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Unfortunately most of this tale is still in the can’t-talk-about-it category, but here’s a few hints:

Evidence of conspiracy against Squidgate juror’s husband. For real.

Conspirators sicced law enforcement on them claiming fear of violence. This occurred while I was in Chicago.

Results of this latter part are mixed. Resulted in a few visits to Ye Olde Courthouse, one of which I tagged along for moral support. However, the second was timed such that I could not be there. But it turned out okay.

Additionally, I myself was pulled over because I was driving her car. Let me go after asking who car belonged to. Message much?

In any case, things aren’t as bad as that may seem at least at present. Especially funny that the emails proving it all wound up being discoverable in the first place.

What does it mean? First, Federal assholes are clearly hoping I’ll waste a lot of time going after Local and State assholes. Wish in one hand…

The first problem is power. Regardless who has it, it goes to their heads and the results resemble a Soviet bloc stasi-state. And it starts at the top and with any sufficiently aged institution with power over others.

Second one is of course climate change. It’s open season on the 99%. That adage about the wealthy not leaving anything to eat but the rich forgets that the rich will first see to it that we eat each other. That’s what your government and its corporate pals do with every step. It’s so we can keep our oligarchs in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed without all these peasants sucking up “their” air and water. They don’t actually care who dies, as long as it’s several somebodies.

Really, that’s all of it. The rest is window dressing for the terminally braindead, motivation for reactionaries within the Deep State and divisors for the rest of us, distractions from the men behind the curtains.


(Remind you of anything, Janus?).

The Seven Seals of Doom

Draw all chalk arrows towards The Deep State.

I. The Revolving Door – no longer is merit based on performance towards goals of protecting American interests as the public has been led to view them but rather those of NATSEC and multinational corporations. Government employees create needs and then go out into the private sector and win bids for the need created inside. It’s an incestuous cycle that burns through tax dollars at an alarming and NATSEC threatening rate but receives no criticism from many so-called fiscal conservatives.

Perhaps not unrelated, political donations from many Top Secret America companies are considered classified and not subject to public scrutiny.

II. The Private NATSEC Corporation – besides the cycle described above, these companies have been known to target private citizens engaged in Constitutionally protected First Amendment activities as well as those seeking redress through the civil court system.

Then there is the general question of government responsibility and hiding in the private sector:

WaPo, “Massachusetts SWAT teams claim they’re private corporations, immune from open records laws,” Radley Balko, 26 July 2014:

III. Mission Creep – unable to support itself under the excuses for under which it was expanded, Top Secret America and the Department of Defense itself expanded their missions to include stifling dissent over financial crimes. This has been shown to include MINERVA, which grew out of the banking crisis, interestingly. Banks almost cripple world economy and DoD response is to create MINERVA targeting American people for manipulation. What’s wrong with this picture?

Programs and tools like those exposed by Edward Snowden and Jeremy Hammond/Barrett Brown present a large temptation for freedom-haters within government and the private sector. Tartan and Trapwire, for example, are the propagandist’s wet dream. These kinds of sockpuppet software packages make it possible to alter public perception by leveraging a few operatives to make them seem like an entire crowd, a majority.

Unfortunately, nearly all human beings over estimate their own intelligence and those of lower intelligence tend to over estimate theirs more. People believe that they are not susceptible to being manipulated, would know if it were being done to them.

IV. Surveillance, Propaganda, PSYOPs – these items, combined with the tools already mentioned above, make this manipulation easier. Even manipulation of NATSEC and law enforcement employees is accomplished, resulting in perhaps the rash of shootings we’ve seen, especially of homeless, mentally ill, and minorities. Radical opinions, whether ISIS, the Tea Party, or the Ferguson PD, did not appear out of thin air.

Duke Cummingham John McCain with the same people who recently cut off a reporter’s head.

“People like this ultimately fail.” –Barack Obama



Some liberal media will go through long-winded cultural and social explanations for situations like that in Ferguson, Missouri, twisting their spines into pretzels, resulting in “magic bullet theories” designed to sound too complex for mere mortals to grasp.

Compete horseshit. It’s Deep State propaganda.

It should be noted that this is exactly what Cass Sunstein suggested should be done: to create a false picture of reality by creating conspiracy theories covertly and then to use the excuse that people hold anti-government views to take away rights and arrest those so manipulated.

V. Loss of Narrative Control – like the government, a large, overwhelming portion of the mainstream media caters to the Deep State, the multinational, and not to the interests of the average citizen. The narrative becomes “if you don’t give up your rights to let us protect you, you will die.” Fear becomes the reason, rational thought perishes before it and is short-circuited by images of boogeymen ravaging in our heads.

VI. Hypocrisy – The Military Industrial Complex, not just an American phenomenon, arms as many sides in all conflicts as possible and then owns politicians like Peter King of New York {see end of article}:

NYTimes, “In Washington, Second Thoughts On Arming Police,” Matt Apuzzo and Michael S. Schmidt, 23 August 2014:

While on the other hand politicians decry use of these weapons and even people trained by NATO like ISIS and Al Qaeda. This is the biggest scam in human history I think, setting up villains and then knocking them down. Of course that’s been CIA’s primary occupation on the operations side since its inception.

This has created a situation where more chaos equals more profit combined with sectors wielding so much power that they can create it on a whim and win-win while everyone else loses-loses.

VII. Rise of the Psychopath – as above with corporate America, so below with the government and the intelligence community. Sociopaths. I have nothing against them personally, it is a human condition and cannot be helped any more than other personality traits.

But at least since the 1990s it has been reported that sociopaths now excel within large companies. It is in part a factor of being able to lay people off or dump toxic waste without remorse, but also the drive to do better than the previous fiscal year as a result of that being the requirement from Wall Street to see positive stock results. Interestingly, this has gone beyond the fiduciary responsibility of protecting stock holders and now corporate officers frequently defraud stock holders for their own, personal financial gain.

Insert Jurassic-Parking vampires back into existence metaphor here.

Additionally, corporations are people with protected “civil rights” and people are objects to be used, abused, exploited in turf wars between agencies and political parties. There is no moral high ground in any of these sectors being occupied. The scandal, the crime, is the covert civil war itself, not simply what the war is about.

Pseudocidal Tendencies

And I’d let that lonesome whistle,
Blow my Blues away

–The Man in Black

“You’re a professional shit-disturber.”
–Walter Matthau, Survivors

RIP Robin Williams. Besides the obvious, Williams was an activist. He was one of the few speaking out against Reaganomics when it was happening. “For every new millionaire,” he said, “seven or eight other people are going down the tubes,” or words to that effect.

No, no, no, no, no.

Yes. There is no Illuminati. There is a CIA, DIA, NATO, a host of contractors, Top Secret America, and a Deep State.

See again the mind affecting tech tab at top. We saw it with Aaron Swartz and others as I’ve suggested here many times. They tried it on me, many, many times which is why I’m not guessing–I know. I also appreciate that that does not qualify as proof for you. Best I can do without an insider whistleblower.

But prove it isn’t. Surveillance provides peoples’ medical information, therapy, purchases. The rest is providing plausible deniability. The only things I can see standing between most of us and acceptance is ignorance of history and methods {MINERVA, MKULTRA, etc.} and they “wouldn’t do that” {wishful thinking}.

And removing social forces and demoralizing humanitarians are not the only motives for driving people to suicide:, “Murder-suicide claims Christie team member, spouse,” AP, 9 August 2014:

And how different is this from making a group of people you’ve had access to for decades fly planes into buildings? My comment here:

Forget for a moment everything you’ve heard about conspiracy theories regarding 9/11. Like watching stage magic, it’s sometimes the “how could it be done?” that serves as impediment to accepting that maybe it was.

First, one needs to understand the post WWII history of the United States. There’s the stuff we are all familiar with, Eisenhower’s military-industrial-(Congressional) complex for example. The “Red Scare” served as fear motivator for spending and for civil rights abuses like COINTELPRO.

In addition, some American industrialists still resented the New Deal and considered it Communist. Fred Koch, father of Charles and David, cofounded The John Birch Society which considered anyone and anything who didn’t agree with its extreme oligarchy friendly views to likewise be Communist.

All of this served to create the foundation of what is now referred to as the Deep State. The Deep State is, at its core, an unholy alliance between the US intelligence community and Wall Street. There are numerous private contractors and estimates on how IC money is spent today suggests 70% of it is outsourced.

9/11, as NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake’s superior told him in 2001, was a gift to the IC. Fear again motivated and drove industry. The problem, of course, there simply aren’t enough terrorists and therefore work to keep the Top Secret America machine, which though it has had members such as Carlyle Group’s Booz Allen Hamilton since 1917, grew exponentially after 9/11.

Meanwhile, hardliners among the Joint Chiefs and the CIA, seeing the economic improvements of the 90s, saw that Americans were losing their stomach for war. Limited, typically airstrike, conflicts were all that the US public would tolerate. In their view, climate change and peak oil around the corner, that had to change.

Osama Bin Laden was, at least in 1987, a US-backed “freedom fighter” working against the Soviets in Afghanistan. This is especially important because the CIA has in the FAQ of their website a statement claiming that they never maintained a working relationship with him. Forgetting for a moment how they may have had attorneys define the words that they used, it’s a blatant falsehood. The events of the film, though altered for dramatic purposes, Charlie Wilson’s War, depict what should be common knowledge: the US trained and armed the mujaheddin as proxies against the Soviets for much of the 1980s.

In the 1990s, the Taliban visited the US, made contact with energy corporations, and sought to become the recognized governmental authority of Afghanistan. Clinton considered, but refused, we are told, because Hillary mentioned the Taliban’s abysmal human rights record especially where women are concerned. This refusal later resulted in a failed assassination attempt in Asia.

Now the history of the CIA. After WWII, when the OSS was transitioning to become the Agency, Nazis were brought over to aid the fight against Communism. They went to work in various places…rocket technology, propaganda at Voice of America:

…and at Fort Detrick on project MK/Ultra. In reality, MK/Ultra was several projects, that included things like “negro attitudes,” child personality development, mental illness, all sorts of drugs and substances, delivery methods of same, voting decisions, and lots more.

Some of the more disturbing things that came out of this and similar programs took decades to see the light of day. There is still a great deal we don’t know. In 1995, some victims testified before Congress as related to human radiation experiments. It become clear that the programs that the US Senate assured us had ended in the 1960s continued much later.

Note that one subject, who was a young girl at the time, was used by Dr. Luther Wilson Greene to blackmail decision makers when he and his team feared that funding might dry up. This is one small glimpse into the power, the corruption, and audacity of some of the people we assume are subject to Congressional oversight.

While the results, from what I can tell…I have become an amateur historian on behavioral modification, were not what we might expect from watching Hollywood films, the obvious is true: if you are able to inflict enough pain on a person, you can generally get them to take some course of action that they normally would not. In addition, merely isolating and traumatizing a person–that alone!–can cause mental illness and hallucinations. Apparently, human beings did not evolve to live alone.

This entire body of knowledge from human experimentation that we still to this day don’t know the full story of.

What do we have so far? Motive: financial. And I haven’t even mentioned how Afghan heroin exports went from less than 200 tons a year to nearly 6,000 from 2001 to 2012. The Russians largely enjoyed profiting from it before 9/11, so you can get an idea why they’re a little sore at us, though according to one analyst at Boiling Frogs Post, NATO throws the Russians a piece of the action.

We also have psychological profile: they brought in and learned from actual Nazis and passed this “wisdom” down. Some of the things done are nearly unbelievable to most people, even as what happened at Auschwitz had been.

We have opportunity. The CIA, the Pentagon, and NATO itself, had access to people like Osama Bin Laden and other men who became leaders in All Qaeda.

That leaves weapon. Here’s where it gets confusing. Rather than explain it, I’ll just link you to a pair of articles regarding a technology that the FBI consulted with some Russian scientists on in 1993 when they sought solutions to the David Koresh/Branch Davidian/Waco standoff. Pay particular attention to how the CIA had been tracking Smirnov since the early 1980s. The US obviously had something similar. There’s more, but I’m attempting to keep this brief.

In addition, as the OP noted, Al Qaeda struck back in part due to the US’ own violent tendencies. This is, to the kinds of people orchestrate these false-flag operations, a feature, not a bug. The more trouble that they stir up, the more attention it gets, the more unquestioned tax dollars they steal. Part of behavioral modification is making existence so unbearable that desperation and emotion makes the target easier to manipulate.

As to who… The 9/11 Commission Report itself mentions the behavior of several senior officers. Among these, A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard. Again, I’ll let you read it for yourself. Also note that Buzzy’s brother was Inspector General at CIA and that he did not recuse himself.

In addition, both brothers were instrumental in getting Erik Prince’s Blackwater a no-bid contract:

Note that Prince is the son of a founder of the Religious Right movement. {Many of the aforementioned attitudes have historical precedents and get passed down generationally.}

Some may also recall that Cofer Black was Mitt Romney’s foreign policy expert during the 2012 campaign. Is it any wonder then he wanted to double the size of Gitmo?

Then there’s Graham Fuller, a CIA officer who worked, guess where, Afghanistan during the 1980s. Most interesting there, Fuller was married into the Boston Marathon bombers/Tsarnaev family for a time:

Why might that be relevant?

In the news now, it becomes obvious that the CIA is falling on its sword for Bush and Cheney by taking full blame, or most of it, for torture. But see the difference just days before the Boston Marathon attack?

There is Deep State malfeasance happening around us all the time. It is disguised as accident or the oppositional actions of others by design. How to tell the difference is not easy.

Destructive? Yes. But what is destructive to the Deep State is good for America, the 99%, and Occupy.

My draft “Activist’s Primer on Counter-Intelligence”:

Chris Knall

Wrap your head around it. Your survival may depend on it. Jussayin.

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