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The primary purpose of this post is to relate what I learned from a local TI {that’s Organized Stalking talk for Targeted Individual} whom I met with today for lunch. The stranger portion, however, involves who else was at the table and picked up the tab. A man who went to the Bundy Ranch in order to defend it.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating just a bit, I don’t know. But it seems to me that that is, especially given the many other bizarre coincidences, such as most recently being in NYC at the same time as Silenced, a bit more than mere coincidence. To me, a local TI who lives less than a mile away and Bundy Ranch man in the same day is to an extent lightning striking twice almost simultaneously in the same spot. While, yes, one thing is sort of related to the other, the man showed up at both places in order to help someone else, what does any of the above have to do with me? I learned of a woman having some legal issues, which I’ll cover below, from a mass emailing. But it’s unusual to find two people who believe they are being targeted more or less COINTELPRO style in the same place unless that place happens to be a metropolitan center.

I get tired of writing it, but it is the blog catchphrase: What are the odds?

Because the focus was on dealing with the woman’s problems, I didn’t discuss the Bundy Ranch situation much at all. Explained that I had read the original story when it broke, had seen an occasional update on Twitter and left it at that. I consider it in some ways a complex issue {taxes unpaid, but also over a century of “squatting” being challenged greatly complicating the issue. Why would the US government target cattlemen? Is it shmeat yet?}.

The man volunteered information, however, though the only things of note to me were that he believes drawing attention to the issue caused the government to back down, and that he claimed that the armed government representatives said that they would shoot him and that he and others, rather than shoot first, said to go ahead and shoot. There were of course news cameras. There was also a bit about the confrontation harming Harry Reid’s political career, but frankly I doubt that. Those who already dislike him have an additional reason, those who don’t will side with him. The End. Sorry I don’t have a lot more details. They interest me from a largely historical/news perspective, but as I said, the reason we were gathered was the woman facing legal problems.

As far as the man goes, I can tell that we’d disagree on a number of issues. I fully believe that Alex Jones and Infowars are connected to intelligence contractor Stratfor, as I’ve covered before. Therefore, I also believe that they are disinformationists and conscious of that fact. The man said that he believed that what they told were 90% truths and 10% lies. My numbers resemble the opposite, the 10 being unavoidable in order to twist the truth.

But for the man, the 10% was merely the fact that Jones does not talk about Organized Stalking, which I refer to as COINTELPRO, as readers would know. Besides the obvious, that they are clearly fomenting rebellion, getting people up in arms, they also are simultaneously presenting easily debunked disinfo {crisis actors instead of dead bodies being one of them, bordering on or stepping into the grey space alien conspiracy another}.

Which is precisely why I think that the motherf—er won’t talk about Organized Stalking and targets of modern day COINTELPRO. It’s part and parcel of the same very real op. Keep reading.

Apart from that, I did find that the man was compassionate and clearly was concerned for the woman. He was likable and, apart from some of the more exotic beliefs that I don’t happen to share, not really crazy-sounding so much as perhaps mislead.

But then I accept some of that being true about me. Can’t guess them all correctly.

I first got the details of the woman’s immediate legal problem from the man over the phone. Essentially, the woman’s mother filed to have the woman committed to psychiatric care. She not only did so in St. Clair county where Port Huron is, but also in a neighboring county sort of circumventing the law’s general prohibition against double jeopardy on principle. Making it twice as hard to overcome. This down side, in order to be cleared, she must visit a hospital in each county, and therefore get assessed for mental stability twice. However, both filings are being handled at the one courthouse.

A clearly related issue: the woman lives in her grandmother’s house and her mother wants to sell it. Obviously, getting the daughter, who lives there alone, committed to psychiatric care, to remove her legal ability to make her own decisions, would make that easier to accomplish.

This lead me to think at first blush that there is some third party, perhaps some local or state elite who wants the property and is pushing the mother on the one hand and perhaps having the woman harassed on the other, to assemble the property for some purpose. The general area has some construction going on. It’s close to some major thoroughfares, so plans could be for anything.

However, this notion was blown to bits, or at least only part of the overall story judging by what else I learned.

In 2007 2003 1999, the woman’s cousin, a male, was working for a big pharmaceutical company in California. This was Appelera DBA Celera:

He was, I gather, making six figures and living the good life. Until all that ended. We didn’t get too far into the details, but somehow or other, he was screwed over by his former employer. He lost it all.

He did not take it well. He started talking about getting revenge. He bought and carried around unregistered firearms. He even called the woman and bragged/raged about how he was going to go in and kill them all.

The woman did the right thing and called the police in her cousin’s locality. She eventually had to testify against him, though they somehow allowed that locally so she did not have to travel to California. She obviously felt bad for her cousin, but was sure she had done the right thing.

Isn’t that what we all think?

As this ordeal came to a close in 2008, suddenly things changed. She started finding her vehicles and home vandalized. She was, as I recall, living in a trailer at the time that this occurred. It got so bad that she called in a trailer repair specilist.

This man became her boyfriend for a time. After they broke up, she believes that he stalked her. Her trailer started getting broken into. She found evidence that the doors had literally been taken out and put back, though not perfectly. Then she found a floor panel opened up easily to the ground below. Giving up on the security of the trailer, she moved to a house.

This house was likewise broken into. Mostly what happened was minor vandalism or theft. Books stolen, air conditioning panels moved, etc.

In other words, acts that make sure that you know someone has invaded your space without actually doing anything major that the police would be interested in. It’s not major theft. Who wants to kill her? Apparently no one at all. The police don’t want to chase minor vandals and it’s easier to suggest that the woman is delusional because of the frequency of calls. This now continues at “grandma’s house.”

Classic PSYOP structure. Psychologically damaging and traumatic while skirting the edge of police interest. I’m sure there’s something to her story because of that. If you’re going to imagine break-ins, hallicinate them, why not something bigger? Something crazier? Why something that the police can ignore? Because it’s real? At least to an extent. Recall again that over time that isolation and trauma become the issue, that eventually–the point!–they manage to turn your own brain against you.

Whether or not the boyfriend is involved is an open question. Certainly an interesting coincidence that he repairs trailers and hers was later taken apart, that he came to her “rescue” after the original vandalism. However, that’s just the kind of assumption leads to what the Church committee referred to when it said:

…and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths.

She doesn’t seem to be a threat at all, so I’m not implying that they are pushing her to that extreme. Rather, the surreptitious creation of misunderstandings between a second and third party.

No. This woman’s “crime” was stopping a mass murder shooting spree. Why go after her? First, she’s a witness to what happened with her cousin. Second, let’s recall who and what we are talking about.

But that may mean…yeah, the cousin was set up as well: MKULTRA, or if you prefer the Gitmo codeword for brainwashing detainees today, Penny Lane. That’s actually the area where said people reside. While on the one hand I can understand why some out there might not want that info about what’s happening at Gitmo in the public eye, I cannot understand doing it on American soil, on Americans, and therefore f—youverymuch.

Why the cousin, we don’t know. Did he know something he shouldn’t? Did his employer refuse to do the bidding of the government on some shadowy project? That has precedent: CIA asked Sandoz Corp., their provider of LSD, to send them a large quantity. They refused and CIA went elsewhere. That’s in the public record, not debatable, not conspiracy theory.

But would CIA, if refused in 2007, instead pay back those who refused them? And then, if something went wrong, like say a woman called the police before the blood could start spraying, might they not seek revenge for that as well?

George Heyduke, noted evil prankster, wrote in the forward of one of his books that the CIA, if they were angry with you and you happened to die before they got back at you, would dig you up and skullf— you.

Know I’ve said it before, but I’ve an idea how that must feel. So does this woman.

What the hell are they doing?

Adding photo of DVDs given to watch by Bundy man as some sort of evidence these conversations took place.




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