MKULTRA Documentary and What We Need to Know

Watched this last night.

National Geographic, “CIA Secret Experiments,” 2008:

20 March 2018 updated link:


It includes how we got from Dachau to tests on the NYC transit system, LSD experiments on prisoners and Johns, Ewen Cameron at McGill, lethal Sarin nerve agent testing in the UK as motive for murdering Frank Olson, etc. It also mentions over and over how this may have been an over-reaction to the Red Scare. Finally, it includes discussion of Sirhan Sirhan and the possibility that he was a hypnotized assassin.

Working backwards, as I’ve noted before, I don’t think it works that way. Rather, if Sirhan was in some manner manipulated into being where he was with a gun in hand, they likely exploited his “native” pro-Palestine, anti-Israel opinions and pushed him over the edge. The question as to whether the fatal shot to RFK, behind the ear, was his is left open. In my opinion, if it was a hit, they knew they could not rely on someone so unstable and that shot would have been fired by a professional.

The sheer simplicity of it should help to make it at least a bit more credible. It’s simply pushing, or covert bullying if you prefer, people into actions that they probably would not otherwise perform. PSYOPs, covert harassment, and other techniques {such as surreptitiously dosing them with testosterone as they did to me, by the way this also apparently increases risk of heart attack and stroke in people who already have heart disease at the very least, in order to make them more aggressive} are employed in such a manner that should the target become aware of it, he or she has a very difficult time proving it. Propaganda, in the form of painting the organizations responsible for it as heroes battling against the forces of evil in media makes the likelihood of the claims being true seem less plausible.

In fact, even smart people confuse the scientific method for a means of determining whether or not covert ops are occurring, as opposed to motive, history, and the psychological profile of the planners in and above such organizations.

WaPo, “Gary Webb was no journalism hero, despite what ‘Kill the Messenger’ says,” Jeff Leen, 17 October 2014:

A ridiculous notion that covert ops adhere to the same principles as claims about subatomic particles. There is no method of repeating an experiment. Once an op is complete, it disappears and there is a sizable, concerted effort to prevent its discovery.

Also, the idea of pushing, or even allowing to be pushed, drugs into poor neighborhoods is not one that should be poopoohed. Nor is it “antiquated.”

CIA makes a big deal out of claiming that they have a solemn duty to protect their methods. And yet it seems very likely that their methods have been out of their hands for decades and are now in the hands of political parties, private contractors, large corporations, and even powerful individuals. And they have done absolutely nothing that I can discern to rectify that situation, which makes them accessories after the fact if not acting as subcontractors to these special interests themselves.

The danger posed includes but is not limited to:

The shootings by police primarily of African Americans, though I believe once a more thorough examination is done that we will find many dead homeless among those numbers as well even if guns were not used as weapon. As with so many Deep State strategies, one can see several here. First, it serves to raise tensions and make it appear through the lens of lapdog media that black people are inherently violent. This in turn motivates and mobilizes racist and cryptoracist forces among the public at large. Further, should there be a massive public failure in terms of trust in the police to do their jobs, there are mercenary corporations waiting in the wings and whose fondest dream it to place armed mercs on every street corner. In fact there was one company tried to do that during the 2008 or the 2010 midterm elections in Oregon if memory serves, only to discover and become embarrassed because the state in question does not use physical polling places. Finally, it creates more fear that can be taken advantage of and plays into Limbaugh’s desire to see America fail simply because his favored Deep State puppet wasn’t elected.

And that’s just one. As I’ve noted before, I believe that the hopes set in driving me to violence was to help foster a similar perception that gays are prone to terrorism as they have succeeded in doing with Muslims if you listen to the loud minority among even atheists like Dawkins, Harris, and Maher.


And here I thought the Baptists were just as bloodthirsty as anyone else. Maybe the Methodists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Lutherans, etc. are watering down the numbers.

Next, regarding the NatGeo piece, you need to recall that MKULTRA went operational at least in part under MKSEARCH in the early 60s. None of that is covered, or very little without mention of the program name, in the 1977 Senate hearings on the former. Next, also note that MKSEARCH and the, in my considered opinion, more promising electronic manipulation were not covered at all by the Senate committee who held the hearings and published their report on MKULTRA. While again the Red Scare was likely the persuasive argument here, consider again the next point. The citizens of the United States of America were, among the smarter variety involved, always among the targets intended where manipulation was concerned. This is not only mentioned in the introduction to the CIA’s manual on guerrilla warfare but is also apparent in the Department of Defense’s emotional contagion tests performed on Facebook and other social networking sites.

If information is power, then disinfo is a removal, a denial, a diminishing of power. When it is directed at the public at large, then, it seeks to undermine the power of the people. This is not an “accident” of Islamophobia, not a clever covert op to protect the populace from disease and climate change. These are the intentional acts of people keenly aware that they are leaving the 99% out in the cold. That there may be those among them who believe the hype, the disinfo, the propaganda, is also in the intro of the guerrilla warfare manual.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t again mention that there was also research extending well beyond the early 60s, which is when the Senate stated that it ended.

Statement of Claudia Mullen


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