Going Post-Postal

Been doing some updates to Wicked Game, as one might note from some of the posts below. I’m up to chapter 11…or was…when I realized that I had borrowed my citation format from some place that was not compliant with the major acceptable formats. I certainly was not going to use APA style. I almost decided on the Vancouver style out of general protest. But the Chicago Manual of Style seems the one I should be using. I’ll have to start over and get them the way I want them.

In looking it over, I happened across this:

Goodstein, Laurie and William Glaberson, “The Well-Marked Roads to Homicidal Rage,” The New York Times, 10 April 2000: *


But the killers do not just snap. An examination by The New York Times of 100 rampage murders found that most of the killers spiraled down a long slow slide, mentally and emotionally. Most of them left a road map of red flags, spending months plotting their attacks and accumulating weapons, talking openly of their plans for bloodshed. Many showed signs of serious mental health problems.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I think that is complete BS. Not really. Lack of mental health care, along with an under-educated society that doesn’t know what to do with the occasional social dominator who is a sociopath and takes pleasure in rallying groups to push such individuals even further over the edge, and a big pharma complex that may not always provide products that do what they say they do or have side-effects such the potential rubberbanding effect that makes the situation on the whole worse. Certainly, this is a factor in rage shootings and other acts of violence.

However, you’ll also find a long list of things these 100 shooters were interested in. Satanism and the occult, video games, etc. A factor? Possibly, but more likely a symptom.

But is mental health the only factor? No. This article reminded me of a book having been mentioned not long ago. A book by Mark Ames, who you may note a few posts below, noticed how a bag lady wound up shooting a CIA drug money man when he was no longer useful.

Ames is, well, gonzo. And I am not in a position to judge him on that {just take a look around}. To see what I mean, just look at the photo at the top of this article:

Ames, Mark, “This Is Why Workers Shoot Their Employers,” The Exiled, 1 September 2009:


We live in Dickensian times again, folks, except that ours is a degraded Dickens: our Dickensian victims don’t evince any of the pathos of Dickens’ 19th century characters, because officially, none of this is even happening. And if it is happening, it’s their own damn fault.

You’ll note from this that Ames does not say that CIA, subcontractors, or other agencies are responsible for every shooting that occurs. Neither do I.

While not everything that bad happens can be laid at the feet of government or the megacorporation, the point is that many of the big problems, the ones that affect many of us, actually can. Economic problems and warfare are by definition the province of these two, large, honking segments of human activity and have far more say and sway on those than the individual.

So Ames isn’t wrong either. Economic factors, I would add with the pressure of trying to comply with the many things government and Wall Street tell us that we should want to be happy, is another big factor in what sets some of us off and propels us into violent action. This is not untrue.

It is when there is a point, a profit, an enemy to squash, a loose end to take care of, a false narrative to create, that I do–and we should–look for more.

Just sitting looking through Twitter today, I ran across two articles regarding Florida. The first I saw that there was yet another shooting at a school. In this case, Florida State University.

The other was on how Southern Florida State has a growing anti-war movement, specifically targeting CENTCOM, aka JSOC, among other things. One of the most secretive and closely guarded secrets the US holds, JSOC runs covert ops utilizing at times any and all of the rest of the intelligence community and, one may rest assured, pretty much any corporate entity it decides that it needs.

Now, was the first story related to the second? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. If they had wanted to send a stronger message, I suppose they’d have arranged it on the same campus. But was the campus itself the target, or the state? Or someone else? Or was the anti-war rhetoric beginning to spill over to FSU…were the protestors looking to get a state-wide movement going? Fear immediately makes many people decline to participate in such action.

They were counter-recruiting.

Further, doing it at the same location would make even more unsuspecting eyebrows go up.

So, while I don’t know the answer…and it doesn’t matter why the shooter thought he or she was doing it…it doesn’t matter what police and the psychologists offer up for why he did it. Given ubiquitous surveillance, a general lack of respect from our defense and intelligence sectors towards humans in general, creating a psychological profile of someone and then setting them off would not be a difficult task for these people. They have been caught lying over and over, proven to have profited personally from the increase in security spending, and have done similar things in the past without a single person being held accountable for it. Which all point to it being possible and that any attempts to find out the truth would be defended with utmost effort.

It’s an asterisk right now. Maybe there will be some more telltale signs and maybe there won’t. **

See? It’s not all about the CIA and similar organizations. Just when I say it is.

* Yeah, no. Gonna use the commaless date format. Extra commas are less clear, so a modified CMOS it is.

** As I wrote this, saw an update. Friends, acquaintances of shooter puzzled, thought he was the sweetest guy.


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