Like a Beast

I’m on the prowl and I watch you closely
I lie waiting for you
I’m the wolf with the sheepskins clothing
I lick my chops and your tasting good
I do whatever I want to, to ya
I’ll nail your ass to the sheets
A pelvic thrust and the sweat starts to sting ya

Going to start with the big picture and narrow it down to specifics with this one.

Also going to throw in another probable assassination in the middle along the lines of Michael Hastings and Paul Wellstone.

Chicago Chronicle, “US President accepts with ‘regret’ Veterans Affairs chief’s resignation,” 30 May 2014:

“I can’t explain the lack of integrity among some of the leaders in our healthcare facilities,” Shinseki said in a statement.

“That breach of integrity is irresponsible, it is indefensible, and unacceptable to me. I said when this situation began weeks to months ago that I thought the problem was limited and isolated because I believed that. I no longer believe it. It is systemic. I was too trusting of some and I accepted as accurate reports that I now know to have been misleading with regard to patient wait times.”

Shinseki admitted that the problems at the VA and that “given the facts I now know, I apologize as the senior leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs”.

“I was too trusting of some. I will not defend it because it is indefensible. But I can take responsibility for it, and I do.”

There is, of course, a great deal more to be concerned about with regards to “patient wait times.” But before I get into the real point of the post–spoilers, a whistleblower who is still still harassed and at least partially in the manner I often describe here–let’s talk responsibility.

While on the one hand, you might respect Shinseki’s taking responsibility for being mislead, if that’s what happened, and really, why not? Some among the top brass and other high-ranking officers, and their private partners, regularly raid the VA and view it as more cash cow than a desirable part of the defense industry.

The implied question then…if Shinseki was mislead and still, as the boss, had to accept responsibility and not in the empty rhetoric way of stating it and staying in his position, but by resigning, then should Obama do likewise over this and many other similar scandals?

The pragmatic view: won’t change anything because whoever stepped in would just do cosmetic damage cobtrol and the situations would remain the same. On the other hand, it might deliver that very message: your government is no longer at all in your control, who you elect president is similar to who you elect governor of Texas now: he has jurisdiction over only a few issues and the ones that really matter to most Americans just run wild on momentum and greedy self-interests.

You cannot reason with the Deep State and you cannot arrest it. It is the system and it holds within itself all of the internal means designed to fix it, but has broken or nullified those as well. Outside means it likewise contains in the sense that it intimidates, buys, tricks, and even murders anything that threatens it:

AP, ” Philadelphia Inquirer co-owner dies in plane crash,” Maryclaire Dale, 1 June 2014:

When bidding on the company, which also operates the Philadelphia Daily News and the news website, Katz and Lenfest vowed to fund in-depth journalism to return the Inquirer to its former glory and to retain its editor, Bill Marimow.

Here’s a sample of the Phildelphia Daily News‘ recent work:

Philadelphia Daily News, “Tainted, indeed,” Ronnie Polaneczky, 24 April 2014:

Two words: fusion centers. That activity is so obviously tied to the WoT that it can’t really be called a local police problem.

But that’s a digression. The best a replacement POTUS could hope to do is distract the beast, but it’s so large now I don’t think that would be possible without an actual, for real, space alien invasion. And that’s about as likely as a happy invasion of unicorns and fairies all guiding us to a happy utopian way of life.

So pragmatism only offers sending a message. Can the message be sent without resignation? Don’t know. Maybe. Let’s see.

Just as this VA shitstorm was brewing off of my radar screen, I chatted with an acquaintance who has had considerable contact with a whistleblower named Kernan Manion. Manion blew the whistle in 2009. Note we are five years on since then and the only head to roll belongs to the guy who said he couldn’t fix it. Kernan noted that the treatment of returning vets was abysmal. In fact, he referred to the misleading leadership in the VA as running the place like mafia.

Salon, “Navy supervisor doctored whistle-blower’s records: Fired after criticizing subpar care for Marines, a psychiatrist finds his good personnel reviews turned to bad,” Mark Benjamin, 31 January 2010:

It was a toxic environment, Manion argued, that would only contribute to a rapidly escalating suicide epidemic in the military.

Manion also warned the situation at Camp Lejeune threatened to provoke a Fort Hood-style explosion of violence, or one like the acts allegedly carried out by Sgt. John Russell, who the Army says last May executed five fellow soldiers at a military mental health facility in Baghdad. Manion also claimed that troubled Marines sometimes experienced harassment from superiors for seeking help.

In one instance last April, for example, Manion warned Cmdr. Robert O’Byrne, head of mental health at the Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital, of “immediate concerns of physical safety” due to mistreated Marines teetering on the edge of violence. “There was — and continues to be — no means of discussion of high-intensity/dangerous cases,” he wrote. Later that month, Manion quoted to O’Byrne some Marine superiors who were calling troubled Marines “worthless pieces of shit” if they sought help.

All about the money, not about the troops that these monsters pretend to care about. “Just feed the Complex, the Deep State, and shut up or just f—ing die already,” is the message.

It gets more interesting from here because Manion, besides the altering of his records which Salon confirmed, is suffering from exactly the same kind of remote attacks–microwaves most likely–that deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya complained of and that I believe has been used on me and the woman I posted about below. And additional psychological harassment. Got this from a mutual acquaintance who’s word on this I trust.

So at this point, I’m drawing The Activity into this as well.

Semper Fi.


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