What’s Persona Management?

Here come the jesters, one, two three…

Patrick MacGuire, “Why Is Barrett Brown Facing 100 Years in Prison?,” VICE, 31 January 2013:


Alongside Abraxas and Cubic on those tax filings is another company called Ntrepid. According to Florida State’s records of corporations, Richard Helms is the director of that company. In 2011, Barrett’s work helped lead the Guardian to their report that Ntrepid won a $2.76 million-dollar contract from Centcom (U.S. Central Command), to create “online persona management” software, also known as “sockpuppetry.” To break it down in plain English, online persona management was created to populate social networks with a bunch of fake and believable social media personas to “influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda.”

Yeah, but how is pro-American defined? We seem to be more interested in provoking anyone and everyone to violence in order to go spend more warbucks.

Nick Field and Ian Cobain, “Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media: Military’s ‘sock puppet’ software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda,” The Guardian, 17 March 2011:


The project has been likened by web experts to China’s attempts to control and restrict free speech on the internet. Critics are likely to complain that it will allow the US military to create a false consensus in online conversations, crowd out unwelcome opinions and smother commentaries or reports that do not correspond with its own objectives.

And again, the history of the CIA and its relationship with the American people and the troops as an adversarial one, as an enemy:

This concept of guerilla warfare as a political war turns Psychological Operations into the factor that determines the results. The target, then, are the minds of the population, the entire population: Our troops, the enemy troops, and the civil population.

CIA Guerrilla Warfare Manual

In case you still aren’t getting that you are the target and that your head is full of bullshit…

Michael B. Kelley, ” The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public,” Business Insider, 21 May 2012

Davis defines IO as “the integrated employment of electronic warfare (EW), computer network operations (CNO), psychological operations (PSYOP), military deception (MILDEC), and operations security (OPSEC), in concert with specified supporting and related capabilities, to influence, disrupt, corrupt or usurp adversarial human and automated decision making while protecting our own.”

If you don’t agree with the genocide of Muslims being performed by your government in order to take your money and give it to billionaires in the defense industry who then kick some back to the criminals you elected, then are you making “adversarial” decisions? Seems plain that you are.

IO are primarily used to target foreign audiences, but Davis cites numerous senior leaders who want to (in the words of  Colonel Richard B. Leap) “protect a key friendly center of gravity, to wit US national will” by repealing the Smith-Mundt Act to allow the direct deployment of these tactics on the American public.

Davis subsequently explains the “cumulative failure of our nation’s major media in every category” as they continually interviewed only those senior U.S. officials who had top-level access, even as the officials given that clearance were required to stick to “talking points” given to them by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Not about you anymore anyhow. They just want you to shut up while they take every last cent you’ve got.

Sean McElwee, “The Rich Own Our Democracy, New Evidence Suggests,” Occupy/AJAM, 18 February 2015:


I, for one, welcome our 20% Lycra overlords.




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  2. […] we must recall that much earlier than this, like we found out about it before the Snowden releases, the Department of Defense had developed “sockpuppet” software in order for one operative to seem like several distinct people online. They can then pretend that […]

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