BBD: Implicating Towards Fascism

Those who have read a lot of this blog and Wicked Game may recall that, just days before the Squidgate trial, my iPhone and cash were pickpocketed. The thief, a Roma man I assume, was nice enough to leave me my cards and put my wallet back in my pocket after taking the green–which allowed me to continue my trip to Michigan from NYC for the trial. The longer version included that I caught a Roma woman trying to take my wallet earlier in the evening at another bar. Stopped one theft, fell to another.

So it is here in jolly ol’ Port Huron, though not for me this time and through the Interwebz, not in person. The Squidgate juror was subject to an online scammer, though I suggested immediately that it might be one and sure enough, that is what it turned out to be. No loss of money, but loss of time and a “too good to be true” kind of crushing thing that I won’t otherwise go into more details about. Lets just say money is very tight and this promised to help.

But, having escaped this doom, and reported it to IC3, we move on.

Except there was another house member who was not so lucky. Seeking some online deals, he visited Kayak for some travel plans. Kayak had an ad or something suggesting some other sites to check. He did check those sites. One had a deal that fit his needs. He paid, with a debit card that has one of the major credit card company’s logos stamped on it. And of course it turned out to be a sham. The site itself was very well done but the travel confirmation contained misspellings, etc. and he discovered later that this site was a scammer site. Additionally and of course, the credit card company and bank are refusing a refund even though the product sold is not being delivered.

Now, most idiots living here would think, “Gee…maybe we should allow NSA, CIA, FBI, IRS, etc. to see every single goddam thing we do and say. You know to protect us from this!” like Ernst Stavros Blofeld Michael Hayden has been calling for, “digital Blackwater.” What the SOPA, PIPA, TPP plans to bring: protection for large corporations from criticism by actual homo sapiens. Yes, there’s nothing like being unable to criticize products and services {and government…} to ensure they don’t suck.

This is the point: there are already laws in place that could and should have taken these people down. Again, FBI’s “good things happen when we don’t enforce the law” mantra coupled with their COINTELPRO activities make it clear that the law is not the problem; the lack of focus on it diverted to attacking critics and anyone who challenges power are the problem. Stupid and corrupt, under the guise of nationalism and righteousness, are the driving forces. Well, that and greed in high places.

So F.U. Taken for $450 is nothing compared to what you people have done to the American people as a whole through the credit crunch, housing money theft, perpetual country-bankrupting war on terror, and plan to continue doing with PSYOPs like these. Fascism is not the answer, and in fact is in large part both the problem and impediment to dealing with real problems.

Get used to it. They may know nothing, but they’re growing in numbers.


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