Why We Shouldn’t Let It Go

Update to post below. We have pattern.

Backing up, Hollywood at its inception was recognized by Washington as a potentially useful mouthpiece. Hollywood followed dutifully during WWII, for example, and then initially for Vietnam until the tide turned in part due to celebrities who opposed what was happening.


Put bluntly: the CIA and the Department of Defense, and by extension Wall Street, have a much larger influence over Hollywood than most of us realize. For example, I’m betting a lot of you aren’t aware of reporter David Sirota’s work on Pentagon using money and access to equipment, location, and personnel for film shoots and getting script line veto power as the result. Hollywood more or less is struggling due to the economic downturn and the DoD was happy to fill the gap–including both financial and the one between the ears of many of us–with potential rewrites of history and pro-torture propaganda like Zero Dark Thirty may have offered. {I don’t know because I saw enough clips of the pre-torture scene stuff to know I wasn’t going to support it financially. A shame because Strange Days is a favorite film.}

Intimidation is another avenue of control. I wrote a bit about Ronni Chasen getting shot by ‘Harold’ in the past. The most notable clues regarding that case was that the shooter a} told neighbors he was going to get $10,000 for a job but LAPD were entirely unable to establish that any such offer was given to Harold and b} Harold preferred a fatal shootout with LAPD or suicide over a trial and prison. Both indicate to me possible hypnotic suggestion. See again the “Mind-Affecting Weapons” tab at top.

True to form, the real target of killing that woman was likely not her directly. She knew and was liked by many people in Hollywood. Yet most of us hardly know the story because she was behind-the-scenes.

In similar fashion, I believe that neuroscientist and doctoral candidate James Eagan Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes of FICO was not the target of James’ rampage. Rather, someone else at FICO and/or similar places. Why? Senator Carl Levin stated publicly that it had nothing to do with the LIBOR scandal {and I’ll note that I wrote him about it before that}. That had been my initial assumption, and by the way I did discover that contrary to most coverage, FICO was aware of the LIBOR scandal before the shooting, though based on what I found by only two weeks.

And the thought occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t LIBOR directly. Rather it was the obvious question, LIBOR being the UK’s main bank: did the Federal Reserve Bank engage in similar practices? Any high-powered accountant would wonder. That’s the hypothesis there.

Why is all of this important? Elliot Rodger’s father was a unit director on the Hunger Games films:

Telegraph, “California drive-by shooting: ‘Son of Hunger Games assistant director’ Elliot Rodger suspected of killing six,” Philip Sherwell,  24 May 2014


Read the post below. I hope it helps. I know we’re all looking for answers. Reminder: Holder stated that violent shootings have tripled. I know that there are many experts going to blame everything else. They’re wrong.


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