The Locals

Two kind of quick pieces regarding potential local and/or state corruption that naturally rubs elbows with the national kind in places.

Mind you, I don’t much care about local and state corruption. It wasn’t Snyder ruined my life. That was Bush and Obama and people who work for them in some combination of actions and inactions. I am noting this to get this out of the way, off the back burner.


The first involves the local woman whom I’ve already explained is paying the price for foiling someone’s plan to shoot up an office of a Pharma company on the West Coast back in 1999. Though I would take issue with many of the woman’s beliefs, she is able to function, able to care for herself. One also needs to keep in mind that a vast majority of Americans believe in the existence of angels. Assuming one is among those who believe that is not so, there is one obvious delusion that is held by a majority. So what is the norm in that case?

The same extends to all kinds of subjects and we largely have TV and cowardice to thank for it.

Anyway, I’m not alone in that. Two doctors, one from this county and one from the next one over, concurred. I’ve seen the paperwork. In fact, as previously blogged, I attended the court hearing where they were submitted to the court of John D. Tomlinson along with “Bundy Ranch Man,” as I referred to him.

However, Tomlinson did not, for reasons I cannot yet establish, agree with the two doctors and assigned her some public “assistance,” the extent of which she has yet to determine.

On the face of it, this sounds like…what? Socialism? Liberalism run amok, the State trampling the rights of the individual for some perceived greater good. Certainly, especially given the crazy behavior we’ve seen in every corner, especially the spate of shootings by police, it would seem on the face of it that mental health should be given a bigger priority. In fact, in what seems like a bizarre I’mInLoveWithObamacare move on the part of our governor, it seems as though that may actually be happening despite some funding misunderstandings.

But I seriously doubt it. What do I think is happening? Know how the private prison system has shifted a large chunk of the financial burden to the prisoner and her or his family and friends? You knew that, right?

Or how about how there are these new retirement groups who take all the federal money, social security, etc. in exchange for housing a senior citizen later? Quite an interesting prospect: “I’ll pay you now to take care of me later.” What could possibly go wrong?

Well, if this woman were to lose her rights to take care of herself, she would have mandated services provided to her, many of which are–you guessed it, didn’t you?–outsourced to the private sector. I mean that’s quite the scam, I get to deem you mentally unfit and may have private interests in where your disability, social security, and ultimately assets wind up.

This is the next wave in vulture capitalism destroying the middle class. And this woman wouldn’t be in this position if those who tried to “Manchurian candidate” or Ted Kaczynski her cousin into going postal at his former job had been brought to justice. See how it all rolls down hill where the Deep State is concerned?


The other bit involves something I’ve also already alluded to but left out the details pending the finalization of the settlement.

The Squidgate juror’s husband–and she herself to an extent–was discriminated against, subject to retribution over blowing the whistle at the St. Clair County Airport and cost cutting.

Now, what do you suppose they cut corners on? Was is some silly FAA or NTSB requirement for paint, or lights spaced a particular distance, or some bureaucratic paperwork requirement they shirked regarding how often the restrooms were cleaned? You know, that Ralph Nader crap the GOP always complains about.

No. Of course not.

They were faking the reports regarding ice and relative traction on the runways. Quite literally a plane crash was possible. Noting this got the Squidgate Juror’s husband labeled a troublemaker.

They reduced his hours due to–they said–Obamacare, even though he himself was an exception as both Native American and a Army veteran. The emails discovered showed a blasé attitude toward the whole thing, a serious attempt to run him out, and even a paranoia of a violent reaction that had them getting the State police involved that I mentioned previously. Those encounters in turn resulted in the Squidgate juror seeing her car insurance premiums going up significantly.

The County very quickly moved to settle without arbitration the morning that the arbitration was to occur. Though he got the check, they took out taxes. I’m not clear on whether or not that was kosher–was this a settlement or a paycheck?–but it reduced the amount and there had been no mention of that in the meeting itself.

Finally, the Squidgate juror herself lost her job. Though this was more about opportunity on the part of her employer–he’s on the airport board–it was likely had she not been who she was, she could have kept her job. However, though it remains to be seen how it will turn out, she has started her own business and being away from an increasingly frustrating call center–companies that cannot perform are increasingly outsourcing complaint lines further separating themselves from reality resulting in even poorer performance * –so that’s not all bad.

* The new American exceptionalism: do shitty work and lie. US government and corporate America continue to show the path to the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Also: have added many Squidgate-related links at right, though there are still many more to add. May have to compile them into a tab up top instead, but there they are for now.


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