A Tale of Two PSYOPs

Let’s have a look at the background on a case, actually several cases. They all involve Ali Muhammad Brown.

CBSNewYork/AP, “3 Charged In Connection With Shooting Death Of College Student In West Orange,” 4 August 2014:


According to investigators, Tevlin was sitting at a traffic light on his way home from visiting a friend when he was surrounded by strangers who robbed and killed him.

Brown pulled the trigger, prosecutors said. Villagran and Williams acted as his accomplices, authorities said.

“They surrounded (the Jeep) on foot,” said Acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray. “One individual interacted briefly with Brendan Tevlin and then, from the passenger side of that vehicle, shot at him 10 times, striking him eight times.”

Seems a fairly cut and dried carjacking. But not so fast. Three other murders in Seattle and SPD see it differently. See the link to the court docs in the link below. The link itself is a bit overblown if only that it seeks to tie it to ISIS.


From the docs:


Suddenly a very different picture emerges. Though we don’t have that as motive from the two accomplices in Newark.

One might be inclined to stop here and merely state that–clearly!–the War on Terror and forever wars that the US is engaged in are exacerbating the terror problem. The whole thing is making us less safe, not more.

Perhaps that is why you have on the one hand political motives mostly only in the attention sphere of law enforcement and gun crimes in the attention of the public.

But that, that discrepancy, is why I think this is even more notable. The lines between radical jihadism, violent crime, and–to those who think of these things in those terms–race become intermingled.

But only to law enforcement.

To the rest of us, this was another tragic gun-related death…actually a series of them. Note that Said was Muslim, may have been gay, but in any case was working in the Somali community in the fight against HIV.

Brown himself was a registered sex offender.

What is the result if, as I’m lightly suggesting for now–because I’m just not sure yet given the limited information, that this is an attempt to convince the public of one thing and the police of another? You wind up with a distrustful, paranoid, believe-they’re-protecting-society, armed, tool of the State on the one hand, and an angry, paranoid, distrustful, believe-they’re-protecting-society, unarmed if taken to the logical conclusion, protesting, “enemies” of the State on the other. This is, I believe, a recipe for Civil War from which only the Defense and NATSEC industries profit while political agendas unfriendly to the average citizen get pushed through under duress.

This matches up nicely with CNN’s “alleged” agent provocateur action in Ferguson noted in the previous post. What doesn’t make sense is why FOX and the war hawks in DC aren’t doing exactly what the second link is suggesting: tying it all to ISIS. It is bizarre that it’s not being hyped every day.

This is, again, very similar to what JTRIG/GCHQ was talking about in the leaked slides: using psychology and sociology to create changes in the real world through the Internet. It’s not that the Internet is taken seriously, or should be, in terms of what “happens” there between people arguing, etc. It’s that it provides information such as news upon which we form opinions and then make decisions. * Control the narrative, and you control it all.

* At least that’s what we say we do. More often we look for what confirms beliefs we already have. While it may seem I do that, and I do, it’s because I became convinced–and it wasn’t easy undoing decades of US indoctrination to the contrary–that there is a Deep State and that it does not intend a pleasant future for the many, merely a select elite few.

Some might argue, “But what about all the good they do?” My response to that is there is no whitewash, no good deeds that overcome the systematic destruction of personal liberties, of mass thievery and corruption, of a broken system that operates in reality nothing like is advertised.

A few bad apples do ruin it all. We’re all PSYOPed to some degree.


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  1. […] Joseph Holsinger: Yes, I have, part of our documentation here, is a report, attached here, of the chief medical officer in Guyana, Dr. Leslie Moto. He reported, and this is attached here, in his opinion is that more than 700 of those bodies found at Jonestown were not suicide victims, but were murdered. They have based this on the injection marks in the upper arms. Page 4 of my statement here. […]

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