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This is more of a bitchy state of affairs post because I haven’t done one in a while.

The good news: there have been some positive signs regarding courts and inquiries regarding spying. Especially in Canada, but also Germany and even the Disunited States of Bizzaroland south of the Canadian border. Won’t link to all that because this is a complaint post, but the right to online privacy has so far been upheld in Canada, the German government is going to hear from some whistleblowers–but not Snowden–on NSA’s spying program, and some judges are attempting to force various authoritarian nutjob entities to provide stuff they’d just as soon keep secret in the US.

The bad news, moving backwards from the paragraph above is judges have been flipflopping on similar issues already and repeatedly and there is no reason–once one greps the true state of affairs–to think that these other steps forward won’t go the same way without a crystal ball or time machine to check. This is the pattern, over and over again: step forward, distraction, step back. Sometimes there’s not even a distraction. These judgments come and reverse without much notice. And right now we have just about the biggest distraction imaginable in Iraq.

And of course Germany not only has refused to accept Snowden as a guest but also won’t ask him to testify. Additionally, it is–of course!–NSA’s biggest host in the EU. Reports have said Europe but we all know the UK must, if only in spirit, be bigger.

And, O, Canada. I give it two months before those court decisions are reversed.

Why? Let me say it again. I’ve seen every combination of bizarre behavior imaginable. Everything from the very young–no way they work for the IC–to people I’ve known for decades, and I’m a decent observer of human behavior, have a large portion of my brain dedicated to predicting it where people I dealt with on a frequent basis is concerned, all flip and act like completely different people altogether. Whatever it is *, it more or less works without the target being aware of it. In other words, the target believes this change is due to natural causes or simply doesn’t even quite realize it. And I include myself in that. Worked on me as well. The behavior is generally consciously justified one way or another. If it weren’t, more people would be noticing it.

It’s true.

So it’s just a matter of time before the Deep State manages those darn Canadian magistrates and they join the fascist hivemind. As I’ve noted time and time again, there is typically a narrative sold to those who have their thinking altered. That is, they are given a reason, an excuse, to change their minds. The coatrack, I refer to it as. Something to hang their sneaky, subliminal hat on.

And that, in turn, sometimes requires surveillance in order to build a psych profile of the individuals being targeted by it.

The question is, why do they always seem to believe the phony IC narrative?

The whole nazi wet cream dream requires all or most of the cloak-and-dagger pieces in order to operate. The surveillance is in part justified from the bizarre behavior, violent statements of people, and the violent statements are sometimes the result of the treatment received from the psych profiles developed by the surveillance.

Somebody damn well knows this is true.

On a personal note, this was a lot easier to cope with when I was crazier. Really, don’t underestimate the power of a good delusion…it can get you through a difficult-if-not-impossible situation. Sinking boats and a lack of atheists aboard is I think the old addage that I’m going for, or almost.

But there’s no getting through. Not to anyone who hasn’t on the one hand been through this or similar, or those {and really, I mean no offense, see again what I said regarding a good delusion} inclined to believe most anything anyway. There’s a very dangerous selfish element to all of this, and that means setting good examples are extremely hard to find.

“Why should I take the high road?” your average legislator thinks. “Everyone else is doing it.”

And by ‘it’ I mean taking corporate money and IC favors and selling out their constituents. Citizens United isn’t even the only, maybe not the worst, thing the Judiciary is up to. They’ve been quietly rewriting their decisions after they’ve been issued. Not shitting you, google it.

You see, the US system was supposed to consist of three opposing branches. Now they all work for the same goals: me-me-me. It’s broken.

So is the mainstream media. The preposterous things coming out over anything, especially the softball questions thrown at the failure-architects of the Iraq nation-building fiasco ** just make you wonder why networks and major papers don’t just do away with hosts and reporters and just give Wolfowitz, Bolton, and Feith The View and let the Cheneys have their own newspaper columns with editorial control in all major newspapers.

But back to the point, it essentially means that it is not Obama’s, nor any other President’s, job to curtail Executive power. That’s true: it is the job of the other two branches and a citizenry informed by responsible journalists. What happens when the Executive becomes so powerful that, in partnership with private corporate interests, he controls those other pieces of the system as well? Doesn’t matter who gets elected. Doesn’t change that fact. ***

The system is more broken than you think. Without accepting that, how can it ever be fixed?

* An article I recently discovered includes some additional info about acoustic psycho-correction and the US companies that bought the patents and partnered with the Russians in order to completely subvert and then destroy democracy as we know it:

Spy magazine Vol. 9 No. 4, pp. 58-64, “Killing Them Softly,” Jeff Stein, July/August 1995:

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, Russian scientists have been kindly sharing the technology with their American counterparts in the FBI, CIA, and other military agencies. According to Defense Electronics, a closer observer of the weapons trade, the Russians actually sold patents on some of their “mind-control technology” to the Psychotechnologies Corporation, which is a Richmond, Virginia, firm with close ties to the U.S. government.

“The Russian side has agreed to provide all support necessary to re-create current [psycho-correction] capability in the U.S., and to upgrade capability using U.S. components and computer programmers,” said an internal Psychotechnologies Corp. memorandum on the deal, according to a Defense Electronics article in July 1993. “All necessary developmental and existing algorithms will be provided by the Russian side.”

The importation of formerly Communist mind-control techniques has intrigued many high rollers. Janet Morris, of the Global Strategy Council–a Washington-based think tank established by, among others, ex-senior CIA official Ray Cline–has been a key liaison between U.S. and Russian officials. At Quantico, Virginia, a windowless brick building houses the Community Resources Group, headquarters for the U.S. intelligence effort to exploit the weapons knowledge of Russian defectors.

The article is notable for not being quite entirely accurate by switching from psycho-correction to incapacitating options a bit too seamlessly.

This one, likewise, confuses acoustic psycho-correction–which uses static or white noise to send out subliminal suggestions that the target is unaware of–with a so-called mindreading contract with Homeland Security in which people are shown photos and they measure the response in order to try to pick out terrorists, kind of like a polygraph:

WIRED, “The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract,” Sharon Weinberger, 20 September 2007:

This article is not about acoustic psycho-correction. It is merely that A} Igor Smirnov’s widow–yeah, he’s dead–tried to present and bid on the DHS project and, B} a liar involved with this technology, John B. Alexander along with Janet Morris, tried to obfuscate the issue. Alexander also shows up towards the end of the previous article.

** Based on the rout mentioned in the post below, apparently you have to stay in Iraq until the human race evolves, which I figure only 10,000 years or so, maybe 80 if you figure in major transhumanism as evolution. If only the a-holes suggesting so would pay for it, it would at least seem less like the Treasury hold-up robbery that it actually is.

*** Of course I also don’t personally care. It’s like saying, “Not to worry, Mr. Knall. You were tortured and ruined by people who just didn’t have anything to prevent them doing so. You see it was a glitch…”

F—. All. Of. Them.


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