Mike Karbon Update

Background: Mike “Tank” Karbon was a man I met on a few occasions who died mysteriously, cause unknown. The coroner as I understand it said that his heart simply stopped beating and he could find no reason for that to be the case.

Because Mike worked for the “military industrial complex” and I am critical of the “military industrial complex” I believe he was murdered in an attempt to frame me for it, because why not? It’s not as though this country really has rules or anything.

My initial thoughts were that it might have been the sort of arrhythmia implied in this same Army document released under FOIA regarding various uses of pulsed microwaves including increasing agitation in humans.

However, I have run across a possible alternate explanation: the substance adenosine. This was apparently how CIA did it “back in the day.”



Apparently, this was the old style CIA assassination method:

He prefers those who dress in scuffed shoes and jeans, share three cups of tea with his quarry, inhale the aroma of his world, admire the music and women that surround him, assess the extremity of risk he presents first-hand in the target’s tongue, then inject a drop of adenosine with a 50-gauge needle into his nictitating membrane while a team of like-minded operators hold him still in his bed.


See David Vaughn review.

Now, is it not reasonable to think, given that I have written at points to law enforcement, to inspectors general, to my representatives that big pile of nothing to show means an equal pile of don’t care? And if there’s a big pile of don’t care, what drives that? Is it not reasonable, especially given history, that FBI must therefore be involved? And if they are involved, then it follows that they are not only not making America safer, but are actually doing the exact opposite, even if their only actions are none at all.

In fact the only response I’ve gotten seems to be an offer to go murder some drug addict that CIA or some other entity used against me. Not acceptable. Not sufficient. Not going to happen.

This is far from the only thing that has happened. It is though one of the bigger ones: murder.

What kind of government lets this pass?

On a more sleuthy note, who uses outdated CIA methods? Who would be trying to frame the CIA? I wonder…


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