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Going to cover four basic things today. I think they are little parts of the same Deep State beast.

First, Cecily McMillan. She is a member of Occupy who was convicted of assaulting a NYPD officer after he grabbed her breast from behind and she spun around with an elbow, not knowing who was there.

As is often the case when the government wants to railroad you, the jury was placed into a legal box from which it did not know how to escape. Americans, as Cory Doctorow pointed out after the Squidgate trial, don’t know what jury nullification is. It’s yet another right that has been stolen and replaced with illegal corporate personhood.

We now know this to be the case with Cecily because nine of the twelve jurors on her trial have written the judge stating that she does not belong in jail:

The Guardian, “Cecily McMillan jurors tell judge Occupy activist should not go to jail,” Jon Swaine, 8 May 2014

This is especially interesting to me because one of the juror’s on the Squidgate trial, that is the case where Canadian scifi writer Peter Watts was facing jail time for resisting an officer did the same. The judge, who had quite a long career and Peter’s defense attorney both said that they had not seen that before.

As 2010 progressed, the Squidgate juror, as I refer to her, found herself harassed by local police for several reasons, the most notable being what I call The Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron. In short, police accused her and her youngest son of being involved in robbing some local check cashing stores for which they not only had in custody the actual perp, but video clearly showing a man. This did not prevent them accusing her of having done it, and a witness, one of the clerks from one of the places robbed, said that police tried to convince her it was a woman.

This in itself is interesting because strange police behavior has been on my radar for some time, including especially the Canadian guards who acted strangely paranoid when the held investigative reporter Amy Goodman for some period on her way out of Canada just weeks before Watts’ incident the other direction.

Then there was the crazy cop in the grocery store in Minneapolis who I wanted to punch when he was goofily tugging on his sidearm. But I digress.

There were additional visits, home searches, and even arrests, some related to the cash stores, some not. Watts even mentions this in the essay in the back of his latest book that is otherwise comprised of his short stories, Beyond the Rift. Note that Peter just notes this occurring, does not ascribe the additional behavioral modification stuff that I’m about to.


Defending the Squidgate juror through all of this is James Galen, jr. Let’s see what happened to him, shall we?

Macomb Daily, “Man attacks county worker, attorney” Norb Franz, 11 June 2012:

That’s right. Assaulted at the neighboring county’s courthouse by a deranged man. This specifically was on my mind because of today’s Edmonton, Canada story which I first viewed as a disinfo tweet claiming that the woman was possessed by demons. The guy who took the video is saying that she must have been on drugs. That part might be true, but…, “Video: Woman freaks out on Edmonton LRT, assaults fellow passenger,” Ishmael N. Daro, 9 May 2014:

…look at the pattern here. Who benefits? Retribution against people by other people that all works in favor of the Deep State, of Wall Street, of the Intelligence Community in terms of funding, of hiding secrets, of ensuring that the private firms on the other side of the revolving door have contracts.

It also makes us fearful and that in turn makes us superstitious. Recall again, I became religious after my experience at the sometimes CIA front Ford Foundation funded New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. It wasn’t just the three women who seemed to go insane there, there were events that seemed to either be very elaborate pranks or the supernatural. Unable to grasp why someone would go to the trouble of the former, I opted for the latter. Now I know better.

Which brings me to the next phase of the local woman facing legal problems here in Port Huron. She came by today just as I was tweetstorming on the Edmonton train event and what happened to Galen.

Her story gets ever more disturbing. She attended for a time at a church run by a former drug dealer and pimp, allegedly son of a mafioso, who learned his wolf-in-pastor’s clothing trade in California at the Church of Scientology. As you may know if you’ve actually read much of my stuff, I consider the CoS to be a CIA-run cult. The purpose, to better control and spy on Hollywood elite. Hollywood has long been on and off again the propaganda arm of the US government. This provides an additional avenue of control.

As I’ve also noted before, many actors in NYC joined the New York City Church of Christ, which is part of the International Church of Christ, also sometimes referred to as the Boston Movement. They are absolutely a cult. They isolate new members, control where they live and work, who they marry, etc. We got many who left the place at the Manhattan Church of Christ where I attended in the early 90s after the NJSF. A few interns wound up at the NYCoC, one of whom was practically a blues brother beforehand. He wound up being a recruiter and rather zealous I was told.

This poor woman whose cousin was on track to make national news as a mass killer, also wound up at a church run by “Dr. Jerry,” as Gennaro Piscopo now calls himself. This guy is a piece of work, and so clearly to me just the kind of miscreant that CIA would use for work under the massive PSYOP I’ve taken to calling NKINTRA. He’s right out of fiction this guy. First he convinces women that they are possessed by demons and then, while exercising them, cops a feel. He’s been under investigation for this at least a few times and at least once got off because his defense attorney said that the victim believed there were demons and was therefore obviously delusional. And if she was delusional, then maybe the sexual assault was as well.

What a scam. What a tool. What a just godawful agency that must be closed down before it destroys the planet.

See the paragraphs about the “Christian mafia” in the post below. I don’t have any beef with someone’s religious beliefs, especially if they involve that whole love, understanding, forgiveness stuff.

But these are greedy, hateful, monsters who support, and in some cases are, the Oligarchs who have taken over our institutions. This has to stop.

To give you an idea of the stuff they have done to this woman, she told me another breakin tale today. Someone took a can of nonstick spray and sprayed the whole damn thing up her cat’s anus. She found the empty can and the red tube that they pulled off of a can of WD-40 and saw her cat becoming skiddish as well as evidence of this in the litter box along with blood. They likely perforated the cat’s bowels when they did it.

Now you might think it easier to believe that the woman is, in some sort of mental illness, doing these things to herself to get sympathy or attention. I don’t think so. Really I don’t.

First, she doesn’t seem to want attention, she seems to want, as many among the 99% do worldround, to be left the hell alone. Not to be drawn into the machinations of jerks. Good luck with that today, fellow homo sapiens.

Second, this is again the pattern of MKULTRA, the Martha Mitchell effect, and perhaps more specifically, the story of a strange disease called morgellons. Morgellons was widely accepted as a delusional mental illness, that the symptoms themselves were simply self-mutilation by people who wanted attention. A few years back, some folks in a lab proved that it was real and that what look like stigmata or self-inflicted wounds is actually something happening on the cellular level.

Got that? The stigmata disease. Now am I wrong to see a pattern here? To see a bunch of folks who think starting a gay holocaust in Russia and Africa is a fine thing?

If you think so, I invite you to look around a little more.

Morgellons study:


Morgellons disease is an emerging multisystem illness characterized by unexplained dermopathy and unusual skinassociated filament production. Despite evidence demonstrating that an infectious process is involved and that lesions are not self-inflicted, many medical practitioners continue to claim that this illness is delusional. We present relevant clinical observations combined with chemical and light microscopic studies of material collected from three patients with Morgellons disease. Our study demonstrates that Morgellons disease is not delusional and that skin lesions with unusual fibers are not self-inflicted or psychogenic.

Shall I save CIA bringing back polio for access to Osama bin Laden for another day? Okay.

And Dr. Jerry:

Detroit News via Holy Smoke, “Trial Centers on Exorcism,” Maureen Feighan, 11 November 2002:

Religion News Blog, “Exorcism Pastor Learns Fate For Molestation,” 7 January 2003:

Monstrous, “Woman Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted by Devil,” 2007:

Evangel Christian Church staff bios:

evangel-churches [dot] com/staff.php

Guy does three or four offerings per service. Also told his flock has had the worst luck of a bunch of people like I haven’t seen since the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Divorces, car accidents, illnesses, “supernatural” problems beyond feely hands being in charge… Just weird.


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