BBD – Fate Update: They All Are Teh Suck

Update to this.

Turns out that the State of Michigan’s case against the Squidgate juror’s husband’s doctor is due in part to an angry ex-wife’s vengeance. She’s the one who spread the rumors, to the doctor’s neighbors, that he is a sexual deviant.

The other piece, he refuses to use some outsourced contractor’s Medicaid computer system due to it being so expensive. This is considered fraud apparently. It’s no surprise Snyder would go after people balking at paying monopolies that prey on small businesses.

The ex-wife has said she will destroy his business, destroy him, and then murder him. Which lines up pretty close with the kind of mentality one expects from Snyder or for that matter Obama, Bush, Clinton, and federal legislators through their thugs at FBI, CIA, etc. They encourage murder, and perform it pretty much daily.

Godzilla government. Cannibal capitalism. Zombie fascism/corporatism. Kommissars in the Service of Satan. At all levels of government, from all parties.


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