BBD – Deep State, The Hands of Fate

Recalling older posts regarding the husband of the Squidgate juror having been a whistleblower for labor and later for airport falsification of safety reports…

The doctor who gave him approval for his commercial driver’s license, which became the point of contention for ousting him over Obamacare, was arrested for a laundry list of things including rape and handing out drug prescriptions under murky circumstances. There aren’t any news articles I can find yet. This doctor and this doctor alone was announced as the target of the Michigan AG on the news. Yet one cannot help but think that there would be a lot more engaging in this kind of thing…

Juxtaposed with this, his former boss at the airport, who wrote some of the incriminating emails, had a wealthy relative die and leave her a fortune, which allowed her to move. I’m not clear if she was able to retire early, but it sounds as if it were enough money to do so.

So you see, “God” loves criminals and injustice. This is why, for example, FBI said “good things happen” when they stopped focusing on criminals and instead squash people exercising their Constitutional rights.

Whether or not this is widespread as it might seem to someone sitting where I am, with my point of view, is a valid question. That it is anything other than the effect of having no cops and the unholy alliance between radical religious nuts in CIA and DoD and Wall Street and their multinational banks who launder drug money and fund terrorism, is not.

Welcome to the inevitable effects of Seven Mountains type of thinking and the death of the American spirit.


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