Two Parties Were A’Poachin’

“Nobody helps nobody but himself.”
“Sir, you are employing a double negative.”

First, let’s have a look at GOP operative turned Democratic operative Ryan Chamberlain II.

Early on, FOX News seemed to jump on the story-failing to mention the political connections and saying that a large quantity of deadly ricin was found in Chamberlain’s apartment. Regarding the former, someone was keenly aware of the connections because I first learned of the story on a rightwing conspiracy site. As for the latter, it was wrong, the FBI says, but they do believe he has explosives and may have found a device in the apartment. How the ricin rumor got started is unknown.

KTVU, “San Francisco man sought by FBI active in political circles,” Cara Liu, 2 June 2014:

Is he really now a democrat? Is he a witting or unwitting GOP dupe? Did he become radically opposed to the GOP over something? Did GOP set him up for switching teams? Or all the opposite somehow?


And do I f—ing care?

Now, we are all aware of Nixon’s CREEP, G. Gordon Liddy, etc. Then some of us are aware I trust of James O’Keefe III and his political operative antics. As I’ve suggested before, I think that the failed attempt to bug a US Senator’s office was O’Keefe mistakenly taking his orders from the Democrats, possibly via something on the “Mind-Affecting Weapons” page tabbed at top.

See? NSA and law enforcement can’t record orders given via these means. Not that there’d be the slightest action on it if they could, but anyway. So our only-two-crappy-choices can rampage the countryside with impunity.

Also, Ive detailed how the Democrats used me against Michelle Bachmann by essentially letting me worry about starving and becoming homeless after whichever members of our public/private intelligence community destroyed my life. Then there was the string of emails to the Kochs’ lobbyists.

And then there was this which I maintain I had absolutely no role in whatsoever and my fictional short piece over here about what I think of the state of justice in the United States.

More recently I ran across this fun stuff:

I don’t know of course what’s true here and what isn’t, but let me assure you that, yes, grown adults do behave this way while the ice caps melt and both parties vote like ALEC and Booz Allen Hamilton hold their strings.

So it was no surprise when I ran across an alternate explanation for Lewis Katz’s demise. Seems that a primary objective of Katz was to get rid of one co-owner, George Norcross, who Katz viewed as dragging the paper into some sort of journalistic sewer:

{Going to have to google it, folks. URL truncates this post just before link for some reason.}

Norcross is said to run a Tammany Hall type of political machine in South New Jersey.

Again, do I care? Which theory do I like best? Seems a little direct for Norcross, but then this cold war crap is really pushing the covert boundaries in my opinion. Probably more likely what I said about intel services in previous post, but who knows?

Arrest the whole Deep State, throw it in Gitmo and NDAA prisons and sort it out later without access to attorneys. What? It’s the new American way, suspected guilty until we prove it via torture, frame-ups, and cover-ups.

Care in the sense that, along with the public/private intelligence community, this boils down to more feuding and distraction from dealing with our problems. While some may blame one party or the other for this, I blame both. They both serve special business interests under the assumption that trickle down economics works. It doesn’t. We see that now clearly. Just the way it is during endgame Monopoly.

Siphon-Up Economics and Transmit-Off-Shore Economics do work, though. My expert opinion.

And that’s why we have such a shitty Department of Justice. They learned from the mafia and drug lords and took over a piece of the action.

Anybody up for a game of Fizzbin?


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