Hey! Pinsker! F*** You

TIME, “Bloggers, Surveillance and Obama’s Orwellian State,” Justin Lynch, 11 July 2014:


The issue I’m raising here concerns the following passage out of the article:

Matthew Pinsker, a professor of history at Dickinson College, pointed out that this “new” form of journalism is a throwback to previous models that did not value objectivity and impartiality. In some ways, bloggers use the same practices of 19th Century pamphleteers, where anybody with a hand-crank could stand on a corner and shout to a group of people.

If these bloggers can’t hold themselves to the same standards of journalists in the 20th Century, “maybe the Obama administration is justified in pursuing leakers in a harsher way,” Pinsker said.

Where to begin? Perhaps working backwards.

Last, Pinskey is saying that because we the people have the right to free speech, that the White House has the right to punish people who bring fraud, theft, waste, criminality forward to help improve the system, stem abuse of power by asking the other branches of government to do their jobs by functioning in the designed check-and-balance way as intended, and save the tax payers money.

Here’s a leak that had nothing to do with national security, and yet the whistleblower saw retribution such as described here, and, by the way, has been subject to the very same NLW harassment that Shaker Aamer, Donald Friedman, and I have been.

Truly, the only way to interpret Karpinsker’s statement is to see that he considers the only crime to be criticism of government, not what government actually does.

“The same standard of journalists…” Here, one may wonder if Pinko isn’t actually a comedian.

Does he mean that time that Dick Cheney planted stories in the New York Times through access-journalist Judith Miller regarding Iraq and its WMD capabilities, and then turned around and quoted the story his office planted on NBC‘s Meet the Press as if it were written completely independent of them in order to trick the American public, and sell with lies, the invasion of Iraq? Is that what Pinky is referring to in the TIME piece?

Maybe that’s ancient history to Hinckley. Surely, he didn’t miss Diane Sawyer, just two nights ago, on ABC showing scenes of Gaza being destroyed by Israeli strikes and then stating that it was Israel being struck by Palestinians.

Likely he didn’t miss this at all, but did miss the apology. After all, ABC and Diane Sawyer called it an “error,” and by doing so showed that they considered it damage control in the middle of performing propaganda on behalf of US Christian radicals who support Israel with financing, punditry, and calling it a nation blessed by God and later at night praying that He will come back to destroy it as they believe He eventually will per some interpretation of something I refuse to look up {Gasp! Bloggers are just such bad, bad people.}

And then there’s the possibility that it’s all a pretense to steal gas or at least cut it off because there is a shortage. But there I go bucking the big media dogs like the evil blogger that I am.

Or maybe the good professor just thinks that’s ancient history as well. Fortunately, he can keep up with claims on news almost as soon as they happen.

Yes. The world can see our example, the bright and blinding light of the Sun, in our high–oh-so-high– journalistic standards  as exhibited by the  American mainstream media.


In fact, someone should write a book on this subject. In fact, someone did. In fact, that journalist is in isolation last I read, after an issue between other prisoners and an abusive guard. In fact, he shares a cell with a man who is a self-described religious radical with no air conditioning in Texas in July. Is that what the passage means about treatment of whistleblowers? Mr. Brown is a journalist.

Doctor of Divinity Huckabee clearly now has us on the ropes with his harsh treatment being deserved for using words argument. Will we be able to bounce back?

Fortunately, Zamboney-Huckleberry-Moon-Master-of-Zeta-V is right about one thing. This newfangled infernal contraption called the printing press could lead to “ideas” being printed on pamphlets. Then, God forbid, people might actually accept one and not immediately dispose of it in the nearest garbage bin–as commanded by Jesus Christ. Then, out of some whimsy, perhaps due to drink or demonic possession, they might read it!

And where would we be then?


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