Torture and Brainwashing Page Added

Related to the post-9/11, War on Terror story only. Additionally, if you have the chance to see Silenced, which includes the story of John Kiriakou, still the only person in prison over the torture scandal, it is also related. The Deep State continues to try to destroy John while in prison. Consider helping out his wife and kids and writing to him.

Note that I expect opportunists will try to use the Bowe Bergdahl story to justify this stuff, if only behind closed doors with legislators. The fact that Bowe spent so much time with the Taliban will be their opportunity. I am waiting to see how it plays out, but expect this.

Further, there is some kind of domestic effort along the same lines. Some of those afflicted by Organized Stalking, etc. may have been subject to different techniques designed to cause similar effects, that is the breakdown of personality and insertion of someone else’s will. This occurs both with and without the target being aware that it has been done and oftentimes when they are aware, they are not aware as to how precisely it was done. Aaron Alexis is the most obvious case, where he believed he was targeted with extremely low-frequency electronics, but was likely something else.

This is why exposing the foreign portion of these programs is imperative, just as the massive NSA surveillance story included both foreign and national SIGINT. The potential for abuse is exacerbated by the secrecy involved, and the disappearance of daylight between law and politics, domestic and international issues, and the public and private sectors of defense, intelligence, and national security sectors and their connections to Wall Street and multinational special business interests.

In short, there is a covert civil war happening on American soil and it encompasses the political parties as well as contractors and members of the intelligence community. AG Holder has again given notice that there is concern over domestic terrorism, though he refers to these people as self-radicalizing. Let me be among the first to call bullshit on that. This is not happening in a vacuum.

Some stories:

Reuters, “Florida judge seeks anger management help after courthouse brawl,” 3 June 2014:

“It’s really out of character,” Trettis said of the judge’s behavior. “He’s really got a good reputation.”

The Ryan Chamberlain story mentioned in previous post took a turn to include encryption:

Mercury News, “San Francisco: FBI, police announce details of arrest of man in explosives case,” 3 June 2014:

During that conversation, Chamberlain “admitted that he was aware of the Tor network and that he sometimes played poker on ‘black market’ websites” and admitted that his laptop was inside the apartment, Eldridge said.

The Tor network is computer software that enables online anonymity.

“After a short interview, Chamberlain was allowed to leave the coffee shop at his request,” the agent wrote.

Chamberlain then entered his personal vehicle and was followed by surveillance teams that observed him “driving in an apparent intentionally reckless manner at a high rate of speed, failing to stop at posted lights and signs,” Eldridge said.

The affidavit does not say what happened next and says that Chamberlain’s whereabouts were unknown at the time the document was prepared.

The affidavit says that agents searching the apartment also found a tool box on a kitchen shelf that contained “apparent additional IED components similar to those used in the messenger bag device,” including wires and a device known as a ‘clothespin switch.’

Chamberlain on Monday posted what appeared to be a suicide note on social media detailing his struggles with depression and trouble with family and work. He then posted a follow-up note saying he was not armed and dangerous and that “no one was ever in danger.”

RT, “Billboard quoting Hitler retracted by Alabama youth church group,” 4 June 2014:

A billboard featuring a quote from Adolf Hitler next to smiling children was taken down on Tuesday at the request of the group that paid for the ad in the first place: a children’s ministry in Alabama.

The group – Life Savers Ministries in Auburn, Alabama – requested the billboard, erected Friday near a popular shopping area, be taken down after the sign drew immediate criticism for quoting the Nazi leader to promote its services for under-privileged children.

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” the billboard reads next to a photo of five children with arms locked.

Quasi-gonzo is the only sane response to an insane world.


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