BBD – Follow the Golden Brick Road

Unfortunately most of this tale is still in the can’t-talk-about-it category, but here’s a few hints:

Evidence of conspiracy against Squidgate juror’s husband. For real.

Conspirators sicced law enforcement on them claiming fear of violence. This occurred while I was in Chicago.

Results of this latter part are mixed. Resulted in a few visits to Ye Olde Courthouse, one of which I tagged along for moral support. However, the second was timed such that I could not be there. But it turned out okay.

Additionally, I myself was pulled over because I was driving her car. Let me go after asking who car belonged to. Message much?

In any case, things aren’t as bad as that may seem at least at present. Especially funny that the emails proving it all wound up being discoverable in the first place.

What does it mean? First, Federal assholes are clearly hoping I’ll waste a lot of time going after Local and State assholes. Wish in one hand…

The first problem is power. Regardless who has it, it goes to their heads and the results resemble a Soviet bloc stasi-state. And it starts at the top and with any sufficiently aged institution with power over others.

Second one is of course climate change. It’s open season on the 99%. That adage about the wealthy not leaving anything to eat but the rich forgets that the rich will first see to it that we eat each other. That’s what your government and its corporate pals do with every step. It’s so we can keep our oligarchs in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed without all these peasants sucking up “their” air and water. They don’t actually care who dies, as long as it’s several somebodies.

Really, that’s all of it. The rest is window dressing for the terminally braindead, motivation for reactionaries within the Deep State and divisors for the rest of us, distractions from the men behind the curtains.


(Remind you of anything, Janus?).


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