Zombies, Ranchers, and the Historical Improbable in Plain Sight

Let’s start with another article on the US government’s obsession with zombies.

Foreign Policy, “Pentagon Has a Plan to Stop the Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously.
-Everything you need to know about the U.S. military’s defense strategy to protect humanity from the walking dead,” Gordon Lubold, 13 May 2014:


Let’s talk what I refer to as 3-D chess for a moment. By that I mean a single large move designed to further multiple goals at once. Often I suspect these are the products of thinktanks, though also probably the brainchildren of really clever people whom the CIA and Department of Defense spare no expense to hire. They likely also build upon the successes of similar previous initiatives, so it’s not quite so clever down the road as it is building upon what has worked in the past.

An additional point, what tends to bother people-I suspect-about what I write and how I come to my conclusions is how it differs from traditional research in that I am attempting to predict what is happening before knowing for a fact via the truth coming out from released documents, leaks, other forms of exposure, etc. making this seem more akin to writing science fiction than some form of journalism. While I fully understand that view, think of it as adaptation to a government that has decided it can determine who is a terrorist long before a person ever even considers such actions, even if they have to harass, torture, and destroy your life to prove that they were right in doing all those things all along. Their actions are really based on the logic of serial killers, who view their victims as having deserved what they got. Like I said, history…most reviled president…even though he inherited much of it. History doesn’t care about excuses; it cares about results.

In short, the Deep State looks ahead. Therefore so must we in order to adapt. It’s moving quickly now after decades of planning. Keep up, stay ahead.

Curiously, the Department of Defense has announced it is building a bigger, better prison at Gitmo and Obama just stated he is going to close it by the end of his term. Figure it out.

But back to the zombie apocalypse and our top brass working to protect us from the undead. I mean look who was keynote speaker two years ago.

Which of course points to the obvious. This is perhaps first and foremost a waste of money. The military industrial complex gets more tax dollars based on popular culture, both ganking cash out of the pockets of people and dazzling them with stupid thematics.

Sliding along the scale of the slightly more sinister or disturbing, you have it being cover for both having US troops killing US citizens, the dehumanizing zombie meme being a portion of the psychological effect, and as cover for some biological epidemic perhaps via bioterrorism. Lest you feel a sudden wave of relief because that makes it seem that they actually give a damn about you, odds are they’d be behind the pandemic as well. Get that in your head.

Which is where it slides even further along the scale. Control of population  both in terms of fear with brutality but also in terms of culling the herd. Wall Street, DoD, CIA, FBI, etc. Have decided that you are the climate change, peak oil, food and water supply, wealthy income lifestyle, and freethinking problem and therefore are expendable. Sorry, you bought every bulls— lie they told you and will wind up like a victim of “Buffalo Bill.” Alone, covered in your own filth, and wondering how you got so badly suckered before being harvested of anything you have that’s even worth the trouble of taking. Sociopaths rule and you are lead by the nose like an ass daily by them. Eventually that leads to the last place you’re likely to see. And you could have stopped it sooner if only you hadn’t thought you could kiss ass your way out of it. They don’t respect you for that and laugh at your gullibility.

Speaking of which, sometime check out the INFOOPs on your cable channels as related to ghosts, space aliens, bizarre ancient secret societies, etc. Those are not what you have to fear.


It’s just the Deep State suckering you again with disinfo that’s slightly easier to accept because it means that the enemy is outside somewhere, not sitting in Virginia, Maryland, New York, California, Texas, and the rest of the 50.

Finally, this idiotic zombie stuff serves to intimidate China and Russia as well as confuse them as to what we intend and are capable of both in terms of atrocity and technologically. The neuroscience behind being able to actually create a zombie outbreak coupled with then summarily shooting those intentionally infected, or the mere threat of same, puts other countries in the position of having to decide what to spend their defense money on. Should they do likewise and potentially go broke as the former Soviet Union did trying to keep up with the phony Star Wars space defense stuff? Or does America mean it? Can this be done? Will it be done? Is the US really preparing for WWIII, or simply trying to scare it’s way to other goals?

Only assholes like Cass Sunstein know for sure, I suppose. Yes, being used, abused, tortured, and ruined for propaganda makes you oh-so-appreciative of phonies in high places.

So there it is. Financial gain, control of populace, conditioning of military and response personnel, intimidation and confusion of opponents, and preparation for the war that only sick minds seek out all at once.

Now an abrupt turn. On Monday, I attended the postponed court hearing for the local woman whose mother seems to be trying to sell her home out from under her, owned by the grandmother. The man who had been at the Bundy Ranch showdown also returned.

Let me tell you just a bit more about him. He believes that he was subjected to something related to MKULTRA as an infant. Also I think that he was implanted.

Now, I could be wrong, but I don’t believe either of those are true. What I do believe, however, is that he came to believe both of those things due to the actions of the CIA, it’s proxies, or similar. See my point at all? The binary question of “is he implanted or delusional?” fails to consider the third possibility, that he is delusional but both under circumstances that are almost as bizarre and for a purpose, a goal. It undermines his credibility and makes him angry, which in turn exacerbates the former, creating a spiral, vicious cycle, that could one day lead people like him to form a real terrorist organization, which is precisely what the Deep State wants in order to bring us closer to…well, may as well call it the Fourth Reich. Cheap labor, population control, and financial gain all wrapped up in one swastika’d bundle.

Similar with the local woman. See a few posts below on the topic. For example, what someone did to her cat. What her cousin planned to do. Winding up at “Dr. Jerry” Roaminghands’ church.

The third bizarre event in the woman’s life, crossing paths with a European hypnotist named Anna Russo. She told me that Russo is currently consulting with Michigan police. No idea why, but do you think maybe a hypnotist, especially one perhaps connected to CIA and/or NATO, could convince a bunch of cops that a woman robbed a cash store even when both video and eye witnesses say it was a man?

Judge Thomlinson himself pointed out that the woman was a registered nurse for twenty years–even as I was a real estate consultant for the same period–then suddenly became a truck delivery driver. She lost her job as a nurse after a patient accused her of fondling him. Recall Julian Assange’s two accusers and how that worked conveniently for the US.

If you met this woman, you’d know that to be as impossible as her taking five kinds of illegal drugs at once or harming her own cat. She got the drug results, taken five days after she thought she was poisoned, into the record. They only showed trace amounts  but then when you’ve been drugged surreptitiously, you don’t always realize what is happening to you.

This woman is a target of the US intelligence community, just as the Bundy Ranch man and I am.

And you are as well. Just keep kissing ass and repeating the propaganda and watch how that turns out for you. You will be eaten one way or another regardless.


All of this is just the parallel operations that go with the ones we know: torture, mass surveillance, frameups, and assassinations by drone. It all points to a concerted effort that resembles the previous efforts during the Cold War except larger, smarter, and even more brutal.

Further reading:

2012 zombie drill:

HuffPost, “‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Training Drill Organized By Halo Corp. For Military, Police Set For Oct. 31 In San Diego,” Julie Watson, 29 October 2012:




Tests in Hawaii, Japan in early 60s:

Japan Times, “U.S. Army tested biological weapons in Okinawa: Rice fungus released in at least two sites in early 1960s, documents show,” Kyodo Staff, 24 January 2014:


Bath Salts, weed initially blamed for face eater’s behavior:

TIME, “The Cannabis Cannibal? Miami Face-Eater Didn’t Take ‘Bath Salts’,” Maia Szalavitz @maiasz, 27 June 2012:



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