They Come in Pairs

A couple of documents related to hypnotism research by the Central Intelligence Agency from their FOIA reading room:

Doc No/ESDN: 0000140404
Released: September 1, 1999 Pages: 6
Download PDF for 0000140404

Doc No/ESDN: 0000140394
Released: September 1, 1999 Pages: 8
Download PDF for 0000140394

Some of the fun involves a case where a hypnotist turned a devout atheist into a believer until he undid what he done. Then, the opposite.

Also a murder case where the hypnotist was convicted instead of the person who actually did the killing. I imagine this latter got appealed but haven’t been able to find the case in question.

Additionally, the monstrosity has begun tweeting. Really do check it out. Especially the replies and the reaction. Some of my favorites:












I really doubt that. Not yet anyway.


And two of course entirely unrelated stories, GOP, Wall Street, and Military Industrial Complex darling Eric Cantor…


…was beaten in his primary by Tea Party favorite David Brat. While this is somewhat hilarious {apparently Boehner cried even though he and Cantor were bitter rivals–imagine the spray tan running down his face}, Brat is possibly a scary fellow. He’s hard to pin down, which is cool–that’s how I roll as well–but I think we’re dealing with another sort of Palin type who, when he uses words like “freedom” and “love,” abstract concepts that hold different meanings to each of us, he really means waterboard fags until they’re straight the way Gawd intended.

The whole Hitler-was-an-atheist meme is scary as well if you grep nazi propaganda that was embraced fully by the likes of the neoconservative movement. It frequently involves accusing someone else of your own worst attribute. In this case, I think it’s rather more perverse: rather than being an atheist, he’s possibly something akin to a nazi. There’s the frequent ruffling of feathers over that suggestion because many of the people who would like to round up gays and atheists and put them in camps, etc. constantly bray about their love of Israel. Of course that’s only so Jesus can have the pleasure of obliterating it upon His return, they think but don’t utter.

Check him out. Sounds like the same kind of rhetoric that Palin and the Pauls use but he sounds more sincere. Buzzwords secretly redefined? Freedom means the freedom to string up darkies without federal interference? Roadside justice a la the KKK. Wish it weren’t so, wish there was a good as opposed to almost equal evils in terms of choices, but I’m just not seeing any leaders of this country that have any claim at all to balance in most senses of the word.

But he sounds reasonable on some levels, doesn’t he?


Rumors also that Koch spent “dark money” to get him elected. If so or if someone else did, on what? What could have swung that vote?

Similar to this “miracle,” Brat had $206k/spent $122k and Cantor had $5.4M/spent $5M, a ratio of 1:26/1:41ish…


…Iraq has been largely overrun by terrorists. And by terrorists, I mean ISIS, the group of freedom fighters that McCain and Graham and even some Democrats wanted to send troops in to back while they were in Syria. As soon as they crossed the line established by Anglo-Saxon colonialists towards the east, they became terrorists again. Ain’t it grand?

The miraculous part? Two divisions of Iraqi military, 30,000 strong, abandoned their posts to only 800 freedom fig–I mean terrorists!

The Daily Beast, “800 Terrorists Rout 30K Iraqi Soldiers,” 11 June 2014:

Odds: 37.5:1.

Like I said, completely unrelated to any of the stuff up top. So is the rash of shootings and now “Slenderman” stabbings and homeless and San Diego unsolved hit-and-runs {“‘cuz you know shootings might lead to outlawing guns,” says this phenomenon which in no way could possibly be sentient unless it were some crazy domestic cold war utilizing proven research…}.

Now some cool stuff.

Snowden helped a reporter who was having a seizure in NYC via the Internet:

TechDirt, “Ed Snowden Helps A Reporter Having A Seizure While Interviewing Him Remotely,” Mike Masnick, 11 June 2014:

The world would be a better place if we had more caring people like him…

…and the incredible ass-kicking Molly Crabapple:

Vanity Fair, “From Pussy Riot to Snowden: The Dissident Fetish,” Molly Crabapple, 11 June 2014:

No one said a word about Cecily McMillan.

The Organization’s bedrock is its support of writers, but this has always stretched to other political prisoners abroad. It has extended help to foreign composers, translators, editors, and lawyers who have been persecuted for their beliefs. Why not Cecily McMillan, hours after her verdict, miles from where she was held?

Speakers had no words for writer Barrett Brown.

Read the rest. She nails the phonies and those in denial.

Now. You see nothing. You hear nothing. When I snap my fingers you will know nothing.



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