Not Quite Like Martin Van Buren

Where to begin. Not an easy question to answer.

Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months:

4 years for transmitting a threat;

1 year for accessory after the fact with illegal access to a computer–that being Stratfor’s;

3 months for obstruction due to hiding his laptops;

And $890,250 restitution, $225 fines;

3 years supervised release.

Xeni Jardin, “Journalist Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months in federal prison, must pay $890K in restitution,” BoingBoing, 22 January 2015: *

There are a ton of things to note regarding this. Brown read a statement before being sentenced:

Barrett Brown, “Barrett Brown statement: ‘This is not the rule of law, it is the rule of law enforcement,'” The Guardian, 22 January 2015:

Note for example that FBI testified that Brown once lived in the Middle East. It becomes difficult to understand how Barack Obama’s bullies came to sound so much like FOX News. Or is it? We’ll get there below.

As if this weren’t enough, this was also a big day for CIA with the trial of…

Jeffrey Sterling

Normon Solomon, “Why the CIA Is So Eager to Demolish Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling,” HuffPo, 20 January 2015:

In the courtroom, during the trial’s first week, I often sat near retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who chaired the National Intelligence Estimates in the 1980s and prepared the CIA’s daily briefs for presidents from John Kennedy to George H.W. Bush. I wondered what McGovern was making of the spectacle; I found out when he wrote that “the real subtext of the Sterling case is how the politicization of the CIA’s analytical division over the past several decades has contributed to multiple intelligence failures, especially efforts to ‘prove’ that targeted regimes in the Middle East were amassing weapons of mass destruction.

Good ol’ Ray.

And then there’s the news you probably haven’t heard about.

Jason Hammond

Jason Hammond Support Network, “Sentencing Statement,” 22 January 2015:

I write this statement after pleading guilty to state charges against me for my participation in an organized direct action taken against a group of white supremacists in May of 2012. I would like to share my thoughts about this action. First, major thanks and love to my friends and family who have supported me, for my amazing partner who kept me sane, my band for letting loose and my lawyer Sara Garber who has been ridiculously helpful in fighting this case with me.

More at the link.

For now, I’m merely going to note a couple of things and leave it. There’s some portion of the game being played obviously at my expense by Big Bro and until I have a better handle on what that is {the obvious, some kind of Sonny Corleone on the causeway replay having failed}, I think I’d best keep some thoughts to myself. However, I will say, now that is hatred. Not that he got sentenced because… but because happened because this sentencing was probably going to happen and how can you rub it in if you don’t first make your quarry care?

But the overall points.

First, one notes the whole Godfather montage feel of the day in general. This may lead one to wonder, how did Obama become the Prince of Darkness? The Michael Corleone of POTUSes?

Well… Only Martin Van Buren apparently missed the psycho gene {well, maybe got it from a different source} given to others descended from King John:

Snejana Fabrerov, “Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king,” DailyMail, 4 August 2012:

Right. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Reagan–even somehow Jimmy Carter–all descended from a tedious little usurper who was also, by the way, quite probably a pedophile {who had previously married his cousin without the required papal consent allowing him to marry a 12 year old}.


Though, you know, it’s not illegal when a king does it…

Nick Bryant, “Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet,” Gawker, 22 January 2015:

And note that the judge determining the Barrett Brown sentencing was a Clinton appointee. And recall that Bill Clinton is a descendent of King John. Hey, I think we’re on to something here.

But the Cass Sunstein stuff kind of gives it away. The original Squidgate situation, that is the event on the bridge coinciding with the release of the Open Government Directive is kind of belied by Cass Sunstein’s suggestion as an Obama advisor that the intelligence community should infiltrate groups online and wreak havoc. Means it was a psyop, as I had feared but not assumed in order to prove who the crooks are.

Ergo, Obama: Always a sociopath who was looking forward to blowing up weddings, funerals, and coffee shops with flying robots, giving handouts to the banking and insurance sectors while decrying “Republicans” on literally every other single issue he pretended to care about, especially raising taxes on the wealthy which he waited until there was a Republican majority in the Senate to bring up during his most recent SOTU address not to mention a bullshit book…gasp for air


…written about a King John descendent. Like all presidents except Martin Van Buren. **

Who wants to keep all your phone calls in case he gets bored and wants to listen to them.

Additionally, some asshole who funded the 9/11 hijackers… and is a friend of John Kerry and many descendants of King John… died.

Additionally, Yemen, recently touted by our current-descendent-of-King-John-in-charge as the model for the Middle East… is falling apart due to a coup d’etat.

And Stratfor is talking about that on the news.

That’s pretty much full circle.

Who's the foulest of them all?
Who’s the foulest of them all?

* Haven’t BoingBoing and I been through enough?

** Should I mention that I understudied King John at CIA’s domestic psyops camp in 1990? Yeah, really did. Nearly wound up playing him, but ego I think brought a rampaging actor back after I smoked him in the understudy performance.

Nah, better not. Too weird.



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