For the time being, only self-hosted and WordPress VIPs can embed storifies, a multimedia tool that is often used to show a series of posts and/or tweets.

Here’s a typical twitter exchange for me, though I note fewer and fewer people are willing to engage me at all. Refreshing when they do.

I bothered to do this because I created a Storify account, had considered storifying this, but decided to sit it out. This fellow did it for us, though:

As you can see, we already do have other organizations that we helped to create or at least watered and added fertilizer. The Defense and NATSEC industries thrive on problems and their immense influence and power results in them getting their way as well as a mainstream media that not only sucks up to them…

The Intercept, “The CIA’s Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication,” Ken Silverstein, 4 September 2014:

Not only completely blurs the lines between public/private, government/business:

The Intercept, “The U.S. Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations,” Glenn Greenwald, 5 September 2014:

…between security and spying…

PandoDaily *, “Hall of Mirrors: Wikileaks volunteer helped build Tor, was funded by the Pentagon,” Yasha Levine, 22 July 2014:

…between protest and corporate agenda…

PandoDaily, “Uhhhh… Occupy Google gets help with “messaging” from Google-funded Silicon Valley think tank,” Yasha Levine, 30 June 2014:

PandoDaily, “Yes, Google works with “former military operations people.” But they won’t tell us who, or from where,” Yasha Levine, 24 June 2014:

All that’s missing, and really it isn’t, are religious institutions. These are virtual Godzillas and they’re stomping around, using your house for scratching the bottom of their feet, your bones to clean their toenails. Your rights are insignificant to them as they look down and watch the ants scurry and hide.

In closing, an intercepted recording from a meeting…actually several…in Silicon Valley, Virginia, and Wall Street practically simultaneously.

“How can we really get control over people…in meatspace?”

“Well, the Internet has rewired brains to store memory in the Cloud…Maybe we can make them forget how to drive.”

“And by taking that responsibility away, murder them at our convenience or use the threat of ‘car-hackers’ to steal more rights.”

High five.

* Yeah, I crossed the Intercept/Pando streams. Can’t be helped to get a fuller picture.


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