The Underdog

Or, “Proud to Be a Failure…as a Manchurian Candidate”

What are you supposed to do in this situation? You have only circumstantial evidence and, as I’ve seen with people like former NSA contractor Technodyne employee as well as a story heard today about a woman almost certainly exposed to radiation of some kind from energy weapon R&D in an area of California where you can’t throw a colita without hitting an aerospace or related company, employee, etc., evidence only helps if there’s someone brave enough to go to bat for you, whether that be a politician, a journalist, or an attorney.

Before I delve into the main point of this post, let me remind again that murderous rampages are not even close to being the sole or primary use for the techniques and methods used to create them. Driving people to suicide is another and I’ve discussed why I think it likely that Aaron Swartz was one such person. Before reiterating what I’m going to write below, I’ll remind that either the nazified scumbags in the US intelligence community either arranged the deaths of several young gay men or tried really hard to make me think that they did. This in the hopes of creating a homegrown “gay” terrorist and that part due to me being witness to some of the effects of these methods used on others pre-9/11, in 1989-1990, and revenge for my small part in disrupting the covert operation directed at biologist and scifi writer Peter Watts. Watts, to remind folks, writes “hard” scifi, that is some of the seeming impossible stuff is based on today’s real world research. He includes notes as to who and where this research is done, though he will freely admit that some of it has fallen out of favor for other theories, though even that sometimes flips and the theories sometimes come back in favor. That’s the way it is on the cutting edge.

A cutting edge that both the intelligence community and defense industry pay very close attention to. In fact, based on history, they often fund it through shells, fronts, and private partners though that sometimes makes them sad because researchers have to publish their work. The upside: most people don’t read scientific journals, especially in a country that is so allergic to getting serious about education, so there is built-in obfuscation of how some things may really work.

Despite these advances, I have found that the principles have largely stayed the same where, for example, brainwashing is concerned. What has changed are the tools used and the fact that the United States has completely abandoned it’s moral and ethical compass: the end justifies the means. More disturbing, the ends aren’t what most of us assume they are. It’s about serving a few people at the top of the human food chain often to the detriment of the rest.

Besides having pulled the stunt–or worse–with the suicides and accidental deaths so closely happening together and then making certain that I noticed and interpreted the way that they desired {and later a subsequent shooting that claimed the lives of an equal number of Christian students in California}, what else did they do?

I’ve been over most of these things, how I think that they were done, etc. already. There is a distinct pattern that shows targeting of whistleblowers that is not even covert in many respects. More so with activists and reporters. See the “Activists’ Primer” draft up top.

But what all did they do?

They destroyed my long-term relationship of 14.5 years with a college sweetheart I knew for over 20. We don’t speak. All that time washed away like it never happened. Constant reminders from members of Barack Obama’s intelligence community of this.

No recourse, believe me. Everyone involved were more interested in how they could use me rather than help me. Well, most of them. There were a few exceptions, even though whatever help they tried to provide didn’t matter in the long run. As example with regards to loss of the long-term relationship, learning my ex got married on Facebook while driving out of town.

“Haha, sucks to be you,” people who work for the President would say. Am I then to consider anything he says on the subject of gay rights to be taken seriously?

I was harassed with the more typical COINTELPRO tactics. I was surreptitiously drugged, no question about it. These ridiculous acts designed to undermine my credibility. That likewise succeeded. This also results in being financially crippled. You can’t afford an attorney even if you could find one willing to back you.

And they know this.

Worse, and I only learned of this recently in terms of writing–that is not merely having been through it and wondered what had happened–isolation and trauma. I had a lot of both having been driven from my home and relocated in Minneapolis. These take a toll on the psyche that most of us aren’t even aware of. You would think some of the effects in that report would require drugs; they don’t, though those are often employed as well. See again MKULTRA subproject 4, The CIA Manual of Deception and Trickery, to see how CIA hired a magician in the 1950s to come up with ways to slip people substances. How much have these practices improved in sixty years?

Then there are the electronic methods. As I noted somewhere below, no question, hit with microwaves just days before the Squidgate sentencing hearing. Hair brittle and falling out are two symptoms of same, as is low-level paranoia, sleep deprivation, etc.

Illegal? Yes. So were various surveillance programs before they were made legal after their discovery.

All of that. I promise you. Can’t prove it. How could I? The system is more interested in protecting itself than people. Indicators of this are everywhere. Take for example the recent articles on various inspectors general being compromised, hiding, delaying, obfuscating for political purposes.

So that’s it. They ruin you, isolate you, enrage you, confuse you, cut you off from support systems and remedies, and then try to direct you in whatever direction they can. It’s not magic: it’s systematic abuse without end. It’s a living hell that makes you want to scream and grab the nearest fellow human by the collar and shout in their face, “Don’t you understand what’s going on?!?”

But when you are calm, you know that would only serve to further push you into being a paraiah. Give in, they win. Fight back too hard and/or using the wrong methods, they win.

Ultimately they win.

Except I don’t believe that. They’ve tried and tried again. They have failed repeatedly. Why is that?

Maybe you already know. If you don’t, well…that I think you’d find even harder to believe. One step at a time.



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