The Fauxpocalypse Will Be in Post-Production

…do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens Although the nations are terrified by them…
Jeremiah 10

The self-fulfilling prophecy is, in the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true. This specious validity of the self-fulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error. For the prophet will cite the actual course of events as proof that he was right from the very beginning.
Robert K. Merton *

The irony of that latter quote is not lost on me. However, I think that, a} anyone who reviews the record will see that I have certainly had impetus to alter my behavior and, b} I believe that the only way out–if any–is through. There just isn’t any other way apart from doing something the Deep State would like and I very much would not like. This is not a thrill ride. This is not fun for me, except for those oases where I make it so. This is survival and passing on possibilities of serious problems for many people should the momentum and trends continue in the way that they have thus far.

One problem among many of the people I like and admire is I think that they are so reasonable and not prone to falling for really ridiculous narratives that they also fail to see that so many of us in fact are not reasonable and will fall for any explanation sufficiently presented with money behind it so long as it is repeated long enough and backed up by some connection to personal experience, typically one that we cannot explain. We wind up dismissing, for example, what “flyover state” really means and the increasing popularity of CIA/Stratfor subcontractor Alex Jones and his many misleading conspiracy theories.

You can dismiss them for yourself as silly or crazy, but if a majority, or a sizable, motivated minority, believe something strongly, you are hard-pressed to talk them out of it. Especially when those same theories include labeling you a liar for doubting them in the first place. Perception is reality, somebody once said. It is no wonder our elected leaders, even when well-intentioned, often fall back to supporting simplistic falsehoods rather than try to fight public opinion when it is in serious error.

The table below represents my reaction to the glut of “you are now dumber” TV. I’ve blogged about this before, but never gone to research exactly which titles and why.

I am, as many of us are, a walking contradiction. I would actually enjoy some of these shows myself–as entertainment–were it not for the fact that I think it is largely designed for the same general purposes that our defense and intelligence industries’ emotional contagion, online sockpuppet persona management skullduggery, and pants-on-fire lying mass media system are. Some of this is unfair because some of these shows are not a total wash, and the channels do not only serve up piles of mental doodoo.

For example, History Channel 2 is a big offender. At the same time, one cannot ignore History Channel‘s documentaries like this one by Errol Morris:

Threat Level: Profits

Threat Level: Profits

Even H2 itself offers a few I think sound good on the face of them, such as America’s Secret Slang, Operation Build, and ThingamaBob. Though you aren’t likely to come away all that much smarter, these kinds of shows might inspire one to pick up a book or look for other things that make us consider constructively altering our world view. Those wouldn’t be a pair of bad things.

Though it may seem that I do, I don’t really have big problem with your average person’s belief systems. As Jefferson might have also meant, what someone believes does not rob me of food.

Except of course sometimes it does. Belief that God is telling you that it is okay to pull the wool over the eyes of so many for financial gain, for creating a violent, fearful atmosphere in which special interests desire to take advantage and ultimately reshape the planet to a more Moroni and Spanish Inquisition style planet, is a problem. And that is precisely where it may go if people don’t cop to what the big picture is all about.

But I am not trying to rob people of their belief in “magic,” so to speak. I love fantasy, scifi, and even heartwarming tales of miracles at times. I hate to think we would lose that because it is on some levels part and parcel of what drives us to learn, explore, perform research. The beauty of wonder, the tales–even when untrue–all good stuff.

What I am saying is don’t allow Wall Street and its decrepit “vampire kings” and other henchmen to delude you into thinking it all means hand all your stuff, including your very being, your identity, over to our little demigods. Don’t let them make you think that they have all the answers because if one thing is clear in this post 9/11 world, it is that they don’t.

The proof is in the pudding: The results. The “fruit” it bears. Does it help us to understand ourselves and our world, or does it cloud us from seeing the truth? Harlan Ellison once discussed the difference between science fiction and scifi. I still like the latter, but like to think I don’t let it inform my worldview, merely escape from it now and again. I prefer a more challenging “workout,” but sometimes enjoy brain bubblegum as well.

Further, I’m not {much or a lot} knocking people who are making a living off the bone-dust of The Blair Witch Project. This is something I could–in another world–do and actually be good at.

The problem occurs when, like the old ads about polluting, we think that our “little bit” contribution is not significant enough to be called a problem. That’s what people on Wall Street think when they cheat one way or another. It’s what politicians think when they take that first little donation from somewhere that they know they shouldn’t. It’s the road to hell paved with, “I’m just a little guy, this won’t hurt anything” being thought and done by many, many people.

My personal experiences at the sometimes CIA-front Ford Foundation-backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival indicated a desire to “trick” me into believing stuff that I would not normally have believed. This included the usual psychological harassment gamut–about which I was completely ignorant of at the time–such as gaslighting, drugs and/or other methods of altering human behavior, and otherwise manipulating people and their emotions and thoughts so as to cause problems.

This is the big one. Again, if you aren’t getting just how deep and wide the tentacles of the Deep State–the unholy trinity of big money, the defense and intel sectors, and radical religious beliefs–read the previous post; in pieces if necessary, I know it’s long and difficult to follow. It’s basically the topic of an entire book or three compacted into one post.

This post was inspired by watching what I think was part 2 part 1 of 2 of Revelation: The End of Days on the History Channel. There were many lessons to take from it. For example, there were references to curfew and police shooting people on their way to work and at work. The implication: the anti-Christ is American and in the American government, and this, along with a very clever H7 {get it? Seven headed dragon} disease and the destruction and offer of reconstruction of special parts of Jerusalem made it clear for a few people who happened to have the Holy Bible available. The good news, this has inspired a few more chapters of Inthrallis which I expect will be up in draft form and needful of an editor like everything else I write within the next week or two. I’m borrowing and altering one element that I think will fit in nicely with the Fauxpocalypse trilogy. **

Speaking of the Book of Revelation, I attended part of a bible study on that in the 90s given by a PhD in Theology. The basics were the following: Much of it refers to the fall of the Roman Empire; other parts may in fact refer to the end of the Earth, but every society has assumed–because we are so arrogant as a species I think–that they were living in it and thus far they’ve been wrong; and finally that the book really serves, using symbolic code that meant things to the oppressed people at the time in which it was written, simultaneously as a scare book for the Romans and a comforting, beautiful story of good and love triumphing over evil and hate as should be obvious from the artwork the book has inspired:

"It's beautiful..."

Nom nom nom

Trumpets, the real problem
I tell you, we got this “War on” thing all wrong. Start the War on Trumpets and we got this thing licked.

The show by the way also illustrated that having a bible handy is only good for knowing wtf just happened–and then only to an extent–and then as an away-team tracker for getting “teleported” away via lightning strike. So be sure to hold on to one for those purposes when the s starts to fly.

Also, I don’t mean to disrespect believers in UFOs. I’m not saying people who believe space travelers have visited earth are insane nor stupid. Just saying that I don’t think it a coincidence that this narrative relieves our elite of responsibility as would saying the devil made ’em do it, where ‘it’ is profiting from war, tricking us into fighting amongst ourselves and blaming the powerless for our misfortunes.

I have to mention a leaked {on purpose?} Pentagon thinktank report regarding climate change. While I do believe climate change is real and exacerbated by human activity, this report read like a doomsday horror story when it was leaked after the invasion of Iraq. By now, according the report, Denmark should be underwater. Since that is not the case, I question not only the contents to some extent but also the motives for having written it. Over and over again, I am seeing conservatives “borrowing” from liberals and turning the liberal causes into private sector profit centers. This report was another example I think, designed to throw money at the defense sector which gets funneled back to legislators who help by refusing to criticize and stop loss of civil liberties.

Finally, this list does not contain the too-many-to-name crime shows that depict your average American’s biggest threat as serial killers, black widows, crazy kids, street gangs, Muslims, mobsters, etc. There are too many.

A notable one I caught a little of regarding ‘Whitey’ Bulger contained no mention of his LSD trips supplied by the CIA. This was not a complete picture and therefore disinfo. That happening doesn’t mean that he was always under 100% government control, maybe not even close. But it does mean he was monitored much closer than we think and undoubtedly performed some tasks that were not simply from his own agenda.

Nor does the list include the many shows that paint military spending as protecting us when it is in reality about the enrichment of a few over the many. A fear-driven marketplace seems to be the best our elite can come up with.

What should terrify us is, for example, the fact that CIA officers can regularly work for Wall Street firms while still being fully active at CIA. It is likely no accident that we have had so many new clever means of siphoning up wealth and handing it to the top 0.1%. This very issue was listed in the 2001 National Intelligence Estimate as the biggest threat to US security in the 21st Century, and yet we are more afraid of ghosts, aliens, and our neighbors than the Deep State. The report’s release in November of 2001 probably didn’t help that perception.

Without further ado, the list so far. It is not comprehensive, merely a sampling.

Show Channel Codes Notes
A Haunting Discovery F, S ¬
America Declassified Travel A, D, F, S Has Alcatraz, but also Area 51. Also has MLK assassination conspiracies, though.
America’s Book of Secrets H2 D I have a soft spot for the topics covered. Certainly, America has skeletons in its closet. But I have serious doubts about the truth coming out here about the Boston Marathon Bombings, for example. Instead see Privacy SOS and WhoWhatWhy. And forget thy myths of Bones and Eliot Ness for all that is holy.
Ancient Aliens H2 A, D, F Ancient Aliens Guy Progression
Brad Meltzer’s Decoded H2 D* Probably being a little unfair. Some of these topics certainly worthy of examination. The few episodes I’ve seen lead me to wonder ultimately how much fact there is to be had. His Lost History I think is pretty good.
Celebrity Ghost Stories Bio F, S ¬
Celebrity Paranormal Project VH1 F, S ¬
Countdown to Apocalypse H2 F, S ¬
Deep South Paranormal SyFy F, S ¬
Destination: Truth SyFy F, S Episodes usually end with skepticism, but still.
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files SyFy F, S ¬
Finding Bigfoot Animal Planet D ¬
Ghost Adventures Bio, Travel F, S ¬
Ghost Hunters SyFy D, F, S ¬
Ghost Hunters Academy SyFy D, F, S ¬
Ghost Hunters International SyFy D, F, S ¬
H2 Specials: Behind the Da Vinci Code H2 D, S ¬
H2 Specials: Proving God H2 S ¬
Hangar 1: The UFO Files H2 A, D, F See general note about alien scapegoats for Wall Street and multinational greed. Globochem does what it does for its bottom line, not because greys are secretly running its executive board.
Haunted Collector SyFy D, F, S ¬
Haunted Highway SyFy F, S ¬
Haunted History H2 D, F, S Some good topics, but driven into the mental ditch by adding ghosts and paranormal.
Living Dead Paranormal YouTube F, S ¬
MonsterQuest H2 D, F Cryptozoology is a worthy pursuit. New species are discovered every year. However, desire to sensationalize monster existence mostly serves to make us dumber, more apt to be superstitious. Tuco-tuco laughs at your folly.
Monsters and Mysteries in America Destination America A, D, F, S ¬
Most Haunted Living TV, Really F, S ¬
Mountain Monsters Destination America F, S AIMS? The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. Rednecks with guns panicking in the dark. This one is worth watching once for the humor. Come on out yew cowerd
My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera Bio F, S ¬
Paranormal Challenge Travel F, S ¬
Paranormal State A&E F, S ¬
Paranormal Witness SyFy D, F, S ¬
Psychic Kids A&E F, S ¬
Revelation: The End of Days History F, S Clearly fiction, so really doesn’t belong in the list, but done doc style and designed to scare the holy water right out of your aspergillum and into your chastity belt.
Scariest Places on Earth ABC Family F, S ¬
Serial Killer Earth H2 F, S Yes, Mother Nature is an unforgiving bitch. But making people scared to live on the planet is a recipe for panic and mental breakdown.
Stalked by a Ghost Bio F, S ¬
The Dead Files Travel D, F, S Haunted homes and businesses.
The Haunting Of Bio F, S ¬
UFO Hunters H2 A, D, F ¬
Unsolved Mysteries {2008} Spike A, D, F, S ¬

Key: A: Space Aliens, UFOs; D: disinformation {redundant really}; F: Fear and panic which make us more obedient to authority; S: Superstition and supernatural.

Have you seen this man? FBI's Most Wanted Communist

Have you seen this man? FBI’s Most Wanted Communist

* It is worth noting that this is the kind of thing that Aaron Swartz tried to make available to the public, especially other writings on the law. I am again thinking of a New Dark Ages where information is kept from the people in case they figure out that they are being conned.

** And may 1-({(4R,7S,10S,13S,16S,19R)-19-amino-7-(2-amino-2-oxoethyl)-10-(3-amino-3-oxopropyl)-16-(4-hydroxybenzoyl)-13-[(1S)-1-methylpropyl]-6,9,12,15,18-pentaoxo-1,2-dithia-5,8,11,14,17-pentaazacycloicosan-4-yl}carbonyl)-L-prolyl-L-leucylglycinamide have mercy on your soul.



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