MKULTRA Subproject 107, Sky Penis Edition

Some feedback on the previous post with regards to subproject 107. What appeared to have been “World” redacted may have instead been “Amer-” redacted. Darn those hyphens.

Here’s some old coverage regarding CIA infiltrating the APA during the Cold War.

APA Monitor, pp. 1, 10-11, “CIA’s Behavior Caper,” Patricia Greenfield, December 1977:

This gets even worse when you consider APA’s ambivalence towards modern day torture:

Counterpunch, “APA Fails to Sanction Psychologist in Guantanamo Torture Case,” Steve Reisner, Roy Eidelson, Stephen Soldz, Brad Olson, Jean Maria Arrigo and Trudy Bond, 11 February 2014:

APA Ethics Committee, “No Defense for Torture,” June 2009:

Credit for pointing out the old article goes to California-based psychologist Jeffrey Kaye {@jeff_kaye}. Besides being something of an expert on not only the use of German scientists and their research from WWII but also the perhaps even more frightening Japanese counterparts who experimented extensively on Chinese POWs with some of the most horrifying diseases known to man, he also has co-written articles with H.P. Albarelli, author of A Terrible Mistake, and Jason Leopold {@JasonLeopold}, whose work you really should be following. Self-described “FOIA terrorist” has been at it with CIA, FBI, NSA, and others and has been covering some of the more interesting things that aren’t getting the coverage they deserve.

For example, a former CIA officer attempted for some time to blow the whistle on extraordinary rendition and, among others who also ignored it, Hillary “Snowden and Manning could have used proper channels plus my favorite book is the Bible and that’s not for political purposes” Clinton helped stonewall Sabrina De Sousa {@Sadiso}.

AJAM, “Exclusive: Scapegoating the whistleblower,” Jason Leopold, 26 June 2014:

In case you haven’t at least heard me or someone else say so, the top Dems are Republicans on 97% of issues and those 3% are carefully crafted to make you their portion of the ever-split and duped tribal population think otherwise.

“Can’t you see the difference?”

Quick shout out to Katrina vanden Heuvel for not being a warmonger and calling out the neocons.

Can you be considered a lover of freedom, support gay marriage, and be a warmongering, cloak-and-dagger addict? I don’t think you can. It’s as incongruous as the ultra-far Right’s love of money and God at the same time. Doesn’t work according to the rules that they themselves set forward and claim as theirs.

But back to Jeff, John Schindler, NWCPhD, once called him a Marxist Genocidaire or similar for I think pointing out that the neonazis in the Ukraine are US trained and funded. I think that’s a badge of honor.

{Photo credit: @CultOfNatSec}


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