The Four Paths




Let’s break this down, shall we? 140 or less characters a pop doesn’t capture it all.

The old guard GOP throws out opinions on every conceivable subject using arguments that mostly everyone, even many of them, know are untrue, often disingenuous. They are all aimed primarily at one thing: securing more funding for war. Whether its education, women’s rights, environment, whatever…it’s all aimed at redirecting money to that singular goal. Why? Because most of that money makes it way to the top and some comes back to them reinforcing the oxytocin feedback loop that says it must be the Holy Spirit because they the results are so pleasing when they do this. This sort of radical religious “mafia” really exists whether you’re talking about the Fellowship, the Mormon boys club at CIA, the “Knights of Malta” among the Joint Chiefs and highranking officers, the international Christian elites who spread antigay violence to Africa and Russia, or the takeover of Hollywood by some mixture of the same. Really, the top five pictures right now contain three religious ones, and so much of the rest of TV and film is dedicated to spy-as-savior myth.

In essence, this is the return of slavery. Everyone and anyone who does not fit the mold required of them will be beaten into submission and conformity. See again the specialty school behavioral modification trend, Richard Lichfield’s funding of it, and his connections to the GOP. See also the new film Kidnapped for Jesus.

This bridge to the past will in some ways resemble Auschwitz, except not always with a physical fence. There will be mercenaries with guns, though.

Despite appearances of enforcing proper behavior because we’re all such berserk savages in need of a “firm hand,” it’s a sham designed to support special corporate business interests.

The Democrats, of course, offer something different. A set of lies that more resemble a mix of the dystopian futures laid out by Orwell, Huxley, and others. There will still be criticism, but it will be controlled opposition and consist mainly of self-flaggelating guilt over living so well while so many do not. Nothing will change except the lies we tell may be easier to buy into for the thinking person. Whereas the GOP’s attacks on the psyche are overt, aimed at the conscious mind directly, the Democrats will go through the “back door” unconscious and continue the charade that what happens is much different because “change is around the corner” if only we’d all work to see it that way. Empty words that will, despite the GOP stating the opposite, also serve special corporate business interests. Surveillance reform, torture reform, and more are simply Orwellian efforts to codify and in some cases actually enhance the illegal activities that are already happening. Their offered future will look like the handful of scifi films in recent years about the have-everythings and the have-nothings except without the removal of what separates them.

Their road leads to the same place, it just features different landscape along the way.

Opposing all of this is the Tea Party and aligned movements to some degree. Government is the Devil and so removing it, exorcising it if you will, will cure all ills. They operate in what I cannot believe an accident, like the starfish in The Starfish and the Spider, a book currently on the intelligence officer’s bookshelf. That is, it is required reading and supports the idea that movements that can continue even if divided are better than a centralized brain, like Al Qaeda, Anonymous and the Tea Party.

Once government is neutered, the very same special corporate business interests that the two major parties serve will take over. Libertarians say otherwise, but without a strong central government, there will be a vacuum greedily filled by multinationals. This is the only explanation I can see for Ron Paul’s major backer Peter Thiel on the one hand seeking to disband CIA and running his own private one, Palantir, which sought to target Glenn Greenwald and others over support of Wikileaks. Does that sound like freedom-lovers to you?

Of course, many of the people supporting these ideas think they are doing so for their personal freedoms. In the sense that there may be a great deal of lawlessness, as long as it does not interfere with our new corporate overlord goals, that may happen. Sounds like a pretty crappy way to live, in constant fear that gangs may show up and take what they like and only hoping that another group of men will later come along and provide restitution as per the “how many sheep is a dead child worth?” portion of the Ayn Rand spinoff philosophy.

Still the oligarchy wins. And these people are outmatched not only in the usual ways with regards to money, but technologically and informationally as well. This latter due in part to disinfo spread by cronies like Stratfor pal Alex Jones and the glut of TV shows depicting ghosts and alien conspiracies. It’s not just that they don’t get the truth, it’s also that they get lies.

Which leaves what? As I write this, I can’t see that fourth path. But I know what’s blocking my view: corruption, lies, propaganda, INFOOPs and PSYOPs, domestic surveillance and covert ops, a lapdog mainstream media that doesn’t even know what journalism is * and what it’s supposed to do with it, intimidation, hatred, paranoia, misunderstanding, over-reaction, selfishness–addictions to power, cruelty, oil, drug money–lack of empathy, and overall a lack of imagination and ability to take some affronts in stride, to take the higher ground, and work together openly and honestly. Because that’s what we need more than war with Russia, more than mass surveillance, more than people who confuse the power structure with God, more than working harder for less pay, and more than a Revolution that leaves any sociopathic machine or individuals in charge.

Clear the brush, find the path.

* The Wire, “Journalists Aren’t the Big Fans of Leaks That They Used to Be,” Eric Levenson, 6 May 2014:


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