaching respect for human rights, and therefore “undermines U.S. credibility, and could result in significant embarrassment.” Cheney concurred with the recommendations for “corrective action” and recall and destruction of as many of the offending manuals as possible.

Is this related to Cheney’s “bad blood” with CIA? Still don’t know, but at least we are one goosestep closer to discovering the truth.

You’ll also find the usual trickery, torture, and bloodbath stuff happening in places like Honduras. Yes, the same Honduras that had former President Manuel Zelaya complaining of suffering sleep deprivation and microwave bombardments. See post below.

It all gets better. And by ‘better’ I mean startling, horrifying, sickening, disturbing.

Here’s an article detailing 70 years of intelligence community and GOP collaboration with Nazis and fascists for all sorts of purposes:

The Nation blog, “Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret,” Paul H. Rosenberg and Foreign Policy in Focus, 28 March 2014:


Your book was an important revelation but was not alone. Your book notes that Jack Anderson reported on the pro-Nazi backgrounds of some of the ethnic advisors as far back as 1971, yet when your report came out almost two decades later, everyone responded with shock, surprise and even denial. What lessons should we draw from this history of buried history? And how should it influence our thinking about the unfolding crisis in Ukraine?

I don’t believe it’s ever too late to become familiarized and educated about the history of this phenomenon—both the wartime history and our postwar collaboration with these folks. There were a number of exposés written about the émigré Nazis. There was a 1979 book called Wanted, and it did a number of case stories of these people being brought into the United States, including the Trifa story. Christopher Simpson did a book called Blowback that discussed the policy decisions; it’s an incredible book. He’s a professor at American University, and he did years of research through the Freedom of Information Act and archives, and got the policy documents under which the decisions were made to bring these folks together, and not just into the United States but to deploy them around the world.

Like my book, it didn’t get the attention it deserved. The New York Times book reviewer was negative toward the book. There are people who really don’t want to touch this stuff. There’s a lot of people who don’t want it touched. I think it’s really important for people who believe in openness and transparency and democratic values, who don’t want to see hate groups come back to power in other parts of the world, to know what happened.

By the way, that’s the same Jack Anderson was the investigative reporter who, according to G. Gordon Liddy himself, the Committee to RE-Elect the President {CREEP} plotted to sprinkle his steering wheel with LSD. As you’d note, this is a form of deception similar to a false-flag attack. It makes the target appear to be insane, and therfore everything they say, write, print, is slimed with that broad brush. Then try saying, “But they drugged me,” and see how that plays out. He was also the subject of CIA surveillance and OPERATION MUDHEN.

MKULTRA draft 1955 memo as published in the appendix of the 1977 Senate hearings:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

Collusion between US government and influence of Nazis upon it. Getting the trend? Good.

Note that this should not be construed as a pro-Democratic Party mention on my part. They seem just as comfy with our space age Nazis as our GOP has been with ye olde steampunk version.

And so much more on human rights abuses by the US for no real good purpose:

digby, “Torture? What Torture?,” 5 March 2014:


Oh, and by the way, this isn’t ancient history. As this piece from a few years back pointed out, the Obama administration’s reversion to the Army Field Manual guidelines did not eliminate torture from the tool kit as we were led to believe. It doesn’t allow waterboarding or putting people in coffins with bugs to drive them crazy like the Yoo-approved methods did. But what it does allow is still plenty bad. Also too: force feeding in Guantanamo.

Note that digby is credited with noticing that portions of still-official interrogation manuals still contain parts of the EIT program. That is, the US is still, at least in its manuals, torturing despite the equivocations of top US officials and lapdog news media.

The Guardian, “Contrary to Obama’s promises, the US military still permits torture,” Jeffrey Kaye, 25 January 2014:


But a close reading of Department of Defense documents and investigations by numerous human rights agencies have shown that the current Army Field Manual itself uses techniques that are abusive and can even amount to torture.


Counterpunch, “Time to End Military/CIA Torture Once and For All,” Steven Reisner, 30 April 2014:


In the face of continued revelations of United States’ torture policies during the Bush administration, Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), today sent letters to President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel demanding an end to all ongoing practices of torture, cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of prisoners and detainees. The letter specifically calls for revoking techniques permitted in Appendix ‘M’ of the current Army Field Manual, such as solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, forms of sensory deprivation, and environmental manipulations, which individually and combined have been condemned internationally as forms of torture, cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment, and therefore violate the United States’ obligations under the Geneva Conventions and the Convention Against Torture. In addition, PsySR expressed particularly concern that health professionals, including psychologists, have been engaged to support such efforts in violation of their ethical responsibilities.

Before moving on, let me reiterate. While some of what are obviously more inhumane, cruel practices may not be happening thus, there is a similar swath of practices that are being perpetrated against US citizens by the US government on US soil. I know this because I am one of those people. Summarizing it all in one post, much less one paragraph, a few sentences, is impossible. Think of it this way: it is designed to be surreptitious and at the same time invoke the very same kinds of psychological effects, emotional responses, and results such as breakdown of the personality, that these more obvious hands-on versions of torture do.

The key here is that it does not appear that the targets are “in custody” as the legal definition of torture in the US requires. But the truth is that the targets are hit so hard, so fast, so relentelessly, that they don’t much know what to do, what is happening, and become unattached like falling leaves who land whichever way the wind blows.

I know. This happened to me. And it is the claim of many people who believe that they have been targeted via Organized Stalking or Covert Harassment also claim. See again the results of such treatment, such as isolation–because separation from friends, family, coworkers, is the first thing that is done–has on a person psychologically as mentioned in the two posts below on the 1956 brainwashing document and the medical report on Shaker Aamer.

Again: I am speaking from experience. It’s unthinkable for the US to do this for many, and therefore very difficult to overcome skepticism. I understand that. I also understand that that is the idea, the reason why, as mentioned in the Church/Tower hearings, that this covert action stuff, especially used domestically by the government, private security firms on behalf of various special business interests, and our two foremost political parties, is essentially tearing this country apart. This is, however, by design; a feature, not a bug. Through chaos comes opportunity. If you remove morality, ethics, and any recognizable semblance of what we once considered to be the law, this becomes very plain.

It’s worse than you think.

AARC Library, Church Committee, “Book II: Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans,” 26 April 1976:


The problem lies not in the open expression of views, but in the covert use of power or position of trust to influence others. This abuse is aggravated by the agency’s contol over information on which the public and its elected representatives rely on to make decisions.

When a governmental agency clandestinely tries to impose its views of what is right upon the American people, then the democratic process is undermined.

This is what is happening and what elected officials in their constant defense of these same agencies, allow to continue every day. How can they be viewed as benevolent, then, by anyone who actually knows that it is happening? This is another form of division and opportunists taking advantage of the “smoke of war,” so to speak. They play groups and individuals off against each other including elected officials against their constituencies.

On that note, let me again remind of Britain’s GCHQ/JTRIG presentation reported on by NBC and The Intercept indicating that they are not only aware of the very sort of thing in the quote above, but are purposely using it to alter domestic public discourse. In essence, the chaos that 9/11 has wrought has caused a partial takeover of our governments by the intelligence community and they in turn are looking out for the oligarchs, the multinational banks and corporations, at the expense of taxpayers, of average Brits and, let’s admit it before we actually see the evidence, Americans as well. This is what NKINTRA is about: deceiving the American public for the benefit of a few at the expense of the deceived.

This kind of extremism comes from those in positions of trust, who cloak themselves in a myth about protecting people while in reality robbing them, and while extremism exists on the opposite end of the spectrum it is not the relevant portion since extremism in general is the problem. This should alarm any and all Americans. It is happening. We are an oligarchy now, control of our government has been turned over to a few individuals and some corporations. This latter also points to fascism of some kind.

You do not have to be a Communist or leftwing extremist to be bothered by this. Extremism such as shown in the 1956 brainwashing document referenced in a post below, shows what it wrong with extremism itself. No matter how hard you kiss the ass of power, it can always find fault with you because it does not care about truth and things like evidence and guilt or innocence. It only cares about the perception it can create and fear it can engender in order to maintain control. Horrible things can, to an extent already have, and will happen. It will get worse. It will get unbelievably worse.

The US has used Muslim extremists and fascist extremists to further the goals of the Deep State. It will do so at home as well. It has done so at home already. It will continue to do so at home and abroad unless we start talking about it, exposing it, asking the hard questions.

Let me leave you with this tree structure:

Oligarchs – power is all that matters. It maintains wealth and power and helps to continue to accumulate it:

TPM, “Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy,” Brendan James, 25 April 2014:



Banks – untouchable:

NYTimes Magazine, “Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial Crisis,” Jesse Eisinger, 30 April 2014:


But the crackdown never happened. Over the past year, I’ve interviewed Wall Street traders, bank executives, defense lawyers and dozens of current and former prosecutors to understand why the largest man-made economic catastrophe since the Depression resulted in the jailing of a single investment banker — one who happened to be several rungs from the corporate suite at a second-tier financial institution. Many assume that the federal authorities simply lacked the guts to go after powerful Wall Street bankers, but that obscures a far more complicated dynamic. During the past decade, the Justice Department suffered a series of corporate prosecutorial fiascos, which led to critical changes in how it approached white-collar crime. The department began to focus on reaching settlements rather than seeking prison sentences, which over time unintentionally deprived its ranks of the experience needed to win trials against the most formidable law firms.

We’re all just in the sights of those who would protect us and those who would take every last nickel.


Corporations – by design, all that matters is the bottom line and if that means screwing workers, the tax payers, that is what will happen. Conscience is not part of its equation even if there are individuals who see it otherwise. Intense competition and the drive to always do better next year than the last {really? Are organges always better than the year before? Automobiles? Increasing stock values based on smoke and mirrors has become an entire industry unto itself because of this false notion. It is–by common sense alone–unsustainable}.

Think corporate personhood / freedom is the solution? Think again. They act just like NSA and FBI.

Business News/The Street, “Invading Your Privacy is now the norm in the Workplace,” Donna Iadipaolo, 28 April 2014:


“The other major issue is monitoring employees when they are off-duty,” Maltby said. “Some employers use GPS to monitor company issued cell phones at all times, even during the employee’s private life. There have also been occurrences of laptop webcams being secretly activated.”


Elected Officials – some complain. Then the fork in the road: sudden influx of cash makes it all okay and/or sudden run of bad luck, of nearly exposing any past indiscretions likewise makes the choice an easy one: STFU. Couple this with propaganda that persuades your constituents in the wrong direction and it’s an uphill battle that doesn’t seem worth the trouble. The solution is not impeachment nor a new election. The system is broken and cannot be voted into being fixed. Whether or not someone is a “good person” doesn’t matter a whit when there is so much momentum going the other way.


Bureaucrats – careerism, training to do what you are told–that is “follow orders,” seeing what happens to others {Snowden said he had a discussion with a co-worker who pointed out that this is why people in the IC don’t talk}, blackmail, seeking to please the current bosses, the revolving door out to the private sector and lucrative, cushy jobs, all the way up to threats of false imprisonment and even death.


IC Field Officers/Operatives and Supervision, public and private – though you can throw in some of the bureaucrat stuff in here, there is also the fact that cruelty is addictive. Interrogators, when there is sanity in charge of interrogations, have to be switched out so as not to get addicted to the high that cruelty, the godlike control over another human being offers. As far as “on the ground,” “on the front lines,” this is key. Not only does this help to explain Nazis crimes against humanity, the extremes generally referred to as COINTELPRO and human experimentation programs in terms of those who carried and carry such things out, but the mysterious part of so-called Organized Stalking involves when targets try to understand what the perpetrators get out of it. The perps come to enjoy it on a personal level. Who they do it to is therefore irrelevant to them as is guilt or innocence.

Like the Soviets and their brainwashing program and kangaroo courts.


Private NATSEC corporations aka “Top Secret America” – due to the revolving door mentioned above, the same problems as the two or three above plus corporate greed for contracts:

HuffPo, “Private Spies Deserve More Scrutiny,” Kevin M. Gallagher, 18 April 2014:


The growing nexus of intelligence, defense contracting, and cybersecurity is massive. New enterprises appear every day in response to perceived threats and manufactured demand. What we’ve learned so far is disturbing and entails a virtual shopping mall for the technology needed to commit rights violations and neutralize dissent.

Spyware created by Gamma International has been deployed against activists in Bahrain and Egypt. Leonie Industries, a defense contractor specializing in information operations, was caught in an online smear campaign against a journalist and editor from USA Today who had written an article that was critical of that same company.

Stratfor was discovered surveilling Bhopal activists at the behest of Dow Chemical, and PETA on behalf of Coca-Cola, as well as monitoring the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Amesys’s Eagle spyware was sold to Gaddafi while he was still in power, and used to spy on journalists and human rights activists in Libya. Qorvis, an American public relations firm, has been hired to shore up the Kingdom of Bahrain’s reputation as it engages in a violent crackdown against demonstrators.

VUPEN is selling zero-day exploits to the highest bidder, vulnerabilities which are used to eavesdrop on communications. Although Endgame Systems claims that they’ve exited the exploit business, according to Andy Greenberg the company “doesn’t deny that it still sells tools to the federal government that can be used for offensive hacking,” for example leveraging so-called ‘vulnerability intelligence’ to create maps of hackable systems.

Ntrepid won a large contract from CENTCOM for persona management – software capable of controlling multiple sockpuppets, fake online personalities which are used for disinformation and propaganda. Raytheon has developed a program called Riot which mines data from social media and uses it to predict your next move.

TrapWire, a mass video surveillance system created by Abraxas Applications, caused a scandal when it was revealed that CCTV was being used to detect patterns of behavior preceding terror attacks. Bright Planet has a product called BlueJay which bills itself as a “Law Enforcement, Twitter Crime Scanner”.

Syngenta, a large agribusiness, attacked the credibility of a scientist who had published research critical of one of their chemicals.
A consortium of firms informally called Team Themis plotted to disrupt and undermine WikiLeaks and target Glenn Greenwald, along with critics of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Names such as Palantir Technologies, HBGary, Berico Technologies and Endgame Systems (as a silent partner) were all involved.

Palantir’s flagship product is a big data search and analysis application that is so good, and so ripe for abuse, it’s scary. Booz Allen Hamilton — Snowden’s former employer — earns 99 percent of their revenue from the federal government.

Blackwater had to change their name, and their license to operate in Iraq was revoked after gross negligence came to light. Wackenhut Corporation has been implicated in numerous scandals involving lax security at nuclear facilities.

There’s more; we’ve only scratched the surface… Look up SAIC, In-Q-Tel, Archimedes Global, Cubic Corporation, ManTech International, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman. The industry has become so large that some in the European Union are rightfully pushing for export controls on surveillance technology. Meanwhile, the evolution of cyberspace as a theater of war has troubling implications for the liberty of all who inhabit the internet.

See the problem? It’s synergy and all of it aimed at creating a world of demigods and a fearful slave supermajority. We are drowning in programs and contracts designed to “catch bad guys” but really wind up protecting them while simultaneous pressure exists to justify their existence by framing and radicalizing innocent schmucks.

Regarding that last part of the quote about the EU, Germany just decided today to not allow Edward Snowden to testify in German/EU inquiries into US/UK spying on them. Why? They say it will do irreparable harm to German/US relations. What does this actually mean?

I remind folks, and this one goes way back and it was at a time when I was less in my right mind due to this nonsense…I wrote to Sarkozy and France’s main paper about Pont-St.-Esprit and the newer MKULTRA style manipulation of human beings in terms of actions and emotional states, as well as simply impairing judgment. A few months later, Sarkozy’s top competitor was involved in a rape scandal.

Power. Power is more concerned with garnering more of it, staying on top of the latest tools to maintain it and manipulate others than it is with concerns over having been personally spied on. Merkel just wants a seat at the uberspy table now. This is exactly what WIRED suggested about Congress when they pointed out that there was a correlation between votes on NSA mass surveillance and the receipt of defense funds from NSA-related companies. The fix is in. Politicians only squeaky-wheel complain in order to get the grease.

In short, if we hope to depend on politicians, we’re doomed until after a long, sad, we-don’t-ever-learn-from-history-repeated phase of violence, cruelty, and an eventual “we’re sick of this, what were we thinking?” reversal after piles of dead, hordes of abused and maimed, and the whole thing imploding on itself.


Mainstream Media – things like access to officials and feeling like reprinting word-for-word what they are told is somehow reporting news, as well as similar things to those above such as being bought or winding up exploding repeatedly after running into a tree to facing years in prison–and being in prison while awaiting the outcome–says much of it. Add to that some of these folks just aren’t very bright, are more about an image or the ability to put words together and make them sound right even when they are very much off the mark {see Barrett Brown’s new book Keep Rootin’ for Putin}. Sometimes, however, they are very bright, know what they are doing, and play stoopid better than Oscar winners. No help.


The Public – 9/11! Russia! Them, them, them! Plus the lives of pop stars, etc.

The extremes of either: CIA/FBI/DoD/Stratfor/etc. style disinformation or “There’s nothing wrong.” There’s the binary thinking again, this time as a society. There definitely is something wrong, but it probably isn’t what a lot of mislead people think it is.

What have we learned? Don’t think in binary, extremist solutions. You probably won’t be shooting your way out of this, nor will you survive via blind trust. Think. Think outside the box. The binary solutions are what the Deep State wants, the ones it dangles before your eyes because those are the ones it has prepared for, can most easily paint as extremist while pretending it is somehow normal. It is not normal. It’s a demented cybernetic beast suffering from severe mental problems. Not who we should be taking direction from.

And talk about it. You can’t fix something that requires the help of others if you don’t admit you have a problem and share ideas about solutions.

Overlook some imperfections. Man, the time spent slamming reporters who have at least got us this far into seeing what’s happening could have been better spent going after those they exposed as phonies. Not helping when we constantly divide. That’s why we get conquered.

And, finally, blow the whistle. There’s a growing coalition who will support you. I won’t kid you about the results being unpleasant, but if a couch potato zombie like me can survive it for over four years, so can people who actually have had military, legal, and intelligence related training. You hold onto the one thing you have to: this is worth it.

If you’re a religious potential whistleblower, you can recall that part about “greater love” and sacrifice. We’ll do our best to see that the results are mitigated as much as possible. This is an idea war with Nazis. What else do you need to know? This doesn’t mean suicide bomber. That’s the Deep State’s shtick again. It means getting the truth out there. Principalities of evil, all that.

If you aren’t so inclined, think of something or someone you care about. They are in danger.

Though it is easy to blame “Nazis” for all of this, and there is a connection, we have to also look in the mirror and recall things like the persecution of Native Americans and other atrocities. It’s not so much about country or philosophy as it is about selfishness and that seductive addiction to power over others.


One day, I will know what e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e in zah
w-h-o-l-e world
macht tun.”


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