Who You Gonna Believe?

A considerable number of developments in the Myron May/FSU shooting case since my last whimsical post. First, I received an email stating that TI {targeted individual} group FFCHS {Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance} was one of eight or ten recipients of packages from Myron. There was a conference phone call. I dialed in, listened to the three page cover letter being read verbatim. I hung up before the Q&A began.

First, you should know that Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis also sent messages to FFCHS. He had stated that he believed that he was being targeted by ELF {extremely low frequency} weapons of some kind. FBI stated that that was not true but offered no other explanations.

The package to FFCHS was intercepted by US Postal Investigators before it arrived. They provided FFCHS, however, with the three-page suicide note. I took notes about its contents during the phone conference. Most of what I had to say about this can be found in the twitter thread beginning here:

Now, let’s move on to mainstream media coverage and then some notes about what I’ve learned during the past four years or so.

Levine, Mike and Meghan Keneally, “What We Know About the Packages Sent to Friends by FSU Shooter,” ABC News/Good Morning America, 21 November 2014:


Connor, Tracy, “FSU Shooter Myron May Left Message: ‘I Do Not Want to Die in Vain,’ ” NBC News, 21 November 2014:


First, this is very similar to what former President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya {see MICROWAVE section here}, US citizen Donald Friedman {here} and Gitmo detainee Shaker Aamer {here} all suggested was being done to them. Note that I fully believe it possible and/or probably that whatever it is also affects cognition or that additional means are applied to do that. Why? So that the targets do not seem credible when they complain. This is known as the Martha Mitchell effect, named after the spouse of a Watergate co-conspirator who was locked away, called mentally ill by Nixon administration officials to try to keep a lid on the bugging.

Next, while in Minneapolis, I found out that the police department as a matter of course asks people being processed two questions. “Do you believe it is possible for someone to project their voice into your head?” and “Do you believe that someone is projecting their voice into your head?”

If you are still behind on technological advances from fifty years ago in some cases, there’s more. There’s defense contractor Sierra Nevada Corp.’s MEDUSA {MOB EXCESS DETERRENT USING SILENT SOUND, see MEDUSA section here} system designed to do almost exactly what the Twin Cities PD is asking about. There’s RAND Corporation’s–most recently in the news because of James Risen’s torture/interrogation chapter about whistleblower Gerwehr in Pay Any Price–extensive history of research on this topic. There’s CIA’s many, many related projects, subprojects, spin-offs. There’s a whole slew of proven-to-exist technology, some based in part on the Frey effect–demonstrated in the 1970s.

The ramifications of this are wide, far-reaching, and deeply disturbing. One can imagine that even those who might steadfastly oppose such activities for political and financial gain to also be opposed to exposing it. What if we did this…do this…to terrorists? What if the reason that some places are so violent is because we are stirring it up so that we later have an excuse to fund war, programs, and go grab the resources of other sovereign nations at the same time? What if the Deep State is really this out of control and lacking in oversight?

What if?

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. This is why all of the rational explanations, all of the calming, soothing speeches, all of the calls to take a studied, controlled approach, and all of the fighting of symptoms of our main problems are doomed to fail. Unless, until, and if we take the bull by the horns, stop being afraid of being called conspiracy theorists, encourage protection of whistleblowers in spite of bullying by our unbelievably corrupt government and its private partners, we will relive the same over and over again like the Twilight Zone or Groundhog Day. This is the crux, the cornerstone, the Achilles’ heel all rolled up into one.

One well-aimed journalistic shot and you can kneecap the planet. How much more of this are we going to take before we call it what it is? COINTELPRO and MKULTRA in blender with 21st Century spice added in.

How many more lies do we have to endure? How many more cover-ups? How much more deception from the so-called Department of Justice.

Barack Obama claimed that he saw his primary job as one of protecting the American people. Allowing these covert practices to continue on US soil is the opposite of that.

FFCHS’ ad in the 16 July 2013 edition of the Washington Post Express:

07 05 WaPoExAd

Gotta love the juxtaposition.


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