In Which David Sirota Saves the Planet


There is nothing funny about assassination, torture, psychological harassment, the erosion of personal liberties, big brother surveillance, poverty, and fascism. However, due to the fact that these topics are so disturbing, I employ humor as a method of discussing them in order to allow the reader to get the facts without being so disturbed as to reject reading the message altogether. Additionally, it is not only acceptable, but I would argue the duty of the freedom and truth lover, to ridicule those who engage, order, carry out, excuse, and refuse to criticize these same acts and concepts.

Also, one may want to, if not already familiar with the series, check out the old BBC Connections series [1]. The historical trail this post attempts to take the reader along is more akin to Burke’s view of history than the standard one.

Also, this one is really long…

Narrative and the American Psyche

During the founding of Hollywood, there was an exchange of ideas. Filmmakers wanted to turn stories into commerce on a large scale, and Washington DC wanted to create a mouthpiece that allowed Americans to rally around various symbols agreed upon [2]. This has varied from the creation, and later deconstruction and demystification of the American Western myth, to war propaganda and expression of anti-war sentiments, to the selling of other products and synergy between film and other media, to retelling stories to alter the perception of historical events, and other things that may be placed into categories we call good and bad depending on context and personal views.

What is important to note is that Americans, as they do on so many other subjects, hold a dichotomy in their heads. They know on the one hand that they are being sold a bill of goods, but on the other we accept the goods as somewhat genuine. There is an authoritarian streak in most of us, and money, flash, size, appearance has a lot to do with our acceptance of narratives, perhaps more to do with it, than examining the content of the messages communictated. This is a common problem we face, whether we’re talking about the mainstream media or sitting in a courtroom where one person is set above all others and shown deference by those sitting in the courtroom, the attorneys and witnesses involved, and the uniformed guards. It has a psychological effect, one that runs towards, “Well we wouldn’t be here if it there weren’t something to this case.” Even jurors, when instructed not to infer anything from the existence of a case, are not wholly immune to this.

Narrative as Tool of War

I like what this blogger wrote [3]:

In 1904, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for describing the phenomenon of classic conditioning. It involves presenting a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance. If the neutral stimulus (ringing a bell) is paired with a significant stimulus (an electric shock) the presentation of the neutral stimulus by itself is often enough to evoke an innate, reflexive response. Here’s how it works: I ring a bell and simultaneously give you an electric shock which makes you jump. We do this over and over again. Pretty soon I can ring the bell and get you to jump – without giving you the shock. Hence you have been “conditioned.”

This phenomenon runs the gamut. Are you for the police, or African Americans who have been abused by the police? Those are the choices you are given: bell A or bell B. You respond emotionally, maybe sway back and forth depending on the specifics of the situation.

What you don’t see, is that both groups have more in common than differences. They face a common threat [4]:

Finding: Conservative activists are manufacturing the perception of a public pension crisis in order to both slash modest retiree benefits and preserve expensive corporate subsidies and tax breaks.

States and cities have for years been failing to fully fund their annual pension obligations. They have used funds that were supposed to go to pensions to instead finance expensive tax cuts and corporate subsidies. That has helped create a real but manageable pension shortfall. Yet, instead of citing such a shortfall as reason to end expensive tax cuts and subsidies, conservative activists and lawmakers are citing it as a reason to slash retiree benefits.

and [5]:

What few people knew at the time was that Raimondo’s “tool kit” wasn’t just meant for local consumption. The dynamic young Rhodes scholar was allowing her state to be used as a test case for the rest of the country, at the behest of powerful out-of-state financiers with dreams of pushing pension reform down the throats of taxpayers and public workers from coast to coast. One of her key supporters was billionaire former Enron executive John Arnold – a dickishly ubiquitous young right-wing kingmaker with clear designs on becoming the next generation’s Koch brothers, and who for years had been funding a nationwide campaign to slash benefits for public workers.

It’s a distraction. But who could possibly orchestrate such a big psychological operation? [6]

What I found out as I was doing the research for this book was that the CIA has a little-known policy in which they allow their active-duty operatives to moonlight in the private sector, to take on work on nights, weekends, when they’re on furlough, what have you.

And in one case, I found that they had been working in past years at a hedge fund consulting firm and a financial consulting firm, in which veteran CIA operatives employ what they call “deception detection techniques.” And what they’re doing is they’re taking CIA-style interrogation techniques and applying those to a corporate setting on the behalf of the hedge funds and the financial firms. So what they do is they actually look at corporate earnings calls, and they watch CEOs when they’re appearing on CNBC and elsewhere, and they look for the telltale signs that the CEO is lying or misleading the public about the fortunes of the company, what their earnings might actually be.

So they’re taking these developed psychological techniques that they have from the CIA and employing those in the private sector. It’s a fascinating world that I was able to dive into here.

But they wouldn’t tell me all the key details about the program. They wouldn’t tell me how many people are participating in it. And they wouldn’t tell me which companies they’re working at. So I’ve gotten some pushback from some CIA veterans who said, “Well, this is just a policy for twenty-four-year-old CIA guys to go work at Home Depot on the weekend and pick up a little extra spending cash.” But we don’t know. Until the CIA offers more details about this, as the Director of National Intelligence promised last week they would, you know, we won’t really have a sense of exactly where these CIA people are spending their time.

You see, you’ve more in common with GITMO detainees than you thought as well. They aren’t the only victims at the hands of butt-stuffers. You have to learn to speak spook. When they said ‘Home Depot’ they meant the repository in which they are putting all the homes that they are stealing from the American public. It’s kind of like trying to decipher the Joker’s riddles and whatnot.

What else do we have?


Right. Control of TV news, sometimes without parties involved even realizing it is being done.

This entire system of cooperation between Wall Street and the intelligence community and it’s private corporations has already been dubbed the Deep State, sometimes the Double Government. To fully appreciate how bad it can get, you have to step back into post-WWII and OPERATION GLADIO and what came after. GLADIO was the idea of the brother of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. The idea: put in place spies, saboteurs, agents provateur, agents of influence, etc. in order to repel a potential Soviet invasion. When that didn’t happen, NATO repurposed them for various reasons, including preventing Irish independence and to undermine the labor movements in Italy, Germany and Spain. In order to do this, much like the newscasters in the Middle East who didn’t know who was pulling their strings, NATO ran or partially ran many of the terrorist organizations we have all come to know. Eventually this also lead to what has been dubbed “Balkanization,” that is the use of radicals in order to destabilize regions. CIA and MI6 would have been key in all of these things. [8]

Additionally, Voice of America was known to employ former Nazis for much the same purpose. [9]

Our entire terrorism and radicalism narrative view is wrong.

We have seen this same thing over and over again. FBI informants harass, recruit, plan, train, suggest, etc. terror plots–and get paid somewhere between $20,000 and $120,000 per “terrorist”–and then reveal them as though they had no hand in the making of it. In one case, a NY judge threw the case out due to the accused’s inability to lift a power drill in order to have carried it out. Sometimes the so-called terorrists are mentally ill or mentally challenged.

Indeed, the very heart of the problem regarding both Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond–the Stratfor hack–is first and foremost that Hector ‘Sabu’ Monsegur was calling the shots on behalf of the FBI.

But it doesn’t end nor begin there. By defunding education as much as possible and shoveling that money into the hands of the war and spook machines, we wind up here:

The long Iraq war. The bungled Hurricane Katrina response. The credit crunch. A quick look at the newspapers will give many voters reason to doubt the wisdom of America’s political leaders. Unfortunately, Americans are doing little to educate themselves about their leaders and their policies, says bestselling author and George Mason University historian Rick Shenkman in his new book Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter. Shenkman cites some damning facts to make his case that Americans are ill-prepared to guide the world’s most powerful democracy. Only 2 of 5 voters can name the three branches of the federal government. And 49 percent of Americans think the president has the authority to suspend the Constitution. But, for Shenkman, the severity of the problem snapped into focus after Sept. 11, 2001, when polls showed that a large number of Americans knew little about the attacks and the Iraq war that followed. He blames some of the public’s misunderstanding on the White House message machine, but he argues that Americans did little to seek the truth. “As became irrefutably clear in scientific polls undertaken after 9/11…millions of Americans simply cannot fathom the twists and turns that complicated debates take,” Shenkman writes.


The very system that is ensuring the continued accumulation of wealth by the wealthiest people is also ensuring the continued ignorance of the American population. How can a country hope to compete with China when its populace is intentionally kept in the dark? This is one of several national security threats that go unaddressed simply because to address them would be inconvenient for the billionaires who continue to profit off of the myth of trickle-down economics.

When it goes to Swiss bank accounts or Barbados, it is not in the country’s economy any longer. When jobs go to India, those jobs are not in the American economy any longer. This is the system that not only the rank and file intelligence officers and agents uphold, it’s also jealously defended by people like Keith Alexander and Michael Hayden.

Hayden saying hi
Hayden saying ‘hi.’

This is why ebola. This is why Sony hack. This is why ISIS. This is why missing plane mania on CNN. This is why we get nowhere quickly.

Still need more? Let’s back up to OPERATION NORTHWOODS, the Pentagon plan to create an emotional groundswell for the invasion of Cuba utilizing false flag operations and propaganda, a moment. From the Pentagon memo:

4. We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.

Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.

8. It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela. The destination would be chosen only to cause the flight plan route to cross Cuba. The passengers could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight.


The U.S. Department of Defense report even suggested covertly paying a person in the Castro government to attack the United States: “The only area remaining for consideration then would be to bribe one of Castro’s subordinate commanders to initiate an attack on [the U.S. Navy base at] Guantanamo.”


{For a more comprehensive analysis of the parallels between NORTHWOODS and the past twenty years or so, see Wicked Game chapter 10}.

We cannot imagine this being done because we are bombarded with a view, a narrative, of top officers having our individual wellbeing first and foremost in mind. Our fallback positions often involve a few bad apples and overzealousness in the protection of American life and property.

In reality, of course, it’s about commerce. If killing a few, or thousands, of Americans will increase the holdings of banksters, the entire US government approves. That is the truth, regardless how ugly it might be. Opposed to this kind of thing are movements like Occupy. Though we have some of the details, we still don’t have them all regarding a plot to assassinate its leadership:

Asked why solid information about an assassination plot against American citizens exercising their Constitutional right to free speech and assembly never led to exposure of the plotters’ identity or an arrest—as happened with so many other terrorist schemes the agency has publicized—Paul Bresson, head of the FBI media office, offered a typically elliptical response:

The FOIA documents that you reference are redacted in several places pursuant to FOIA and privacy laws that govern the release of such information so therefore I am unable to help fill in the blanks that you are seeking. Exemptions are cited in each place where a redaction is made. As far as the question about the murder plot, I am unable to comment further, but rest assured if the FBI was aware of credible and specific information involving a murder plot, law enforcement would have responded with appropriate action.

Note that the privacy being “protected” in this instance (by a government that we now know has so little respect for our privacy) was of someone or some organization that was actively contemplating violating other people’s Constitutional rights— by murdering them. That should leave us less than confident about Bresson’s assertion that law enforcement would have responded appropriately to a “credible” threat.


FBI implies it wasn’t a credible threat, and therefore no arrests were made. I suggest that this is at best only partially the case. They regularly go after people on much less when it suits their purposes. This unknown group must enjoy some sort of special status or favoritism.

Once again, we are shy of information. How did we wind up where government actively seeks to crush dissent and surreptitiously protects covert ops and financial games of ripping off Americans?

Let’s look at what came of the 2008 financial meltdown [13]:

Launched in 2008 – the year of the global banking crisis – the DoD ‘Minerva Research Initiative’ partners with universities “to improve DoD’s basic understanding of the social, cultural, behavioral, and political forces that shape regions of the world of strategic importance to the US.”

Among the projects awarded for the period 2014-2017 is a Cornell University-led study managed by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research which aims to develop an empirical model “of the dynamics of social movement mobilisation and contagions.” The project will determine “the critical mass (tipping point)” of social contagians by studying their “digital traces” in the cases of “the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the 2011 Russian Duma elections, the 2012 Nigerian fuel subsidy crisis and the 2013 Gazi park protests in Turkey.”

Twitter posts and conversations will be examined “to identify individuals mobilised in a social contagion and when they become mobilised.”

Another project awarded this year to the University of Washington “seeks to uncover the conditions under which political movements aimed at large-scale political and economic change originate,” along with their “characteristics and consequences.” The project, managed by the US Army Research Office, focuses on “large-scale movements involving more than 1,000 participants in enduring activity,” and will cover 58 countries in total.

Last year, the DoD’s Minerva Initiative funded a project to determine ‘Who Does Not Become a Terrorist, and Why?’ which, however, conflates peaceful activists with “supporters of political violence” who are different from terrorists only in that they do not embark on “armed militancy” themselves. The project explicitly sets out to study non-violent activists:

“In every context we find many individuals who share the demographic, family, cultural, and/or socioeconomic background of those who decided to engage in terrorism, and yet refrained themselves from taking up armed militancy, even though they were sympathetic to the end goals of armed groups. The field of terrorism studies has not, until recently, attempted to look at this control group. This project is not about terrorists, but about supporters of political violence.”

{Insert ironic and hysterical lesson as to what keeps us from becoming terrorists even after five years of the government trying really, really hard to make it so.}

Did the powers that be look to making certain that the banks would not repeat the actions that lead to the meltdown? No. They instead looked at how to crack down on you and me. And they applied over half a century of compiling a body of knowledge how to provoke us and deceive us into believing the wrong things about what transpired to the task.

All of this was really leading up to a relatively smaller point. In order to get there, one must first see the size, scope, age, and true goals of the military and intelligence build-ups.

A reminder again, CIA’s budget is approximately 150% of NSA’s and NSA’s mission is to collect-it-all. Where is such money going? Building off of the MINERVA programs {and if you like, take a look also at INFORMATION OPERATION ROADMAP, link at right}, the point is not that these programs are directed at violent militant terrorist groups, whether you believe me and others on the GLADIO situation or not… the point is that they are also being directed at people seeking redress of grievances with government and the private sector alike. The point is that the intelligence and defense sectors as well as special business interests, have decided that everyone is the enemy. They seek to, as occurred under programs like COINTELPRO of the past to…

“…provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths.”

Included in this massive circus of corruption and stupidity is not only control of Hollywood, but control of the other forms of media as well. And that was the point.

You saw that from the start, right? Lol.

Let’s review.

Alan Moore…

V for Vendetta

Watchmen Nixon Kissinger

…had a couple of events where he thought he saw one of his fictional characters, in this case Constantine, in real life. Note that they related this to that particular story, one of the supernatural, and not one of the others.

I wonder why.

No I don’t. It’s because they didn’t like what he was writing. He was questioning power, its motives, and its legitimacy. That he did this in a safe way utilizing free speech is of no matter to spooks.

Questioning power? “Governments should be afraid of their people.” One of the interesting things about the original gunpowder plot was that King James, realizing he could turn the narrative on its head, pretended that he had discovered the plot himself via divine intervention. That is, he created a narrative in which God himself was on James’ side. [14]

To make matters worse, the CIA recruited many Mormons in the 1980s. Primarily, it was said, because there were already so many missionaries in place.

Can we recall that Prop 8 in California was secretly backed by the LDS? I hope we can. It was a clear violation of the separation of church and state and yet there were no repercussions. You can see Romney’s ties to Wall Street, I hope, through things like Bain Capital.

That is sort of the point with all of this. Bad things happen to people who oppose Wall Street thievery and good things happen to those who support it, including our moonlighting spooks. The mix of superstition imposed by covert ops driven by greed and radical religious beliefs…well, it’s not limited to the Middle East, then is it? God is greed to these people.

Remember these?

Deny Degrade Disrupt Deceive

Deny Degrade Disrupt Deceive

Anthropology Biology Economics History Political Science Psychology Sociology

Anthropology Biology Economics History Political Science Psychology Sociology

I know, I hardly let you forget them. That’s the British government doing its part to ensure you have no say whatsoever in your destiny. In order to achieve this, they muck with authors many of us haven’t even heard of. Why? Because they want to make sure you never hear of them.

Besides the Squidgate situation, there were accusations of sexism against not only Watts, but R. Scott Bakker {again, you must read Neuropath to grep why} and I believe also Monte Cook, co-creator of the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t want to dive too deeply into Monte’s personal life. I kind of knew the guy, met him on several occasions, became a moderator for a time on his bulletin board, and his good friend Sean Reynolds was a neighbor in Brooklyn for a time before heading back West.

For some period of time, I used Facebook solely as a means of posting political stories. I actually saw Monte’s warning: “If all I see from you is something angry, usually political, I will unfriend you.” I knew he was talking about me, though perhaps not only me. The emotional contagion stuff is rampant as you can probably notice by merely saying “Benghazi” or “ebola” at a family gathering.

But I continued anyway. I don’t have time to eff around. The Deep State has already robbed me of five years, not to mention my ultimate future. What they are up to, as I’ve been saying for years now, is only going to get worse the longer we ignore it. They are constantly improving their methods, training new goons, and arranging more and more PSYOPs ultimately leading us to civil war.

That said, I don’t blame Monte one iota. It’s about context and point of view. I was, and still am, under attack in the hopes of discrediting me and/or driving me to suicide and/or violence. Just the way it is. Under that kind of pressure, though, I trust one can see why I choose to vent via airing the dirty laundry of our elected leaders, our scumbag bureaucrats, and their partners in crime.

Yes, crime. This is a large criminal cabal. Lest you think Republicans are alone due to the actions of Christie…

“Nobody but the state investment council makes decisions on how pension funds are invested,” Christie declared during a May radio interview. “I’ve never once made a phone call to Bob Grady, the chairman of the investment council, or any of the commissioners or any of the employees to tell them how to invest.”

But a series of calendar invites sent electronically by Elise Dietsch, a top fundraising official for Christie’s campaign, to several of his senior campaign aides and officials in his administration described a “weekly call” whose “required attendees” included Robert Grady.


…here’s former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel indulging in basically the same thing:

Months after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said budget constraints forced him to push for pension cuts and mass school closures, an analysis of government documents reveals the city has $1.71 billion in special accounts often used to finance corporate subsidies. While the Emanuel administration has rejected open records requests for details of the subsidies, evidence suggests at least some of them have flowed to companies connected to Emanuel’s campaign donors.


The point is to nail down once again, this is a massive movement of cooperation between the Federal government and private industry, the lines between them so blurred that they are in essence one now. This is the definition of fascism.

Corporatism (also known as corporativism) is the socio-political organization of a society by major interest groups, or corporate groups, such as agricultural, business, ethnic, labour, military, patronage, or scientific affiliations, on the basis of common interests.


This is not a bunch of farmers putting together a co-op. This is the military industrial complex, the intelligence community, Wall Street, big banks {many of whom launder drug money and finance terrorism}, big pharma, big energy, and big food like Monsanto, who enjoys immunity better than the big telcos who engaged in mass surveillance.

Snowden made it clear: spooks at certain companies like Booz Allen Hamilton can access anyone’s data at any time and NSA wouldn’t even necessarily know it happened, or even if they did, what exactly was accessed. This data can be taken from BAH’s office to the financial institution of the spook’s choice. On top of creating a monstrous panopticon, we created a situation where spooks are encouraged financially to provide information on any target that any company or organization, like the US Chamber of Commerce, desires.

They kid themselves into thinking they are staving off socialism, communism, radicalism, anarchism, and other isms. They lie to themselves. This is the only way anyone from Boehner to Obama, Gonzalez to Holder, Cheney to Clapper, Paul to Cruz to Feinstein can sleep at night apart from pharmaceuticals, booze, and pure sociopathy.

It’s a lie. They are robbing people and when they complain they are labeled troublemakers, terrorists, traitors, un-American, whatever other b.s. they can make stick.

Bringing it back to the smaller point, I looked away for a while and when I looked back, Monte was divorced and was taking a different direction in his work. Not that the work is bad, just noting that he–like Clooney, Watts, and myself–also suffered the loss of a pet some time after the formation of Top Secret America and was attacked as sexist. What was the title of the article from which those slides above came from again? “How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations.” [18]

{And, speaking of David Milch, he had a lot of bad the bad kind on the set of Luck including a dead horse.}

One of the tools used to achieve these goals online is the sockpuppet software that allows one covert agent to pretend to be several. This was one of many disturbing things that Barrett Brown was busy revealing to us when just before being held for two years without trial.

I note, however, that it isn’t always a covert agent on the other end of the keyboard. Those methods shown in those slides also include deception and, when coupled with controlled false narratives and emotional contagion, they again manage to turn us mere peons against each other.

It could have been, for example, a rival author who disrupted Bakker’s ability to sell his products. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t/wasn’t involvement of our public and private intelligence community though.

Get it? It’s not always an either/or question. It’s not always about Coke or Pepsi.

It is however, about asking yourself… what are you prepared to do about it? First, learn and understand it. “Evolve” so that you are not taken in by the silly stupid momentum of today’s mainstream media, nor the intentionally misleading conspiracy theories of known CIA subcontractors. No election is going to fix these issues. The problem is the system itself. It is not only broken, but all of the safeguards are broken as well. It must run its course.

A favorite American saying {yes, really… you’d be surprised how often it gets uttered} is “Hitler had the right idea.” Forgetting for a moment what Hitler’s idea might actually have been, the utterers of this phrase mean “if certain people were dead, the world would be a better place.” They don’t mean Jews, at least most of the time. They just mean whomever the Deep State has bamboozled them into thinking it the cause of all their problems.

How bad does a f—ing police union have to be to fail to point out that police retirement funds are being raided in favor of attacking a mayor who told the truth, that he taught his dark-complected son how to interact with police? How effing bad?

We are living in Spook Country, ladies and gentlemen. Time to start seeing the real ghosts. Time to start seeing corporatism. Time to start seeing fascism.

1. James Burke, Connections, BBC, 1978

Connections explores an Alternative View of Change (the subtitle of the series) that rejects the conventional linear and teleological view of historical progress. Burke contends that one cannot consider the development of any particular piece of the modern world in isolation.

Rather, the entire gestalt of the modern world is the result of a web of interconnected events, each one consisting of a person or group acting for reasons of their own (e.g., profit, curiosity, religious) motivations with no concept of the final, modern result of what either their or their contemporaries’ actions finally led to. The interplay of the results of these isolated events is what drives history and innovation, and is also the main focus of the series and its sequels.

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Compare with a 2006 State Department denial, though the issue at hand seems to be whether or not governments in which Gladio stay behinds were placed cooperated or not:

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Further reading:

Reiland, Randy, “The Message War,” Smithsonian Magazine, 30 July 2012:

Counterterrorism strategy now includes everything from trolling on extremists’ websites to studying how the brain responds to storytelling

It’s part of something called Viral Peace. As yet, it’s a small project with a miniscule budget by federal government standards, but this gives you a sense of what’s now in play when it comes to counterterrorism tactics. The man behind it, a former Silicon Valley geek named Shahed Amanullah, believes that impressionable young men and women can be discouraged from becoming terrorists by challenging and undercutting extremists online, which is where they do most of their recruiting.

And yet this is not what is happening. Why? Because the opposite is being employed, has been employed for a long, long time as the money maker since the Red Scare. “No money in peace,” is their thinking.

Robb, David L., Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies, Prometheus Books, ISBN 1615924515, 9781615924516

Operation Hollywood

Operation Hollywood

Sirota, David, “Forgetting the Past, One Military Movie at a Time,” TruthOut, 26 February 2012:

The scheme is simple: The Pentagon allows studios to use military hardware and bases at a discounted, taxpayer-subsidized rate.

In exchange, filmmakers must submit their scripts to the Pentagon for line edits.

Not surprisingly, those edits often redact criticism of military policy, revise depictions of historical failures, and generally omit anything else that might make audiences wonder if our current defense policy is repeating past mistakes.


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