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Those Times I Kicked the CIA’s Ass

Newcomers, possibly even longtime readers, may wonder at times why I write what I write here, why have I come to some of the conclusions to which I have come, and why I fully believe that if people don’t bone up on the history of the CIA and others within the IC and the private sector that operates symbiotically with it, there is no point in attempting to alter anything that really matters.

It was my plan to make this a longer post, but instead I’ll just make a couple of quick links before diving in to what the title of this post is really about. It’s long enough.
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Friedman of Information

Players only love you when they’re playing

Before I get started, let me assure you that all parties involved know this stuff exists, know it works, and some of them even know who’s doing it to US citizens on US soil. About the kindest thing you can say about Secret Service in this context is, they probably aren’t the ones attempting to drive people crazy enough to, for example, shoot at the White House. But then more perverse things have happened and government rarely seems to act in what Joe Citizen thinks an intuitive manner.

Let’s also recall that DIA has been the subject of several news reports regarding targeting activist groups. We also know that various private NATSEC companies who work for the government also engage in that practice for other clients and, due to privilege not only go uninvestigated but those who come close to discovering the truth of that wind up in prison at the government’s behest. The Deep State truly is a melding of the two entity types. And of course the CIA and FBI do it. Goes without saying, needs no explanation. And as you’ll see, INSCOM, that’s Army intelligence, former employer of Chelsea Manning–who had her own issues before Cablegate–supplied the 1998 document that Friedman FOIA’d for. I’ll throw in NSA just for being so damn nosy and supplying their contractors with cash and everyone with data. Also-too, the two major political parties. Can’t leave those f—ers out, can we?

In essence, because it cannot be said often enough, these people are more about the fun cruelty provides for their multiple mental disorders and the financial benefits of screwing the 99%.

Additionally, you may want to review the Navy’s old round up of microwave bioeffects. The one Friedman obtained via FOIA is more specific but also limited to intended applications. For example, hair loss/brittleness and sparking fillings are not mentioned. Neither is the paranoia it can induce by disrupting brain functions. However, the disruption of bodily functions is, and how that leads to various health problems, which does essentially make it “murder lite” in that it doesn’t kill immediately, merely shortens your life. And how can you sue, even if you could still afford to after being so f—ed by these craven cowards that you can no longer work? This is the center, the crux of why the United States of America is a sham. This is how it treats it’s “dissidents,” people it just as soon weren’t around any longer.

Well, how it treats the ones it doesn’t obliterate.

Donald Friedman walked into a federal offices angry and likely a bit deranged. He was armed…with a letter. It was somewhat threatening, so, of course this offense wound him up at the mercy of the Attorney General. And woe unto him for that because his last name isn’t Corp or Inc.

On January 30, 2003, Donald Friedman walked into an FBI field office with a two-page letter signed by him and addressed to Special Agent Jack Murmylo of the United States Secret Service. Friedman’s letter states, in part:

“Agents of the U.S. Secret Service, as you already know, have been committing very serious crimes against me and other members of my family for a very long time, and I’m taking more direct action to prevent it from continuing.”

“I am going to get an admissible confession from at least one of your agents one way or the other, and if I don’t get what I am demanding from you today, I will use the method of torture described in the attached pages to obtain that confession and to punish the agent for his or her involvement in the illegal acts that your agents have perpetrated against me and my family.”

He claimed, as thousands of Americans do, and by the way people all over the planet, that he and his family were under attack via some kind of electronic weapons. For some reason, he decided it was a Secret Service agent or agents responsible.

The district court then held a competency hearing at which Friedman testified, inter alia, that the back of a pair of his shoes were vaporized by an electromagnetic weapon fired at his feet in 2001. Friedman presented the shoes in question to the district court, but it appeared to the court that the heel of the shoe had simply worn out due to ordinary use.

Precisely what happens to your judgment when you’ve been zapped or drugged by the intelligence community. The whole point is to render the target incapable of being taken seriously so that the torture can continue while everyone around the target behaves as though it is all in their head. Essentially, the Martha Mitchell effect.

Or even possible that they actually did use something akin to the research covered in MKULTRA subproject #143, which included various studies on sabotaging oil and petroleum products.

A portion of the harassment involves “magic tricks” that the target spends a lot of time–using an already severely disrupted brain–trying to figure out. As I noted, one day I received a perfect oval blister on one leg and was unsure if a laser or chemical spray had been used.

Convincing a judge that anyone would even bother to destroy shoes or similar, especially when you’ve been put through the grinder and become so confused that even you may not know why you were targeted any more, assuming you ever did, is the hard part. Secrecy begets corruption, corruption destroys the judicial system. As to why Friedman, I don’t know. Haven’t spoken to him or read his personal account.

Is this morally superior to shooting them in the back of the head and leaving them in a ditch? That at least has the virtue of not being cruel and unusual and being relatively merciful. But it’s not about mercy when it comes to the military-congressional-industrial-spook-retirement-fund complex. We only pretend we’re better than totalitarians. When this power is abused, it is not to protect anything but high crimes.

The case against Friedman:

FindLaw, “United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit: UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Donald FRIEDMAN, Defendant-Appellant, No. 03-10422,” 6 May 2004:

He didn’t give up, however, and managed to get a FOIA response from the Army two and a half years later:

INSCOM, “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons, declassified 6 December 2006,” cover letter: Susan J. Butterfield, 13 December 2006/attached document: various sources, 17 February 1998:


This in turn lead to some articles on the subject and gaining confirmation that, yes the INSCOM document was genuine. Sierra Nevada Corp.’s/WaveBand’s MEDUSA gets a mention as well:

The New Scientist, “US Army toyed with telepathic ray gun,” David Hambling, 21 March 2008:

Steve Wright, a security expert at Leeds Metropolitan University, UK, warns that the technologies described could be used for torture. In 1998 the European Parliament passed a motion banning potentially dangerous incapacitating technologies that interfere with the human brain.

WIRED, “‘Telepathic Ray Guns’ and Vaporized Shoes: The Truth is Weirder Than You Think,” David Hambling, 24 March 2008:

WIRED, “Secret Directed-Energy Tech Protecting the President? (Updated),” David Hambling, 14 November 2008:

The story even made an appearance on eHow:

eHow, “Firearms Used by Presidential Bodyguards, p.4: High Tech Weapons of the Secret Service,” Ocean Malandra:

But Friedman is still in pursuit of what Secret Service was asked to provide. What’s interesting is whether or not the FOIA changes today * could have any impact on his case. The Secret Service delayed in part because it had to check with other government entities due to the sensitivity of energy weapons:

Plaintiff’s FOIA request is for document [sic] concerning directed energy technology that is very sensitive. Some of this documents [sic] pertain to research conducted by divisions within defendant agency that is used to carry out its mandate to protect very high government officials. In fact, in one case, the documents… could not be mailed but had to be hand carried interstate.

Government Printing Office, “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DONALD M. FRIEDMAN v. U.S. SECRET SERVICE,” 24 November 2008 and 15 February 2013:

I leave you with a quote from one of the WIRED articles…:

It’s very easy to poke fun at people like Friedman. On the other hand, it does show that if a nonlethal device ever was developed which could cause symptoms associated with madness, it would be completely deniable. The device would completely destroy the target’s credibility, neatly ensuring it remained covert. The military utility would be low, but it might be very hand for some three-letter agencies.

…and that pesky draft MKULTRA memo:

5 May 1955

A portion of the Research and Development Program of TSS/Chemical Division is devoted to the discovery of the following materials and methods:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

9. Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.

* AJAM, “Lawmakers unveil major changes to FOIA,” Jason Leopold, 24 June 2014:

MKULTRA Voting Trends Subproject

There is apparently a bit more released in the MKULTRA FOIA documents than John Marks had available when he wrote The Search for the Manchurian Candidate. Additionally, there are some errors in the list he supposedly compiled regarding the nature of the subprojects. For example, subproject 127 regards voting and the usual list shows #123 and 124 as identical. 126 on that list is actually 125, 125 is 124, etc. and 127 “Voting” was simply missing.

Not only had I not heard of this one before, I don’t think it’s mentioned anywhere that I’ve seen. Scouring via web search has turned up no coverage.

As a result of this and other potential errors in the list floating around the web, I’ve upadated the “MKULTRA” tab up top as well as the “MKULTRA subprojects #84, #119, Projects BIZARRE & PANDORA” tab. Technically #84–one of the hypnosis subprojects–doesn’t belong on that tab but I believe that the old style hypnosis projects formed some basis for the remote electronic suggestion projects that came later.

It seems that practically every abuse studied and labeled as a no-no by Congress during the 70s has come back to haunt us including assassination, and so why not a more covert version of voter fraud “to protect America” as well? A passage from the documents on studying voting:

To begin with, let me express my unstinting and unqualified enthusiasm for general concept behind the project. Though we know very well that there is little hope that we will ever be able to conduct a real longitudinal study, covering several decades, we have often spoke about the need for such a study. This proposal fills a gap; it does so by utilizing data already in existence. The costs are minimal, the opportunity unique, and the promise great. The data ought to be exploited.

To exploit fully the unique data requires, however, a more complete statement of what the analysis of “the individual act of voting” contributes over and above what could be inferred from an analysis of voting statistics by election districts, differentiated according to their ecology. Usually the impact of the “political situation” on various categories of voters is inferred from aggregate data. Such inference can be made only on the assumption that the factors revealed on the aggregate level operate on the whole and as a rule on the individual level as well. The proposed project offers an opportunity to test this assumption by examing a series of election. It is capable of locating individuals {i.e. their social status} who account for heightened or slackened interest and for changes in alignment.

Certainly, we are talking about swing voters as well as what creates party loyalty and voting stability. There are actually several pages available, largely unredacted.

The target foreign country, where they hoped to study voting patterns from–perhaps 1910 to 1960 or so–is something of a mystery.

We know from the documents that it was considered a friendly nation in 1960.

At some point within the period in question, voting was restricted to male property owners 30 years or older who lived in the district at least a year. I haven’t been able to identify a country fitting that description.

It appears to have seven letters in the country name and six in the people descriptor. “Ireland” works, but “Irish” is too short.

One cover letter also says “So far our experience with [REDACTED] foundations has been that they react unfavorably to research in the field of political sociology.”

It had some kind of records dating back 50 years obviously. Census data for individuals with identifying records.

In any case, it is both fascinating that there’s a country with such records and that they would be willing to share them with the US. More likely, the records are simply at a university or government building in the host country and the hope was to access the records without drawing attention to the US government’s involvement.

But, combined with other subprojects, for what possible purpose?

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

See The Black Vault‘s CIA MKULTRA Collection, CD ROM #3, subfolder “DOC_0000017385”:

The Zombified Abnormal

This is more of a bitchy state of affairs post because I haven’t done one in a while.
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They Come in Pairs

A couple of documents related to hypnotism research by the Central Intelligence Agency from their FOIA reading room:

Doc No/ESDN: 0000140404
Released: September 1, 1999 Pages: 6
Download PDF for 0000140404

Doc No/ESDN: 0000140394
Released: September 1, 1999 Pages: 8
Download PDF for 0000140394

Some of the fun involves a case where a hypnotist turned a devout atheist into a believer until he undid what he done. Then, the opposite.

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