How It Is

How it is.

How it is is, world governments no longer recognize the individual as a person, but do recognize the multinational as a person. Multinationals are the new religion and everyone is being forced to worship at their altar or be destroyed.

How it is is that really smart people fight amongst themselves and don’t even comprehend why, that there is a sizable intel community, both public and private–not that there is much difference now except you can’t FOIA contractors at all much less get the foot-dragging, runarounds, and plain old deception that one gets with the actual government agencies involved.

How it is is that everything up to and including assassination is permissible. They hope you’ll rebel just so that they will have an excuse to kill you.

How it is is that you are on your own because people can’t step back and see when they are being manipulated, and it is very, very easy to do. In fact, I think the smarter, more imaginative you are, the easier that may be to achieve. Arrogance, because you know zoologists like Dawkins and comedians like Maher are of course immune to being PSYOP’d because they are superhuman and not subject to the foibles of the rest of us mere nonhuman pieces of meat. Nevermind that they are destroying the very movement they seek to nurture because they’ve been suckered by the Mormon boys club at CIA, the “Knights of Malta” among the Joint Chiefs of staff resulting in just another religious sect that cannot fathom solutions beyond those posed by the Inquisition: torture and death of “the other.” What a great sales pitch. Khodasan didn’t even exist and these alleged seekers of truth instead focus on excuses for murdering Muslims. I wonder how sloppy CIA would have to get for this brain trust to smell a rat over the stench of dead Arab children.

How it is is that I have wasted my time and energy in the attempt to educate and warn others of just how goddam easy it is to be distracted, distorted, manipulated, etc. All of my loss, all of my suffering, all the fucking torture at the hands of our Machiavellian President and his certifiably insane predecessors was for nothing at all. Pointless. People have to actually go through what I have in order to understand just how bad things have gotten. And I assure you, many would not survive that process. That’s not to brag, I was “lucky.”

How it is is that the Deep State remains monolithic while every single oppositional force shatters a little bit more every day. This is no accident, but try explaining that to people who think the worst thing there is their cellphone data being recorded. Or birthers.

How it is is that I’m disgusted. I don’t know what that means.

How it is is that the Deep State is real and doesn’t intend any human being well. You are either a useful tool–and that can change at any time–or you are its prey.

Believe it.


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