Bizarre Link, Bitch

Added Project Bizarre to the MKULTRA Subproject 119 tab at top. This was the successor to “Telecontrol at Texas Christian University,” an attempt to see what literature existed with regards to modifying behavior electronically, though clearly there was more to even that having been centered at one school. The link is to the Institute of Science in Society, aka ISIS, website and contains more than just noting the newer project.

Bizarre picked it up and ran with it. The bizarre behavior {how many times have I used that phrase not having heard the project name?} exhibited all over the place is in part due to this, but I at least have the comfort of knowing it’s going to have to get a lot more bizarre before it gets any serious examination. Even coupled with the Army’s voice-to-skull and subliminals coverup and the two articles on the Russian version that FBI consulted with them about in thinking of using remote electronic mind control to talk David Koresh into surrendering.

But we are going to get there.

The bitch is what is in the way and why I repeat the phrase “most reviled presidency in history” as often as possible. While in Chicago eating lunch in the basement of one of the downtown highrises on some bureaucratic errand–I forget which–there were many TVs for the public.

This was during the allegedly Koch-orchestrated government shutdown. Obama was talking about that but his comment was clearly more general: “I’m not going to do anything that will reduce Executive power.” In the context of NSA, that’s something. In the context of PSYOPs on Americans per the NDAA and right out of the introduction of the CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual, it’s yet another. In the context of going after whistleblowers and continuing corruption in the dark, you are still further along.

And in the context of what is without a doubt brainwashing techniques, a complete violation of personhood in that you forcibly change who a person is, it’s beyond the pale. This is not just being done to “terrorists;” this is being done to average Americans like Bundy Ranch man referenced in the post below and the one three down from that. Like the local woman who was a registered nurse for twenty years before Obama’s beloved CIA wrecked her life in order to further Deep State agendas, he was a successful professional. He owned his own publishing company and did quite well before it all fell apart and he wound up jumping from one CIA tentacle to another: now an afficiando of Alex Jones.

The message is the following: secrets, methods, pretty much anything and everything is more important to the Executive Branch, even when occupied by a Constitutional scholar, than people, their dignity, their most basic privacy–that is the content of their brains–and their economic, emotional, and psychological well-being. He’s got his head so far up Jack Ryan’s ass, he can’t even see when they’re screwing him out of the things he actually says he wants to accomplish. There’s the real Benghazi explanation for you.

And that in turn goes back to the unchallenged AGAG writing that states that the President is omnipotent in war time. How convenient when we’re at war with nouns completely incapable of surrendering and signing peace accords.

Not that the law concerns the CIA in any way, shape, or form. There is no “top cop” agency anymore, and when we did have one it wasn’t keen on enforcing the law when it was fellow tax wastes responsible anyway.

That’s my gripe. Throwing a worthless bone is not a solution. Sunlight–full bore on all of it–is the only path that doesn’t involve mounds of dead bodies. Ergo, “most reviled…”


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