Persistent Adversity

Been meaning to blog the torture link below up for some time but just haven’t gotten around to working it in to some other topic. The Myron May portion of the previous post would have been a good spot. This is how, after all, the US government and its private contractors get anything and everything they want via so-called “Lone Wolf” shooters and similar events. See for example the snarky Canadian response to Glenn Greenwald’s and Edward Snowden’s appearance at Upper Canada College.

Joseph Brean, “Edward Snowden talks legality vs. morality during speech to Toronto private school: ‘We’re losing our way,’” National Post, 2 February 2015:

He described the Canadian political climate of “fear-mongering” used to justify over-reaches in cyber security, most notably last week’s news about a federal bill to expand domestic security responses.

Both Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Snowden used bathtub falls and lightning strikes as examples of ways to die that are more likely than terrorism, although Mr. Greenwald’s point was undermined by his placing of St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, site of a recent lone wolf terror attack, in “northern Quebec,” when it is in fact south of Montreal.

Why is this even an issue? See again Myron May. Does it seem like someone could be a successful attorney and then overnight turn into a crazed killer? Well, it’s not quite that simple, but neither is it that complicated. They simply ruin your life and then make it clear that you have no alternatives. This is referred to in psychiatric circles as ‘persistent adversity,’ part and parcel of ‘learned helplessness,’ which is part of brainwashing–or my preferred term of ‘brainhacking.’

Jesse Singal, “Meet the Psychologists Who Helped the CIA Torture,” NY Magazine, 9 December 2014:

The concept of learned helplessness, a psychological phenomenon in which people who face persistent adversity effectively give up and lose the capacity to attempt to improve their situations — Seligman’s original research on the subject, from the 1960s, involved shocking dogs — was put to use by Mitchell and Jessen in their dealings with the CIA, and it echoes in the report: “SWIGERT had reviewed research on ‘learned helplessness,’ in which individuals might become passive and depressed in response to adverse or uncontrollable events. He theorized that inducing such a state could encourage a detainee to cooperate and provide information.” Many interrogation experts vehemently disagree: This level of detainee mistreatment, they argue, increases the risk that the subject will simply say whatever the interrogator wants to hear, leading to unreliable intelligence.

Seligman, for his part, has repeatedly expressed sorrow that his research was used in this manner. Reached via email by Science of Us, he responded with a statement that he’s used previously when questioned about his research’s role in the torture program: “I am grieved and horrified that good science, which has helped so many people overcome depression, may have been used for such bad purposes.”

Now, how does this manifest itself when Obama’s thugs do this on American soil, against Americans?

Many ways. As I’ve said many, many, times, it is largely the surreptitious administration of some drug, perhaps an alkaloid, that first causes problems for a target and that this is straight out of various MKULTRA subprojects.

Following the inevitable separation from job, friends, family, comes the real psychological harassment that is straight out of COINTELPRO.

There is no Illumunati. There is CIA. There is FBI. There are hundreds of subcontractors and spooks who have moved into the private sector from government. There is history and history tells us who, what, why in broad strokes. The advances beyond what is already in the public domain via FOIA, whistleblowers, and investigative journalism is also enough to know that this is not only likely, but it is nearly impossible that it is not so. We already have evidence of the resurgence of many Cold War programs including opening mail, SHAMROCK and MINARET. Again, you’d have to be a fool to think MKULTRA–operational, not a research project–and COINTELPRO–which was only discovered via break-in, would not likewise be back.

And you’d have to be a fool to think a half-white man who is George W. Bush’s cousin would care about Myron May, me, or you for that matter. I should know, I trusted him and got screwed for being so foolish.

For example, attempting to “move on” in 2012, I got a job as a security guard. This was two years after helping OFA with the midterms, another case of trusting snakes, but then I can say that I have experimental proof of douchebaggery rather than simply making statements to that effect based on the experiences of others.

Within months of starting, another security guard who I went through orientation with, Tyrell Kelly, became paranoid, made claims not unlike some of those made by Myron May. He quit, or rather disappeared after claiming “they” were following him and that “they” had shot his aunt on the Interstate. So I picked up an extra shift. It was a few weeks before I discovered that Flint Hills was owned by Koch Industries. And then there’s what happened after I resigned–which again I had no part in.

They simply do not give you much in the way of choices. They convince you that you will never again be allowed the pursuit of happiness, so you may as well strap on a bomb, go on a shooting spree, or just f—ing off yourself. This is Barack Obama who does this through Clapper, McDonough, Brennan, Comey, etc. do. Of course it’s likely the kind of thing they don’t officially know, but they know. It’s impossible it could be otherwise.

They box you in and keep piling on the pressure until you burst. It’s not complicated. It’s not even that high-tech. It’s mostly psychology and spycraft.

May’s claims about nanobots and whatever are likely the result of the drugs messing with his ability to think rationally. It’s not a question of whether or not he was mentally ill…it’s a question as to how he came to be mentally ill or appear so and at the same time so angry.

The answer is greedy shitbags in government and private industry.

What do you do in this situation? No help to speak of. You rage against the machine, I suppose.


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