Alex Jones and Stratfor

If you can get past the overboard laying it all on the Jews, read the rest of the reblogged post below. He lays out part of the case that, yeah…Alex Jones works with or for CIA subcontractor Stratfor. The Neocons, for example, are largely not Jewish, and are also largely responsible for the destruction of democracy such as it was in the US.

In addition to that post, you can check out the copy and pasted portion of a deleted LinkedIn resume of a person he hired that includes work at Stratfor in post #7 here, Molly Maroney:

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Information Services industry
October 2009 – January 2011 (1 year 4 months)

You can also note the deleted vids from Google’s YouTube, though they may have been the double-back switcheroo touting the wrong Alex Jones.

Which, the way these people think, was done by them to stay out in front of the truth coming out. That is, present a false version {A.E.Jones was Stratfor’s webmaster} of a story that actually draws a true conclusion {A.E.Jones has connections to Stratfor/CIA}, debunk the false evidence {different Alex Jones was Stratfor’s webmaster}, and if the truth is discovered {A.E.Jones does have connections to Stratfor}, it gets drowned out because “it was debunked.”

You can also read the somewhat prophetic or nearly-there comment in post #4. What Jones does is rile people up and present them to the Deep State for screwing over. This is very similar to what the Minerva program seems to be about. Harry Reid labeling the Bundy Ranchers as domestic terrorists gets us part way there. DoD’s Minerva targeting Occupy should make the rest clear.

Some bot-like parroting jackass on Twitter last night was almost correct on this: those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Almost, because despite not having a history to point to, the military industrial complex was beaten back during the war in Vietnam despite or because of, Watergate, COINTELPRO, MKULTRA, MOCKINGBIRD, MHCHAOS, etc. But this younger generation, like all of them, think they have it all figured out and don’t see these same goddam ops happening except on steroids. The goal this time is much larger and the tools have over half a century being sharpened.

The sheep graphic in the post below, not too far off the mark.


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