Added Ultrasound and Stuff

Added this 2010 .MIL blog post…

William J. Tyler {School of Life Sciences-Arizona State University/SynSonix, Inc.}, “Remote Control of Brain Activity Using Ultrasound,” US Department of Defense blog, 1 September 2010:

…to the Mind-Affecting Technologies tab at top. Also added SONY’s patent that has been linked at right for a long time. See notes there for the fun.

In other news, the CIA’s playlist for torturing detainees:

John Vibes, “See The Playlist Used By The CIA To Torture Detainees,” The Anti-Media, 15 December 2014:

Used in combination with your mundane sleep deprivation, stress positions, slapping, isolation, general psychological games and of course mefloquine/Lariam, I assure you even an hour of that every couple of days would qualify as torture. But we’re talking days on end.

Finally, Robert Baer has a new book out regarding assassination. He did a video interview recently. I don’t really have a lot to say about it since he seems in so many ways conflicted himself.

I will say that, in my opinion, Obama has gone way beyond “tough” to impress all those people who already hate his guts and would never vote for him or support anything he supported and is well into callous territory if not jumping into the land of cruel.

Note, in case it isn’t clear: the President is way too far to the right to be considered even a moderate much less a liberal or progressive. The rhetoric about socialism, etc. is how they keep him there.

Also, doesn’t matter how many liberals there are in CIA. They don’t run the place. Or if they do…

you keep using that word


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