Those Times I Kicked the CIA’s Ass

Newcomers, possibly even longtime readers, may wonder at times why I write what I write here, why have I come to some of the conclusions to which I have come, and why I fully believe that if people don’t bone up on the history of the CIA and others within the IC and the private sector that operates symbiotically with it, there is no point in attempting to alter anything that really matters.

It was my plan to make this a longer post, but instead I’ll just make a couple of quick links before diving in to what the title of this post is really about. It’s long enough.

{Sorry for all the linkage. Don’t have to click them all. A sampling will do.}

No. 1: read again Mike Lofgren’s “Anatomy of the Deep State.” You have got to start realizing that not much is as it seems, that deception, disinformation, lies, and worse all pervade, infect, undermine, corrupt, and ultimately destroy democracy, debate, “protected” speech, journalism, legal proceedings, SCOTUS decisions, elections, defense attorneys, the right to address grievances with the government, and even the right to breathe without simply being deemed unfit to live, b’bye.

No. 2, see what happened just recently to the man who wrote this. Again, stop pretending there’s a significant difference between the Cheney-Bush administration and the Clapper-Obama administration. The difference is wafer thin and only designed around a few, admittedly important, issues to make them seem different. There are no “centrists” in government when it comes to covert ops and leaving the disenfranchised behind in favor of the Oligarchs. On that, they agree. Democrats can talk and talk and depend on the Republicans to stop whatever it is they pretend to want to alter. It’s a great scam.

If you’re a democrat or a Democrat, a liberal or progressive, you should really rethink the kinds of people you think have your back. Really you should, because while the left hand trumpets transparency, the right hand is secretly deciding how to murder you. Especially if you think help is on the way in ’16.

My story does not begin here, but it does really become obvious that something strange was happening.

After a strange series of events following an attempt to create a graphic novel, and then a gambit to jump to the head of the class by pimping the story idea to a man who said one day he’d like another shot at Batman, a close friend brought me a copy of a scifi book. He, earlier this year, confirmed to me that he had purchased it on the recommendation of a clerk at a Brooklyn Barnes & Noble.

What lead to this unexpected gift was the strange events on the heels of the IC outsourcing story. A broken apartment lock. A pretend/aborted hit and run at an intersection near my home. A strange anonymous email claiming I was being watched {and I’ve wondered more than once if that wasn’t Chelsea Manning who sent it}. A pair of men watching my apartment from across a basketball court who then proceeded to do a driveby of the apartment after they made sure that I noticed them.

All of which put me in the dumps. Clearly, something was wrong but unable to believe at the time that even the Cheney-Bush administration would go to those extremes, I assumed I had ruined my first impression with an actor/producer whom I admired.

And still do, by the way. That I’m so justifiably critical of his personal friend in the White House doesn’t alter that. {By the way, I hope he got the apology letter sent in early 2012. I also sent one to the scifi writer in question and then forgot to ask him if he received it a few months later when I spoke to him in person. Sent it via a local bookstore, though I noticed that it moved since it served as a method of receiving checks for the author’s defense fund. This latter letter, unfortunately, must have arrived about the same time that the author’s cat died}.

That weirdness kind of behind me, my pal offered me the book to read to cheer me up. In the background prior and concurrent with this, I had a person in my social circle who worked at Booz Allen Hamilton and, I would later discover, a woman who worked there living in the same building that my partner and I had moved into. As I’ve noted many times, I not only met investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill at a function, but then later realized we lived in the same neighborhood. This was after the graphic novel attempt which was partly based on his work as well as Syriana.

I read the book, enjoyed it, and found an entire trilogy and several short stories by the same author already written and available via the Creative Commons license. I devoured those and started lurking on his blog, then eventually jumped in on some of the conversations and even sending science articles from time to time, mostly as a gentle nudge to complete the sequel.

Some months after this I noted on the blog that he wanted to do a coffee meet up with fans in Toronto. My partner working for massive government spying outfit Google at the time, so money wasn’t really an issue. He had expressed a desire to vacation somewhere. I imagined driving and taking the dogs, doing the vacation, and doing the meet up.

Then the author mentioned coming to the US to help another professor relocate. He would be away from the blog for a few days he said. He’d also recently met a woman in a bar who suggested he start getting his name out more.

Then came the Squidgate event, a complete foul-up on the Blue Water Bridge that separates Port Huron, Michigan from Sarnia, Ontario. An exit search went bad, the author got beaten, pepper-sprayed and arrested. Ultimately the US government dropped the charges but the state of Michigan, with a democratic governor at the time, proceeded with it. That the author had two rental cars break down in a row resulting in the attempted crossing back to Canada coinciding with the Open Government Directive release, was interesting. Especially since, as noted above, the same democratic administration was secretly attempting to kill a US citizen by drone that same month and later wrote up the legal justifications for it citing an Israeli court decision among other bizarre legal wrangling. How can I view that as anything more than Machiavellian deceit? Seem like you care about rights and openness while collecting * all data transmissions and planning assassinations?

This lead to an incredible amount of psychological harassment and the rapid evaporation of my prior life. Job loss, partner loss, sanity loss, reputation loss, you name it…gone in a puff of cloak-and-dagger smoke.

Designed to provoke a violent reaction. They framed a DHS border guard’s family for the arson of a friend’s home. They let it become obvious that they had made one of my dogs so ill that she had to be put down after many expensive attempts to correct the problem: a mysterious thing where her white blood cells were eating her red blood cells. Later, this same phenomena would claim my grandmother’s life and on the flight back after visiting her for the last time, my flight was diverted due to a sick passenger. This was also the mother of my uncle, a Marine in Vietnam.

Those are just a few highlights of literally hundreds of things. There is little comfort in knowing that the FBI will only investigate such things to know what’s going on, to use the results for their own political infighting purposes, and then to cover it up as they have in the Matt Dehart case for example. It merely screams that this is a Twilight Zone like hell created by the people we depend on and trust for our safety and liberty. Just recently, they ensured that several sex workers would have to use less safe methods of supporting themselves under the guise of stopping child trafficking. That’s pure rightwing AND Tea Party agenda. One of TP’s gripes: government protects undesirables, including prostitutes. And yet they go right on hating Obama and he goes right on doing what they want. Makes no sense. Looks more like Obama and Koch are the best of pals than what we are constantly led to believe.

The CIA ran rings that trafficked four, five, and six year olds for decades:


Where are the arrests? Where are the whistleblowers telling us why there were no arrests? That’s one of dozens or hundreds of indicators that both of these institutions are irrevocably broken and must be shut down and rebuilt from the ground up while ending essential NATSEC outsourcing and eradicating the largely wasteful non-essential altogether.

And why should I be surprised? This is what we do overseas, to brown people. Of course one day they’d import their dirty wars…it’s the only way to increase the market share, which is ultimately all they care about.

So of course the Obama administration would pick up where the Bush administration left off and try to turn me into a domestic terrorist. Of course they would torture me using the same methods they used on Shaker Aamer and people like Donald Friedman.

Of course there is no way out except the ways these unbelievably evil, selfish men and women desire: lash out or check out. David and Goliath is a fairy tale. They have planned for this war since WWII and when they felt that they were ready for all resistance, any countermeasures, they started it.

The real story here is that they do this overseas. This is where Al Qaeda came from during the 1980s when men like Graham Fuller trained them, and more recently when Syrian “freedom fighters” were trained in Jordan to become “terrorists” in Iraq.

This is what they do. These pockets of militia, radicals, even Bundy Ranch defenders, don’t come from nothing. They come from decades of building a body of knowledge on how to manipulate groups and individuals.

That’s why it’s so important to see what it was they’ve been studying.

I don’t expect a grand expose on this. It’s been said that to become a famous actor that you need 50 lucky breaks in a row. I expect it’s the same when it comes to exposing extremely illegal and un-American operations occurring on US soil.

Especially when you understand that the fix is in, that each lucky break is hunted down post-haste and drowned in a barrel of bullshit. Every day. Every time.

What I do hope is that people will at least come to understand the breadth and scope of what can be done, what is being done, and why understanding that is crucial. Because while you’re stomping out a small brushfire, these people are gleefully lighting up the forest, and it is clearly not for your safety that they do so.

Oh, right. Point of post. Despite their best attempts at provoking a violent response at the sentencing hearing when they let the frameup of the border guard’s family be known nor since with all the pressure currently being applied financially on the people I currently share a house with, nor all the dirty tricks this decrepit evil, self-serving government and its corporate partners have mustered. Didn’t happen. Won’t happen.

Now if I just knew why that really is. I suppose it’s the ultimate act of defiance: understanding what your torturers want and not doing that. Or something.

In closing, I suspect there are those who would say that you can explain anything with MKULTRA. My counter to that is to ask them to adequately verbalize why that is. This program and all its subprojects and spinoff programs were aimed at hacking every single aspect of your life. Voting, child personality development, discrediting critics, and traceless murder and mayhem to name a few. That’s no accident.


* The NSA definition of “collection” requires action on the data. In other words, when you hear a politician, bureaucrat, or pundit use “collection” and say that they aren’t, they are deceiving you. What they mean is, they aren’t processing all that they collect. They save everything that they can to hard drives. They are in essence saying, “Trust us, we won’t look,” even though Edward Snowden made it clear that NSA contractors can walk in, access that data, and walk out without NSA even noticing.

Again…Booz Allen Hamilton. Twice.


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