BBD – Et tu, Silicon Valley?

New bits of evidence that contradict, for example, Google’s insistence that it has been a government accessory to mass surveillance by Jason Leopold via FOIA.

Side note / off-topic reminder: Jason also worked on the CIA and Navy “pharmacological waterboarding” story related to dosing Gitmo detainees with five times the normal dosage of the drug mefloquine. The antimalarial drug, also known as Lariam, can cause schizophreniclike symptoms even at normal dosage. The Navy declassified portions of their Inspector General report on it. The CIA still has not.

His latest on NSA and Silicon Valley, in this case focused on Google:

Disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden about the agency’s vast capability for spying on Americans’ electronic communications prompted a number of tech executives whose firms cooperated with the government to insist they had done so only when compelled by a court of law.

But Al Jazeera has obtained two sets of email communications dating from a year before Snowden became a household name that suggest not all cooperation was under pressure.

The NSA “has no business helping Google secure its facilities from the Chinese and at the same time hacking in through the back doors and tapping the fiber connections between Google base centers,” Cardozo said. “The fact that it’s the same agency doing both of those things is in obvious contradiction and ridiculous.” He recommended dividing offensive and defensive functions between two agencies.

AJAM, “EXCLUSIVE: Emails Reveal Close GOOGLE Relationship with NSA,” Jason Leopold, 6 May 2014:

There’s more at the link. For example, seems NSA did try to keep them close under guise of fixing security holes while actually looking for ones to exploit.

More reminders, this time of the personal Black Boots Diaries variety.

Before I do that, let me say that I expect journalists like Leopold would prefer people like me don’t in any way connect their stories to what I have to say. I completely understand that. They don’t want to be associated with what they consider to be “conspiracy theory.” They have a reputation to protect and I don’t, insofar as I have truth to tell and it may not align with the worldview of many. Certainly not with the ones that the Deep State projects, provides for our amusement and detriment. Even if the US government was merely attempting to make things seem worse than they are, they still trampled my rights, repeatedly and without the slightest bit of remorse or second thought about doing so. Even if {not the case, but if you find it easier to believe} they just drugged me and/or zapped me in the head with microwaves and I hallucinated 90% of it. The scandal is as much about that they did these things at all, not just what they did and how.

This is what happened.

First, my longterm ex worked at Google for several years. In January of 2010, mere weeks after Squidgate began and my friend Kate Conway was still in the hospital in a coma after her condo building mere blocks from ours burnt to the ground, he came home one evening and could barely move. He was so exhausted, emotionally it seemed, he could hardly even speak. His energy was extremely low.

Unsure if I should call an ambulance, I contacted a friend and he suggested not doing so unless absolutely necessary. The NYC system does at times and in some ways resemble the nightmare that libertarians and conservatives describe, that is “too much government.” Once you are in the New York mental health system, he said, it takes almost an act of God to get out of it.

I ran some homemade remedies designed to improve those natural “up” brain chemicals. I’ve covered this part many times before so those details aren’t important. What is is that I now had to consider that a potential murder attempt. Had he been drugged? This was months before the Washington Post did their expose on Top Secret America revealing that Google was one of nearly 2,000 subcontractors to the US intelligence community, most of them working for NSA. Between this and the fire as well as not at all feeling my old self and the near constant barrage of psychological harassment and bizarre events it would take years to explain, some still not explainable but I trust the trend, it just seemed as though someone I loved was in danger, somehow because of me.

This was not the first nor the last wedge they drove between us, but it was one of the most effective ones that I was on some level aware even then as clearly threatening, of human cause, and not resolvable by discussion.

They manipulated me out of the relationship and out of town.

Later in the year, he visited me in Minneapolis. This was our chance to try to resolve things and put it back together. Of course that didn’t happen. Though he was unaware of much except the very basics: something was very wrong and it related to the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival from two decades prior, he mentioned and was clearly a little bothered by the deaths of a few Google employees and one involving an Irish national who was knifed to death the day of his interview in California. One other was a boating accident on Long Island. Don’t recall details of the third and/or fourth.

The visit did not end as I’d hoped. I recall one phone call a few months before when it seemed to me he wasn’t hearing what I was saying at all. During that conversation, a stranger, a woman, walked by and mocked me, repeated what I was saying and laughed to her companion. This was one of the many, many examples of what I mean when I say that our intelligence community doesn’t care at all about people, the 99%. I saw spook after spook doing really cruel and awful things, and some of those people could not have been in the business very long due to being so young.

Like ‘Janus,’ for example. I still can’t wrap my head around why someone would choose a career destroying the lives of others. I just can’t. Sociopath? Seems likely. Note that I would still back him if he blew the whistle, but that seems unlikely. More likely, there’s still more shock and pain coming my way. Just don’t know what’s taking them so long to get around to it.

I can understand why the government, in collusion with oligarchs and special business interests would use such people though. The Deep State has set fire to this place, and are going to sit back and watch us tear each other apart. It’s in every indicator. Our power brokers want civil war and they are going to get it through, in part, the combination of viciousness and naivete of America’s youth that they have brought to bear.

That’s what happened. All I can do is relate it and hope that maybe someone, who perhaps cannot feel or only feels anger, will blow the whistle. Does it get more f—ed than that?


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